Have You Had the Gift of Tongues?

I was reading in Moroni 10:15 the other day and stopped where it listed the Gift of Tongues among the Gifts of the Spirit that the Lord promises to those who have faith in Him. I felt a little sad thinking how I had never really experienced this gift. I served a mission in a foreign country and felt that the Lord blessed me to learn the language, but I don’t think that is the same. So, I asked God, “Why have I not had the Gift of Tongues?” My answer surprised me.

I heard a Voice speak to my mind, “You have experienced the Gift of Tongues frequently in your life. Do you not know? When you speak by the power of the Holy Ghost, you speak the Tongue of Angels and this is My Word.”

There are times when it is expedient for one of Gods servants to speak in a different language through this gift, but one of the most common usages of this gift is when we are given by the Power of His Spirit the words to speak, even the words of Angels.


Since I first posted this on the Gift of Tongues I have learned much. This was for me a vital gift necessary to receive the Second Comforter. When speaking in tongues, one must become as a little child and speak from the soul, allowing the words to flow; even if it sounds like just broken syllables, and to allow the glory to envelop your entire being. It was for me, among a couple of other things, the last hurdle to open the veil.

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6 Responses to Have You Had the Gift of Tongues?

  1. Anonymous says:

    It has been through reading about the gift of tongues that I have been able to come to the experience, recently. My desire is to praise Him more perfectly. This and so much more comes through this lovely gift of the Spirit. Don’t give up if you have the desire to pray this way.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed your answer about speaking in tongues being speaking through the spirit of the Holy Ghost. This Rings true to me and I have experienced this. But I’m confused about your update. Does this mean that there is more than just speaking with the Holy Ghost that you must speak with literally another tongue?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Also, you have listed off 6 things that must happen in order to have the baptism by fire, and speaking in tongues was one of these; does this mean if you have had the other experiences but yet lack speaking in tongues that you have not had the baptism by fire?


  4. No, those are a list of signs that may follow.

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  5. Tounges come in endless beautiful varieties. Experiencing another language is not a mandatory step, but a beautiful one if it occurs.

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  6. Judy says:

    Yes our definitions are not necessarily God’s! I sometimes think we have more spiritual gifts and experiences that we recognize and realize! That we have a tendency to to diminish the spiritual gifts! Thank you for helping me to recognize this!

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