Spiritual Definitions of the Book of Moses

Most every word in ancient scripture has a spiritual counterpart to its literal meaning. The key to understanding the intent of its meaning is through revelation. The following definitions are what the Spirit has revealed to me or I have studied and verified through the Lord. You must pray and make your own decisions. Joseph said not to show the Book of Moses to anyone who was not a believer. You must receive your own “revelation” through the Holy Spirit. My suggestion is to ponder these definitions, pray about it and decide for your self.

Elohim (The Father and the Mother and the council of the Gods)

Son of Man (Son of Adam)

Beloved Son (Chosen son of Glory and Sacred Calling, a title.)

Second Comforter (Jesus Christ )

Son of God (Third estate beings, spiritually begotten of Christ)

Tree of Life (Jehovah)

Sun (Jesus Christ)

Only Begotten (Title for the anointed King who will condescend and redeem man)

King (Chosen One who is a Fifth Estate Being, to become a King and a Queen.)

Jehovah (The Exalted Man)

Adam (First Man, Father of all Living on this Earth)

Eve (First Woman, Mother of all living on this Earth,  Life-giver)

Spirit of God (Eternal truth, power, and knowledge accessible to the children of light and the vibration or giving life of our Eternal Mother that encompasses all creation.)

Holy Ghost (Third Estate Beings, a gift or title given)

Satan (Title for the leader of the Fallen Ones.)

Moon (The Holy Spirit)

Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Knowledge of former glory and priesthood)

Church of the Firstborn (Those who are saved and become Third Estate Beings)

First Estate Being (Child of Light, spirit)

Second Estate Being (Living in Mortality without having known God)

Third Estate Being (Baptism of Fire, Priest and Priestess, Church of the Firstborn, Gift of the Holy Ghost)

Fourth Estate Beings (Called as messengers of the Most High to condescend into mortality  and be light bearers to the children of men. Must overcome sin and the flesh to serve God. Agency still an option as some choose to follow Satan and become Sons of Perdition.)

Fifth Estate Beings (A Temporal Son and Daughter of the Highest)

Sixth Estate Beings  (A Temporal Father and Mother of the Highest)

Seventh Estate Beings (An Eternal Son and Daughter.)

Eighth Estate Being (Eloheim, Eternal Father and Mother)

Angels (Hierarchy of Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Estate Beings. )

Caught up (ascended to a heavenly place)

Mountain (Temple)

Glory (Higher Knowledge, Light, Truth)

Grace (Ability to overcome)

Come to pass (After a while)

Transfigured (Body changed to withstand)

Righteousness (Doing God’s will)

Worship (follow)

To serve (follow directions)

Condescend (Come down to mortality from a higher estate.)

Birthright (To be called and chosen to fulfill a position of glory.)

Earth (elements of mortality)

Strength (spiritual instruction)

Rain (to bring forth life)

Lift up your eyes (pray)

Waters (That which does not follow God)

Great Waters (Son’s of Perdition, cursed Third, Fourth and Fifth Estate Beings.)

Waters under the Firmament (Cursed seed without bodies.)

Waters above the Firmament (Cursed Beings with Bodies.)

Work (Focus of time)

Eternal Life (After passing into Third Estate, immortal glory)

Eternal Lives (The Eight Estates of Progression)

Heaven (Abode of the First Estate, Paradise, Celestual Kingdom, Elect Beings)

Void (Without form)

The Deep (Where this world is)

Darkness (where God’s light does not abide, canopy that separates us from God, cursed beings without bodies)

Day (Second Estate Beings)

Night (First Estate Beings)

Firmament (The expanse of God’s realm)

Dry Land (Exalted Beings)

Earth (Those who will inherit Glory)

Seas (Those who will inherit less glory.)

Grass (prophets and prophetesses, priest and priestesses, Fourth Estate Beings)

Herb Yielding Seed (The Savior and those who will be exalted.)

