The Name of YHWH

The name of God has gone through much change since it was first recorded in the days of Moses. Rabbis will tell you it is pronounced Yahweh, but the early Hebrews changed the scripture to read Adonai, or Lord, out of reverence for the name. It has since been translated as Yahovah, or Jehovah for us English speaking folk.

I have learned through my experience that all of these are the incorrect voicing of the name of God. The first time I heard it was when Abraham was freed from his bands by the exalted being just before he was to be sacrificed by the Priest of Elkinah. Abram called out, “Who art thou?” and the Lord spoke His name directly. When I heard it my heart felt that it would melt away and it shook me to my bones. It was a singularly unique experience of anything I have witnessed in the Heavenly Realm.

The word has no consonants, and begins with a breath in, and then an exhale while resonating the Word. It is the Word of Creation used by the Gods when they call forth the Children of Light, and as Father and Mother organize the creation of worlds without number. It is who He is, the Great I Am, for He exists and creates because He is able. In the Heavenly realm I never speak it, but address Him as Lord or Father.

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Updates to the Book

I will be adding additional footnotes and new information to the new book, “A Witness of the Life of Christ,” as needed. This morning I added some clarifying footnotes along with a short section about Judas I forgot to include from my journal. These new additions can be seen on the following pages:

Page 9, footnote 2

Page 21, footnote 3

Page 24, footnote 5

Page 69, paragraph regarding Judas

For those who have not yet read the book, it is simply my witness or description of what I saw of the life of Christ. It does not replace scripture, but offers details and understanding of His life that are not commonly known. The purpose is to help the reader experience the Lord as I did, vicariously, to know His love, and thereby have the faith to come to Him yourself. I know He lives and desires YOU to experience the same.

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The New Book – A Witness of the Life of Christ

Yesterday I posted the free download of the new book, “A Witness of the Life of Christ,” on my homepage.

The book is short, only about 70 pages, and is straight from my journal entries with little editing. I compiled it in a way that would show the flow of the events.

There is much information that will be new to many. Some details may contradict your personal beliefs; I know a few of my bubbles have been smashed to smithereens in this process. But, I am eternally grateful for the knowledge the Lord has allowed me to receive.

I plan to release more small books like this that cover other aspects of Kingdom of Heaven over the next year. If you have any questions about the content of the recent book you can post them here and I will try and answer.

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Levitical Priesthood

I received the following from the Lord on December 29, 2016:

My first question was regarding the Levites. The Lord said that there is both a physical and spiritual significance to the prophesy that the Levites would, before His coming, “again offer up a sacrifice in righteousness.” He said that the priests would offer the old sacrifice again at the temple in Jerusalem before He comes; this is the physical. He said that the Levitical Priesthood is a transitional priesthood that involves the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The sons of Levi are the male equivalent of the daughters of Zion. These are those who are sent by the priests to teach the people and bring them to Christ. The Priests, and in the last days also, the priestesses, are the Levites, by priesthood, to prepare those to stand in the presence of the Lord. They have received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, but not yet the Second Comforter. This transitional priesthood is for those to prepare themselves to be in the presence of God.

It goes from teacher, to priest, to High Priest, and then to be in the similitude of the Only Begotten and His Helpmeet. The Levitical Priesthood in the last days is a symbolic name for the preparatory priesthood before standing in the Lord’s presence.

Teacher – “sons of Levi / daughters of Zion” – Preparatory Levitical

Priest – Levitical Priesthood (As the sons of Aaron.)

High Priest – Melchizedek – 144k, fourth estate

The Lord said that after the earth is cleansed and made terrestrial, there can be no more blood sacrifice, for in that realm all flesh is quickened. But we shall learn to sacrifice ourselves as the Priests of God covenant to condescend to sacrifice all things that they may glorify their Father who is in Heaven. (4th and 5th Estates)

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The Nephilim

A recent conversation regarding the Nephilim and races of men:

The Nephilim were the offspring of sons of perdition, those who were pure Adamic blood that mixed with the daughters of the seed of men. Their children were inhabited by evil spirits, and they were literally giants. The first of these were the Seed of Cain. They were black in color because Cain took a wife of the black race. But, the seed of men, who are black, are not a cursed race. Only those who were his seed. All of the seed of Cain were destroyed at the flood.

‪There were more Nephilim that were created later by the seed of Adam. These are spoken of in the Book of Enoch. They were not from the black race. They multiplied exceedingly.

‪The City of Holiness (we call the city of Enoch) consisted of seed of Adam who recieved a fullness while in the flesh and were taken to heaven, all of them, except for Noah and his family who were to be a remnant to continue the seed of Adam upon the earth. When the floods came there was more than one ark used to preserve the races. Even a remnant of the Nephilim survived. When the waters settled there was balance again.

There is a lot of talk about Nephilim being the seed of aliens from space. None of the human race are from non-human alien DNA. We are all human, but of different sources planted upon this earth. All are under different covenants with God, but the seed of Adam is holy and under protective covenant. When the DNA was polluted God established a new covenant under Abraham. The House of Israel provides the bodies of those spirits under covenant and all other races (gentiles) are invited to be adopted into the covenant before his coming.

There is an alien presence, like the crazy kind we always hear about, but they are under strict laws according to God. They have regular interactions with the seed of men, and are in close contact with the sons of perdition. But they are forbidden to touch the House of Israel. There will be an escalation of this as we approach the final days.

Question: I’ve heard that it is a scheme of the Illuminati or these dark powers to pollute the DNA. One of their goals is to destroy the pure white race by encouraging cross-breeding. I wonder what kind of affect that has spiritually and why it is significant.

The Illuminati are run by Sons of Perdition. Their purpose among other things is to provide bodies for bad spirits, similar to how the Nephilim was created. The pure DNA does not exist anymore, so Nephilim are no longer here, but the game is the same. hardly any of us resemble the original seed of Adam. They were known for their red hair. ‪

Question: Do you think that our final resurrected bodies come to look like our spirits?

Our resurrected bodies are our eternal selves. We can change things as we will; hair color, etc. When I saw my wife as her true self I was speechless of her beauty. The standard of beauty is different for some. I’ve seen some that I thought, “Really?” Not ugly, just not what we might consider attractive. Their glory is beyond words, but hair style, chunkiness, etc. I have seen many different exalted beings of various races in the Third Heaven. They are glorious! Uniqueness is considered beauty there. But not uniqueness in terms of dress, more like our expressions of faith. The lives we lead. A unique life is prized above all.

Heaven is beyond our wildest imaginations. It is everlasting beauty and love, and mercy, and God is in every detail. Everything in that realm is designed to pull us up to something more wonderful. They watch the sacrifices we make and the faith we show and are eager to help us rise above this world. People have no idea how close heaven is to us. Our flesh is the veil that separates us from all of it. To learn to connect with that realm is the greatest achievement in this life and few are willing to even try.

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