A Vision, December 2014

I had a vision the other night as I sat alone after everyone was asleep. I was walking through a snowy landscape surrounded by winter trees. It was unpleasant, but the sun was shining. Suddenly, to my surprise I saw a path open up in front of me. It was dry and was the color of red earth. I began to walk the path and was grateful that it made my walking easier. As I walked I smelled a beautiful fragrance. I looked over to my right and saw a small patch of grass surrounded by snow a short distance from the path. It was only a few feet wide and had a small bouquet of flowers growing in it. I thought how strange that it would grow there. I stepped off the path to get a better look and after I knelt down by the bouquet I noticed that all around me was green and filled with flowers. Everything had changed. When I stood up and looked back in the direction of the path I was shocked to see a raging forest fire consuming everything on the left side of the path. I knew I was safe where I was and yet the flames were only twenty feet away.

I wondered about the dream and asked the Lord for an interpretation. I was told the winter landscape was my experience in life, but that I had found the Gospel and it cleared the way for me to find God. The small patch of flowers was the Lord calling out to me. And when I chose to listen to God and not the arm of flesh, the Lord was willing to reveal more to me. And when I exercised faith the Lord, He opened up the truth of eternity and revelations were all around me. The flames represented His wrath, which is about to be poured out upon the earth.

I feel strongly that without a close relationship with the Lord, the kind where we can receive personal revelation, we will be left without the needed guidance we need to withstand what is coming. We need to search for God and reach out to Him with all our hearts.

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