The Temple of Eve

Over the weekend I was able to go to a holy place, which over many millennia has been torn down and left for ruin. It was a beautiful location where the children of Adam once thrived and worshipped the Lord. The Lord showed me how it was and the details of what occurred there. I saw our Mother Eve, after Adam had already passed, coming to this place to worship. She is the most glorious of women and filled with love and grace. Some day all who overcome this world will meet her and Father Adam in the Eternal World. Here is a portion of my journal:

” . . . and then with arms raised they would often ascend into a vision and know the Lord. Both the women and men would experience this on different holy days, but the place was made sacred by the attendance of Mother Eve. She was bowed down with age and her long silver hair was still beautiful. Her posterity of daughters gathered around her at the sacred circle, a place just west of the temple where they performed the dance of Mother. Because of her it became known as the Temple of Eve, the Mother of all Living. At the time of its use there were large trees growing in and around the temple which shaded it from the sun. The part facing the morning sun was open. It was a beautiful place of red and white with the green foliage. Red was considered the sacred color of holiness.

Temple worship is such a pale resemblance of what existed before. Each person had a guide from the beginning to end and the full purpose was to have an ascension, or vision of God.

The temple can be a wonderful experience. There are temples of prayer, fasting, faith, learning, glory, order, and God. Depending upon your level or preparedness you can experience different aspects of God’s grace and light.

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Helping Your Children Receive Their Armor

When I did this with my children they were at first very uncooperative, they thought it would be some funny thing Dad would make them do. I calmed them down and even discretely cast a spirit out of my older son so he would participate. He immediately calmed down and joined us.

I had them all sit down on the floor in our living room, and instructed them to not touch each other or the furniture. To sit “indian style” on the floor leaning forward. I then told them I would be walking them through a vision. They thought that sounded cool and began to pay attention.

I told them to close their eyes, take deep breaths, slowly exhaling and relax. Focus on the space around you with your eyes shut. Imagine you are in a dark room and you see a warm light coming down upon you. Everything is shadowy except the warm light that is covering you. In the distance you see a light, it is starting to come near you, it is a person. Watch them get closer as they move toward you. They are carrying something in their hands. See yourself rise up and stand. In their arms they carry your armor. (I paused)

The first thing they hand you is your helmet. Look at it, what does it look like? (I took about 20-30 seconds)

Next, is your breastplate that covers your chest. What does it look like?

Now they hand you a sword, examine it. What does it look like? How heavy is it?

Now they hand you a shield. Do you see anything unique about it?

There are shoes for you to wear. Are they shiny. Are they heavy?

Stand in your armor. Thank the messenger. This is the armor of God that you have been given to protect you from the Adversary. As long as you always keep yourself filled with light and love, it will be strong. If not, it will not help you, but nobody can take it away from you except yourself!

Now I want you to open your eyes!

I asked my kids one by one what they saw. Most were embarrassed and didn’t want to say much. I thought, “Well, that didn’t go so well.”

I then privately asked my younger son about his experience. He described in detail his armor, including the head of a lion on his shield. I asked each child privately about their experiences and was amazed at the powerful witnesses and details they expressed. Each of them was emotionally moved.

I then pulled my older son aside to talk with him. He was reluctant and I thought perhaps he was upset at me. “What happened?” I asked him. He said it was the most spiritual experience he had ever had. He saw a man come to him. The man embraced him and told him important things about himself and his mission. He was told not to share any of what was revealed to him at this time. My son said it was the most real experience he ever had like that. His eyes were filled with tears and I knew it changed him. What a witness this was to me that the Lord had orchestrated this family moment.

My advice would be to those who attempt to do this with your family: pray with your spouse and seek the Lord’s blessing. When the Spirit tells you the time is right, do it. It will be a moment your family will never forget.


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Keep the Door Closed

I had a dream last night where I was in a grand hotel. The front door to my private room was wide open and many people were walking down a wide hall – like the corridor of a shopping mall.

