Law of the Last Second

Have any of you had the experience of praying for something with all your heart, and then receiving a very strong affirmative answer by the Spirit, only to discover in the end that it did not work out as planned. You might even say it was a failure? What causes that? Did you make a mistake? Some of the greatest lessons we can learn are from our failures. I was once given a blessing that was very specific and for years didn’t occur. I would hold up a piece of paper with my notes from the blessing and cry out in my prayer, “Lord, on this day I received a blessing and this is what it said? When will thou help me?” As the years rolled on I didn’t stop badgering the Lord and when I was pretty much numb to it, the blessing was manifest EXACTLY as it had been given. There are examples in the scriptures where prophets were tested as well. (Lehi, Moses, Abraham, and more) But at times I find that sometimes things just completely fail. I prayed once about investing my time in a business venture. I spent a lot of money and time and it was a flop. Why? I had prayed and received a confirmation. It turned out as I looked back on the experience that it set me up for a great blessing. The negative experience was a stepping stone to something wonderful. Sometimes you just have to trust the Lord. Remember, the Lord often works by the principle, “The Law of the Last Second.”

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3 Responses to Law of the Last Second

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  2. daniel Dylan says:

    The Law of the Last Second. I’m not sure what you mean by this. Can you please further explain. [It is the nature of God to wait until the last second to reveal the promised blessing. It is important to realize this because our faith is often challenged and many give up before the blessing is realized. Also, what we consider the last second is often premature. PR]

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  3. Sarah Martin says:

    I have also found that the Lord sometimes waits until the last second in my life. Often, I have found that in my impatience I ask for help with my challenges long before I actually need it, even though I assume I already need it. In these times, He often waits to help me until I cannot continue without it. I have started to recognize that there is a definite relationship between faith and patience–the greater your faith is, the longer you will be willing to wait for the fulfillment of God’s promises.


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