I have a son on a mission right now and he will be home in two months. He told me before he left that he wanted to have an epic life, to do something great that would matter. I shared with him some thoughts that I feel like sharing with this group.

My son’s favorite movie is Braveheart. The way William Wallace led the Scots to defeat the army of Longshanks was epic! He fought for freedom fearlessly in the face of sure destruction. He even gave his life and inspired a nation. Now, that’s what I want to do!

About twenty years ago, when I was newly married, I had a job up in Salt Lake City that I would take the bus to in the early morning. One day, in the beginning of winter, I got off the bus and took a shortcut through an alley to get to my workplace. As I was walking I saw a man sleeping curled in a ball by the side of the building. I wanted to help him, but didn’t know what to do. The thought came to my mind to give him my coat. But I thought, “My mom just bought this for my birthday—how would she feel?” It was late, so I hurried off to work. All day I couldn’t stop thinking of that man in the cold. My heart ached for him. After work I ran to where he had been to only find an old thin blanket there. I cried as I thought of what I had done. I made a vow to never pass up someone who I could truly help again. I missed an opportunity to DO SOMETHING EPIC!

In our lives we will have the opportunity to do many great things. Some will do things that that inspire fame and fortune and the praise of many. But to the Lord, the epic moments are the ones nobody will ever know. The moments we leave our own comforts behind and seek the one who needs us. It could be a child, a brother, a neighbor, or a stranger curled up in a ball on the street. I want a life like the Savior. I want to have a life that is EPIC.

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  2. Mike Ross says:

    I think most people have this one experience like this where they pass by without giving kindness to a stranger and it just pricks their heart. I think there are a series of gates we are required to pass through in life. I think this is one of them. I firmly believe I have talked with angels as I allowed kindness to win me over.

    This one is a tough gate for many. Scary! So much risk shoot… “They brought it on themselves” “I can’t help them all!!”.

    Ditch that! Be wise, cautious and prudent… but there is so much to learn in giving. What I have found is often times I discover they are helping ME

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  3. jcodyhale says:

    I had a sweet experience yesterday following a prompting. I was riding with my wife on our mountain bikes. We were finishing up a ride passing through the cemetery when I noticed an older woman standing by the open hatch of her car with a folded wheelchair as I passed by. I was prompted to turn around and ask if she needed help. I did. I could see that she was unable to lift that wheelchair and had been there awhile. She was so grateful for my help and told me that I was “heaven sent.” In my attempt to be humble about it I said something I regret. I said, “Oh, I doubt that.” I wish I would’ve said, “The Lord loves us all so much, that He made me notice you, and this opportunity to help blesses us both.” . . . . . . . I’ll do better next time.

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