Clean Herb (Christ’s atonement)

Tree Yielding Fruit (Adam and Eve)

Fruit of a Tree Yielding Seed (Adam and Eve’s exalted posterity)

Lights in the Firmament (Fourth Estate Beings)

Moving creatures (fallen beings)

Fowls of the Air (Exalted Beings)

Great Whales (Fallen Exalted Beings, Lucifer)

Be fruitful and multiply (Go and progress to your fullest potential)

Cattle (Fourth Estate Beings)

Creeping things (cursed beings, the Adversary)

Fishes (Cursed beings assigned a lower glory)

Meat (nourishing and strengthening)

Sanctify (to make holy)

Generation (cycle or period of time)

A plant (Second Estate Being)

Ground (elements)

Dust (Spirits)

Garden (Temple)

Eastward in Eden (a place near God)

Man (plural for Sons and Daughters of Light)

Soul (Spirit with a tabernacle of form)

Sphere (An abode of glory)

Food (Experience, or Higher Knowledge)

Gold (Exalted Beings)

River (Cursed Exalted Being Who Leads)

Death (separation from God)

Help meet (Equal partner in your progression.)

Deep sleep (Veil of forgetfulness)

Adam’s rib (Adam’s former wife, equal in glory.)

Naked (without knowledge)

Not Ashamed (Did not know their fallen state.)

Thine Honor (Calling of Glory)

Serpent (An Exalted Being, being used for Satan’s purposes in the Garden.)

Beguile (trick and deceive)

Pleasant to the eyes (Easy to understand and enjoy.)

Wise (understand higher knowledge)

Aprons (symbol of priesthood power)

Eat of the tree (partake of the knowledge)

Upon thy belly (without light)

Dust thou shalt eat (Remain in spirit form.)

Enmity (natural dislike)

Bruise thy head (Christ will win the battle)

Bruise his heel (Cause great pain and affliction)

To eat (partake)

Thorns and Thistles (wayward children)

Bread (The Gospel)

Clothed with coat of skins (Made covenants and were changed to a Telestual glory)

Cherubim and a Flaming Sword (Angels who guard and protect)

Flocks (families)

Truth (higher knowledge)

Repent (turn your heart to God)

Baptism of Fire (Spiritual baptism, Third Estate Rebirth)

Blessed (To make covenants)

To live (move to the next estate)

Transgression (to go beyond the bounds set by the Lord)

Carnal (physical appetites) Sensual (sexual appetites) Devilish (filled with violence)

Saved (Passed through to the next Estate) Damned (End of progression)

Knew his wife (were married and conceived children)

Keeper of Sheep (Man of God) Tiller of the Ground (Servant of Satan)

Lord’s respect (blessings)

Perdition (Fourth Estate Being stripped of glory) Mahan (Secret Knowledge)

Mark (covenant)

Knew (sexual relations)

Spirit of Inspiration (Revelation)

Priesthood (power of God given)

Footstool of God (Nearest to God, but not of the same glory.)

Dominion (control and influence)

Land of Promise (covenant land)

Finger of God (Lord’s direction, revelation)

Baptized (Second Estate Rebirth, sign of commitment to Christ)

Meridian of Time (Critical Juncture)

Blood (Atonement for sins) justified (found worthy) Comforter (The Spirit)

Third Comforter (The Father) Fourth Comforter (The Mother)

Quickened (When the elements that make up the tabernacle are at a higher speed than our mortal bodies and prepares us to stand or think where mortals can not.)

Temporal (of the Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Estates, like “temporary” and non-lasting)

Zion (Gathering of Third and Fourth Estate Beings)

Wo, Wo (a cursing)

Holiness (Worthy of Honor)

Bitterness of soul (without hope)

Wickedness (to sin unknowingly or without comprehension of it.)

Evil (To sin with intent to cause great harm.)

Gospel (God’s Covenant with Man)

Bless (to promise)

Signs (to come as a prophet)

Seasons (to comes in their proper time.)

Days (to come as a King or Messiah)

Years (Man of Holiness)

Hour (appointed time)

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4 Responses to Spiritual Definitions of the Book of Moses

  1. I do not know if this will make sens but i ask; is there a relation between the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and the pineal gland?


  2. Not in relation to Adam and Eve.

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  3. I wonder the nature of the knowledge who caused the condescension of Adam and Eve.


  4. It was the details regarding their former priesthood and glory.

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