Anna the Prophetess

Last night I was shown some things from the lives of different women in scripture. The Lord revealed to me some of the life of Anna the Prophetess.

“Please help me to know about the prophetess Anna of the New Testament. The Lord said she was a virtuous woman who lived in the temple. She was a Nazarite who had taken an oath of holiness from the time that her husband died many years ago. There were certain conditions whereby a woman as herself could take such an oath and she qualified. The people who visited the temple would provide her sustenance (food, water, clothing) and they would be blessed. There were facilities for men and women Nazarites at the temple. She never left, but would pray night and day for Israel and her God.

“Anna was a sighted woman. In her old age she had witnessed visions and angels at the temple. She had prayed and longed for the day when she would behold the child which would save Israel. One particular day she began to see the glory and power of heaven descend upon the temple. Myriads of angels and fire began to pour down, all the angels were facing the same direction as a young mother and man made their way toward the priest with their newborn son. The angels were many and were showing great reverence and celebration as Anna watched. She began to sing in tongues and prophesy as she walked toward the infant. People stood amazed, as it was not customary for Nazarite women, especially of her age, to be so unconventional. She cried out Hosanna to God and kissed Mary and the child. She continued to move around the temple beneath the portico to tell all those present that she had seen the Christ child and prophesy that He would save Israel and bring Heaven on Earth!

Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus silently left without most knowing what had occurred. Many were curious about what had taken place with the old woman Nazarite. Was she crazy, senile, or something else? She died a few years later, having shared many times her witness of what she saw that day.”

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Where are the Kindred Spirits?

A brother once wrote me the question: “Where can I find people who are awakening?” I have wondered this myself in the past as I felt very alone in this quest. Of course, where we live and our family situation may have an impact on our ability to meet and associate with such people.

It’s a big world we live in. We walk around the city and see so many people and wonder, “Am I the only one thinking about this stuff?” I sit in Church and I see good people comfortable with their lives. They seem satisfied with their standing with God. I listen in Gospel Doctrine as the teacher and ward members talk about how wonderful things are in the Church: so many temples, missionaries, we have nothing to worry about. Lots of happy thoughts for those in the box. In my mind I think, “No, not all is well in Zion. Where does Zion exist? I don’t see Zion anywhere . . .yet. I want to know the Lord more than anything.”

I remember about two years ago mentioning to my wife that we knew nobody we could talk with about these things. We felt very alone. I began to ask God to bring others into my life I could associate with who were on the same path. At first nothing happened, but shortly thereafter I met a man in our city who had the same goals. Within a few months we had a circle of friends, about a dozen and their wives. Now, the number of friends has grown considerably; we share, we serve, we offer friendship and love, we worship, we inspire and edify each other. All this because I asked the Lord.

My advice to anyone who needs a friend in this quest: First, establish your relationship with the Lord. Second, pray for the Lord to help you to find friends who will lift you up – He will do it. (Even if you are still trying to do the first step.)

If you choose to go on the internet (Facebook groups and such) be prepared to see all kinds of people on different levels of their journey; some are angry, some are confused, and some have an agenda. But, there are some that are sincerely looking to find the Lord. If you have the gift of discernment, go there and look for kindred spirits.

There are different kinds of kindred spirits. Some enjoy the same hobbies as you, come from the same walk of life, or share the same struggles you have. The most beautiful kindred spirits I have ever met had nothing in common with me, other than a desire to know the Lord more than ANYTHING. As you mingle with such people the Spirit of the Lord is magnified and incredible miracles unfold as you serve each other.


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The Power of the Group

A few nights ago I met with a group of people for the purpose of simply sharing scripture and praying to our Lord. By the end of the evening I had witnessed more gifts of the Spirit at a single time and place among a group of people than any other time.  These people were all LDS to my knowledge. (which may be irrelevant) I witnessed the following:

  • Gift of Healing
  • Gift of Prophecy
  • Gift of beholding angels
  • Gift of tongues
  • Gift of interpretation of tongues
  • Gift of knowledge
  • Gift of wisdom

It was a beautiful experience to be there. It was not part of any organized group. The spiritual manifestations were off the scale as much was seen. Why was there such an outpouring of the Spirit? I believe it was because the level of faith in that group was astonishing.

