Translation of the Book of Moses

Here is a PDF file that contains a translation of the Book of Moses.  My purpose was not to “rewrite” anything, but to understand more deeply the mysteries of Godliness. If you choose to read this you may want to refer to the “Spiritual Symbols of the Book of Moses” and to also pray for understanding. For those who know my real name, please keep it confidential.

Spiritual Translation of Book of Moses

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6 Responses to Translation of the Book of Moses

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  3. Translation of the Book of Moses ch3v4 :<> what does it mean that?


  4. You will need to pray for the Lord to reveal that to you. Compare what is written in the original and allow the Lord to teach you. I cannot do anymore that I have for this.

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  5. does from “grace to grace” mean from estate to estate?


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