When I was young, the “Law of Fasting” was my least favorite commandment. We were taught to go 24 hours without food or water and to start and end with a prayer. I’ve struggled with this principle because I just couldn’t figure out how God would grant my request by simply starving myself? I now have a system that I feel helps me to fast with power. Hopefully you will find this helpful.


Do you have to fast for a certain period of time? The amount of time you fast is the length of time you plan to PRAY. I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be 24 hours; it may be an hour or a day or a week. When you plan to approach the Lord in a manner that requires more focus that you would normally use, always include fasting. When we sacrifice anything of the flesh while communicating with the Lord, the Spirit flows directly into us and we can gain better access to His Spirit; like removing static from a radio frequency. Fasting helps us to FOCUS when we pray. (Alma 17:3)


The purpose is not that our bodies are hungry or thirsty, but that we have chosen the Lord over anything that provides comfort. We have honored God by choosing HIM! We have said with our spirits, I would rather go without food, water, sleep, fun, friends, computer, and everything else, just so I can spend some time with my Lord. You can fast from just food, or just water, or just sleep. Whatever you choose to sacrifice. I say in my heart, “Lord, I need thy help more than all these things and wilt thou hear my prayer?”


I don’t just fast because it’s a certain day of the month. I usually have a purpose and a plan. I come to the Lord with questions. I even write them down beforehand. I know where and when I’ll fast. I often choose to do this in the middle of the night when the kids are asleep and I can be alone. I start my fast after dinner and I’ll go without sleep. I am fasting from food, water, sleep, and everything else. I am choosing the Lord. I am taking time to be holy.

Now, you can fast anytime and anywhere YOU want. You can choose just to fast from food, or sleep, or candy, or anything that your body craves. Powerful prayer is about learning to focus your entire heart, mind, and spirit on receiving the Lord. (Helaman 3:35)

Since my understanding of this principle has changed, I look forward to fasting and see a difference when it is used with prayer. The Gifts of the Spirit flow freely and miracles occur. If you are struggling to receive revelation fasting is the key ingredient. Good luck!

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  1. Paul Campbell says:

    I love this post, but I don’t understand what you mean by ” The amount of time you fast is the length of time you plan to PRAY.” Do you mean you should only fast while praying? Fast for an hour if you’re going to pray for an hour? I am in need of specific help and blessings from the Father, and after reading this post and a few other things, I have been fasting through part of the day with the intent to end my fast with a prayer before a small meal before bed, where I will petition the Lord. But I am still not certain this is the proper method, or that there IS one, so at this point I am gather information while I fast and hoping for the best. I am drinking fluids after yours and a few other things I read made it clear that abstaining from water was not a necessity, which is good because that gives me major headaches and leads to nauseousness. Any extra help is appreciated.


  2. When I say “Pray” I am talking about the time you plan to focus your thoughts on connecting with God. For example, if I was to pray to receive my baptism of fire I would begin fasting and continue to pray until I was satisfied that I had done what was needed. During that time I would remove myself from all distractions of the world: phone, TV, work, etc. I would not eat and only drink if my fast extended more than a day. I would immerse myself in prayer, not necessarily kneeling and praying out loud, but sitting quietly, pondering, asking the Lord and pleading my case. Prayer with fasting is a hugely effective way to connect with the Lord.

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  3. Mike Ross says:

    So then, This description implies praying for very long periods of time,… if my fast were to go past 24 hours. correct?

    Is this how every fast should go? Or does the length of prayer and fasting depend on how dire the needs are at the time?


  4. Mike Ross says:

    I guess I’m asking if my fast is valid if I abstain from food and water and let my hunger pains serve as reminder to stop what I am doing and focus on the Lord and my purpose of fasting, in prayer?

    Fasting for me has been spotty results here and there and this is extremely interesting to me.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Your experience has helped me to clarify for myself what true fasting is. I find that in the church so much of it is surface information and that if we want to truly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ we have to dig for it . thank you for again for sharing your experience.


  6. As I have mentioned there are different kinds of fasting. Some only mean separating ourselves from the world. Complete fasting can also help to thin the veil. For those whose spiritual eyes and ears are weak, fasting help greatly.