My friends, we need to raise the bar and seek for the gifts of the Spirit. The time will come in the near future when such things will occur on a greater scale among those who seek Christ. It helps to gather with believers and praise God and seek Him together. Then, when you are alone in your closet call out to Him and He will come to you. Praise God!

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Are You Going to the Garden?

My wife’s sister had a vision while praying where she conversed with the Lord in a beautiful garden. She is just starting to wake up to such spiritual things and she is overwhelmed with the Lord’s love, and her great hope, and many questions. My wife sent her an insightful message I want to share here.

Please take some time to pray and ponder upon these things, if you want to pray if they are true.

Another thought for powerful prayer is to find your spiritual voice. It is inside of you but asleep, wake it up!

Ask in prayer for it to be fully awakened. (This is referring to your ability to hear the voice of the Lord.)

When Moroni said, “Awake and arise from the dust” (Think temple film with Adam.) When he woke up where was he? The Garden. That is where you are being taken spiritually, very interesting.

We all need to be woke up from our “earthly sleep” to then again realize what is really happening spiritually around us. It is how we are not only taught in the temple, but also in the scriptures.

Then, when we are awakened from our sleep, we wake up to the Lord and who we really are.

The Garden is not just a place of beauty, but a temple of learning. Many of my most sacred and amazing experiences with the Lord and other people fave taken place there. It is the abode closest to God, we call it Eden. When you experience your Second Comforter it may take place in this setting, or at the Throne, or another special place. Pray to understand these things and ask the Lord if you may also converse with Him through the veil. Many of us have awakened, but few have arisen. Exercise faith and ask the Lord if you may also “come unto Christ.” (Moroni 10:32)

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Experience the Second Comforter Together

Yesterday was a beautiful day, it was cool, but not cold, stormy clouds were around, but the weather was not a deterrent. We hiked up to the altar together. It was my wife’s birthday. Our hearts leapt as we approached the untouched altar we had not seen for many seasons. This may be the tenth time I’ve come here since I first built the altar almost twenty years ago.

Since that time I have had my Second Comforter experience and so has my wife. Mine occurred on January 18, 2016. At that time I was told the following:

I asked the Lord if we could experience our Second Comforter experience with Him together and was told that we could. It doesn’t happen often, but is acceptable by faith.

My dear wife and I had a plan. Today we would attempt to experience the Lord together.

We knelt across the altar from each other and took a turn praying and then began to pray silently. I asked her to let me know when she was with the Lord and ready for me to come to meet them.

I saw myself descending at the Garden. It is so beautiful. The golden light is everywhere. I stood on the path and looked again at the beautiful flowers as they swayed like they are dancing.  I heard her voice, “I am at the bench on the path.”

I came to my wife. She sat on the bench talking to the Lord. The bench looked like white marble with decorative carvings. (Edit)

As soon as I arrived she stood and looked at the Savior, as both her and I stood before Him. She stood to my left as we faced the Savior.  (I have edited this part, but it was beautiful.)

I said goodbye to the Lord, he smiled as I left. I opened my eyes.

We talked about what we had seen and both her and I had the same experience. She described the white bench, the way the Savior looked, how he had wrapped our hands and how she felt. It was exactly the same experience.

It was a beautiful experience we had together. We had done it, we came to the Lord together!

We stood next to our altar and looked out to the west. A beautiful rainbow was in the sky, like a reminder of our covenant with the Lord we made that day. Best birthday ever!


If you desire to receive the Second Comforter know that it is available to all who come to the Lord with a broken heart and a contrite spirit and desire to partake of this fruit. Remember, after Lehi partook of the fruit he desired his wife to  also partake, and she did. They both partook together. Both men and women are equally privileged to receive such things; to experience it with my wife was the greatest blessing. If you desire this too, ask God, and He will lead you to the Tree of Life together.

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