I was too busy to shut the door as I sat in my chair. Suddenly two men walked into the room laughing. They had not been invited and I asked them to leave sternly. They left without looking at me and within a few seconds the room began to fill with people, all laughing and ignoring my shouts to leave the room. I called the hotel manager and awoke feeling agitated and worried.

I shared the dream with my wife and she gave me the interpretation. I asked the Lord and as usual she was right!

When it comes to dealing with dark spirits I tend to not pay attention until they fill the house. My wife is more sensitive to it than me. Calling the hotel manager is like praying to the Lord for help after things have got out of control. I need to seek instruction at the beginning, and better yet – keep the door closed! (Not easy when you have teen agers.)

If you ever have a vivid dream that you are awakened to, think it over. Ask the Lord to help you know its meaning. Often they are symbolic of something the Lord wishes to teach you. Often, it is a warning.

UPDATE 04-13-2018: I had an experience with the Lord this morning and asked Him more regarding this dream. Here is what I was shown:

“He said that I need to keep the door shut to Satan at all times, wherever I go. This is a broader definition of the dream. I sometimes become focused on what I am doing and fail to take measures to keep him out. I don’t have any anger issues like in the dream, but I was frustrated. I became frustrated with the situation created by the Adversary because I waited too long before I took action. How do I keep the door shut? He said to be vigilant when I see an open door to shut it quickly. Each of us have these temptations in our lives that sometimes open the door to the Adversary. We cannot wait till things get out of control to act. The dream is truly like an onion for me (like most dreams are).”

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Knock and You Will Find

Joseph Smith had high hopes for the saints. All those who would be ministers for the Lord were expected to be witnesses. A testimony meeting should be comprised of those bearing witness for why they know that Jesus lives!

“… we commend you to God and the word of his grace. You have our best wishes, you have our most fervent prayers, that you may be able to bear this testimony, that you have seen the face of God. Therefore, call upon him in faith and mighty prayer, till you prevail, for it your duty and your privelege to bear such testimony for yourselves.”
(Joseph Smith Papers, Minute Book 1, 12 Feb. 1834, pg. 164)

What does it mean to “call upon him in faith and mighty prayer?” It is to seek revelation, to call upon God, and to act upon it. The Lord expects it of those who will be His servants – it is their priveledge.

Don’t ever give up knocking on the door. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” (Matt 7:7-8)

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Symbolic Significance of Numbers

I have learned that symbols in Heaven have great meaning, a language of its own that teaches the truths of eternity as one layer unfolds to another. The Lord has shared with me these numbers and how the marks teach the eternal symbols of the Everlasting Covenant. The language of symbol is infinite in the eternal realm, but this is a good place to start. Pray for your own revelation to understand the meaning of these.

  1. Light of God
  2. Firmament / Separation of Heaven and Hell
  3. Footstool of God / earth and tabernacle
  4. Servants of God / Chosen
  5. Covenant of God
  6. Creation Telestial / Temporal, First Heaven
  7. Creation Terrestrial / Second Heaven
  8. Creation Celestial / 3rd Heaven
  9. The Expanse of God / All His works
  10. Eternal Perfection
  11. Chaos Transition / Judgment
  12. God’s Authority to Govern
  13. God’s Power to Judge
  14. Rebirth to a New Creature
  15. Glory of the Governed

300. Chosen of God

3000. Sanctification

Circle represents Heaven. Square represent the Servants. Circle and Square combined means to be a chosen Servant of God, awakened.

The point in the circle means the glory of God, Truth, and His all-seeing Eye.

A line is the Firmament.

Triangle is the Footstool, Earth, His tabernacle or temple.

Square alone is the Servant of God.

Five pointed star is the Covenant.

Six pointed star is temporal creation.

Seven pointed star is terrestrial creation.

Eight pointed star is celestial creation, kingship, atonement. Celestial Seal.

Symbol of the Expansion of Life, the Golden Spiral

Why are these important? It is the universal language of Heaven and will help to teach you by the power of revelation your place in the kingdom. They cannot be fully comprehended without the Lord providing you the answers directly. Ponder them in your mind and ask for personal revelation.

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