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  7. Mike Ross says:

    It’s been 9 months since I posted my questions. I’ve come back here because I wanted to share that I have followed your suggestions, fasting has become a joy and I have been fasting regularly with results… and now I fear I sound like an infomercial.

    Regardless, I have more questions. 24 hour fasts have become easy to do. I can eat lunch and go 24 hours, eat lunch again, go another 24 hours etc. It’s not until the third day that this starts to become a challenge. I have come to the point where my prayers intensify and I draw nearest to the Lord when I can overtly demonstrate my sacrifice to Him… which takes 2 or 3 days to get there… Could you share how you get this done in a much shorter time frame (you mentioned an hour)?


  8. Water fasting helps to cleanse the physical body, which in turn helps to prepare the mind and spirit to receive more. It is not an absolute requirement to enter the presence of the Lord. The most important kind of fasting to cleanse oneself is to separate from the carnal flesh by removing all temptations of the world when you approach the Lord. You fast from the world, and then you are best prepared. Continue to explore water fasting, it is a beautiful experience.

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  9. Mike Ross says:

    I have always wanted to try the water fast. I don’t know why I have not done it yet. And fasting from sleep makes a lot of sense to me. I have never tried that either.

    PR wrote: “I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be 24 hours; it may be an hour or a day or a week.”
    on fasting for an hour… I will hazard an educated guess here that could mean forgoing a favorite food that one knows is coming up later in the day and… I see this is applicable to fasting from an hour or two from sleep… or something like that? Also, as you wrote, “fasting from the world…” I could take that as maybe forgoing an activity one loves to do and instead spend that time in prayer and contemplation? I have much to explore here.

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  10. Billie Garcia says:

    How does one fast for 40 days? [It is done as a water fast, drinking only water and no food. I have done two weeks before and its certainly possible to do 40 days, but it is difficult. A person with good health can go up to around 50 days before the organs of the body begin to shut down. It requires you to do very little activity, and take a lot of naps. Most feel pretty sick the first five or six days as the body detoxes. I would never suggest anyone do this long of a fast unless the Lord commanded it. PR]

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  11. MRR says:

    I have now done an extended water fast. I was amazed at how easy it was to transition into the no food zone. I was also amazed at how little we actually need to eat. It was difficult the first day because I am so used to my eating routine. Day two was less difficult. Day three and on was really actually very easy but I entered into the ketosis state where I was burning body fat for fuel. On Ketosis- yes your breath is horridly foul- but you feel really amazing! So much energy! It is super weird but amazing. I think having a spiritual purpose in mind made it possible to do this. I had a fantastic experience with water fasting for 7 days. It sounds extreme, but for me at least, it was not difficult to do once you accept that you aren’t eating anymore. I even went on a strenuous 3 hour hike on day 6 and did not notice any energy drop whatsoever. I was fine. I am carry additional excess pounds on my frame so I guess I have a lot of energy to burn 😀 …you skinny folks may have different results haha. I will also say that the fast itself kind of became a distraction as I just could not get over the fact at how I felt so good yet I was not eating. So if you try it, be aware that this is a real possibility. I cant describe it adequately… but I remember I had to force myself to focus on not focusing on how good I felt and how much weight was falling off my body.

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  12. I have recently done a 2 day fast with one small meal in between.

    I had a goal to do the Enos prayer and I wrote out 8 pages, had my hymns ready and during the 2 days felt close to the Lord.

    About the end of day 2 around dinner time I threw in the towel because i was hungry and didnt even attempt the Enos prayer.

    Instead of feeling discouraged I thanked the Lord and felt good I was able to do fasting that long.

    My question is, what could i do next time to resist the hunger and continue fasting with the set goal in mind. I keep wondering about the opportunity i missed and it stinks. [An Enos Prayer usually lasts for 8 hours. I would never attempt that degree of prayer having not eaten for over 24 hours. The kind of prayer I do on a long term fast is different than an Enos Prayer. When long term fasting you are in a state of meditation, it is difficult to control your prayer, its very fluid and open to the Spirit. At least that is how it is for me. You may consider an Enos prayer like a sprint and a long term fast like a marathon. Your faith is wonderful and the Lord will bless you! PR]

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


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