Do You Need a Seer Stone?

“Every man who lived on the earth,” Joseph said to them, “was entitled to a seer stone, and should have one, but they are kept from them in consequence of their wickedness, and most of those who do find one make evil use of it.” (Brigham Young’s journal, as quoted in Latter-day Millennial Star, 26:118,119)

I actually acquired a seer stone about five years ago. How did I get it? You might say I didn’t find the stone, it found me. It doesn’t look like any kind of stone on my property in color, weight, or smoothness. One summer I noticed this dark rock appearing in my yard over and over again. It would get raked into a pile and I’d forget about it. One day as I was praying I heard a voice tell me I would find a stone today and not to discard it. I thought that was strange, I wondered if I was supposed to go rock hunting or something. When I stepped outside my front door I saw this stone sitting in my flowerpot. I picked it up and examined it for the first time. I felt the Spirit and from there I followed instructions.

I haven’t used mine for a few years now. It kind of opened the doors for me when I was starting out. Here is what it looks like. When I found it I noticed it had markings on it like what are on the garment. I currently keep it locked up in a safe place.

DSC_0019 12.48.13 PM

It’s probably more helpful for those weaker in their development in understanding the “principle of revelation.” Joseph had one from the time he was young and he lived at a time where people were very open to the idea of things magical and unexplainable. I believe the Lord allowed Joseph to use this tool to learn to focus his mind and trust in Him. When the stone is consecrated (blessed by the Holy Spirit) it changes the spiritual properties of the object and works like a prism. It takes the light and reflects a beam of concentrated knowledge to the recipient in a way they could not do on their own. Like a conduit, the stone helps those learning to grow into the “gift of revelation.” You really don’t seek for it, you pray that the Lord give you one if He thinks you need it. Eventually as your ability to receive revelation increases, you will not need that particular stone anymore.

We must develop our Gifts of the Spirit to prepare us for what is coming.

There are no Gifts the Lord won’t give you if you ask in faith. He wants to bestow them on you. But be careful what you ask for, because the Adversary can see when Gifts are bestowed and usually ups the ante. But you should still ask for them because the Lord always shows you how to handle the adversary in each situation and you grow in knowledge and power.

What Do I Do If I Receive a Stone?

If you receive a seer stone, use your priesthood to consecrate it and then you will receive instruction for how to use it. Before anyone can consecrate their stone they have to pray and confirm it is all right with the Lord. If He confirms that the stone is for you, simply say, “By authority given to me, I consecrate this stone to be used for the purpose of . . .” and say whatever was revealed to you. When the Spirit seals the blessing, by the priesthood, that stone is changed and will have certain characteristics it did not have before. I would check after the consecration to be sure you did it right or left anything out.

Different Kinds of Seer Stones

There are different kinds of sacred stones. Some are like an amplifier, to help you receive personal revelation. Some are used as translators, some as healing stones, some can do other miraculous things.

Often your own scriptures can function the same as a seer stone, as you focus on a subject and the Spirit guides your thoughts, vision can open and the Voice of the Lord can enter your mind. I think if anyone is wondering if they need a seer stone, they should simply ask the Lord and if the answer is yes, wait for it to come to you.

The ultimate seer stone will be bestowed upon us when we are exalted and receive the Urim and Thummim spoken of in the book of Revelation. This holy stone not just shows the past, present and future, but literally takes you there. The entire Celestial sphere of this world will become a Urim and Thummim. The single U of T stone will probably be a portable device to take with you to other places. Someone once said to Hugh Nibley how they did not look forward to living on a sea of glass, because it would be boring. H. Nibley responded that it would be FAR from boring as you participate in the past, the present and the future.

Joseph needed his to grow into the “principle of revelation.” After he had used it for a while it was no longer necessary. Whether you really need a seer stone is between you and the Lord. Just ask Him.

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12 Responses to Do You Need a Seer Stone?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all of your recent posts.

    Have you learned anything more about Seer Stones since making this original post? Are we just to ask for one and then wait? I’ve read that Joseph Smith found one of his seer stones by looking in Sally Chase’s seer stone and seeing where it was and then digging it up. I’ve also heard that there are some people gifted at finding seer stones for others. Do you think we need to go looking for one when we feel that the time is right, or should we just wait for the Lord to present one to us?



  2. I would wait on the Lord until he intervenes. Nothing has changed since my last post. It doesn’t seem to be critical, but can help in the process if the Lord wills it.

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  3. michael says:

    cant find it any where in the mil star where he said this


  4. do you still use your seer stone?


  5. I do not. I keep it safe.

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  6. It almost sounds like the stone is alive.

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  9. pathofgrayhame says:

    This is wonderful information. For years my soul has desired the experiences of Joseph Smith. Can any stone be consecrated? Or does it need to be a specific stone prepared for this purpose? I’ve heard of people using anything they can focus on as implements for learning to see visions. Is that incorrect? Thank you for your time and for sharing the gospel. [Many people follow their feelings when choosing healing stones, but what I have been taught by the Lord is that stones which evoke the Spirit of God require His permission because there is often some preparation before they are given to you. Its as if you don’t find the stone, it finds you. PR]

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  10. Karla says:

    I have two stones that during my prayer walks kind of stood out, and brought them home, but I don’t know if I can consecrate them, I’ve prayed before for God to make them holy, and useful for healing, and one time my dog was sick I’d like to think one of the stones helped him get better, other than that I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, but they felt special to me. [It sounds like what you are doing is fine. You are listening to personal revelation the best you can. The point is that we do not simply go out and pick a stone. The Lord must be involved for it to have the effect necessary. It takes time to learn how to use it. PR]

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  11. S Silver says:

    In a previous comment you mentioned it takes time to learn how to use a seer stone. Is that true for the ones that act like an amplifier, to help you receive personal revelation?

    Do they seem to start out as gentle helps that slowly increase as you continue to read and study and pray with the stone in your hand? Or should they give a fairly obvious increase in revelation quickly? [Its different for everyone. Usually, it is a gentle process, as you said. The energy in the stone helps you to focus. Once you develop the gift the stone is less important. The gifts of the Spirit can be utilized without the stone if the person is properly prepared. PR]

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