The Glove, A Dream

I had another dream last night. I was in an elaborate, richly furnished conference room waiting for someone to come and meet with me. I decided to leave the building to go for a walk. I picked up a baseball glove and ball as I walked around the building and was met by my Dad who was excited to see me and complimented me on wearing the glove. I woke up. Seems pretty random, but maybe not.

UPDATE: OK, there was more to the dream. As I continued to walk around the building I saw my autistic son handing a drawing to a man on a bench and hugging him. As I prayed about the dream I felt that the conference room represented the safe place where we expect to learn about God, church, our own understanding. But when I ventured out of the confines of the conference room the Lord was able to show me so much more. I became actively involved in building the true Kingdom and understand my role and even my children’s role in the Lord’s work. Not only were the images of my dream important, but the feelings as well.

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