Translation of the Book of Moses

Here is a PDF file that contains a translation of the Book of Moses.  My purpose was not to “rewrite” anything, but to understand more deeply the mysteries of Godliness. If you choose to read this you may want to refer to the “Spiritual Symbols of the Book of Moses” and to also pray for understanding. For those who know my real name, please keep it confidential.

Spiritual Translation of Book of Moses

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12 Responses to Translation of the Book of Moses

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  3. Translation of the Book of Moses ch3v4 :<> what does it mean that?


  4. You will need to pray for the Lord to reveal that to you. Compare what is written in the original and allow the Lord to teach you. I cannot do anymore that I have for this.

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  5. does from “grace to grace” mean from estate to estate?

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  6. Okay, I read three of your books, just finished this translation of Moses and can I just say “I’m eternally grateful!”I’ve always prayed to have things put into layman’s terms! The spirit has prompted me to write some of your comments in my scriptures in Moses! When I pray to the Lord to see if I should believe the things you have reworded, I was told yes!? you do know this is turning my world a little upside down right? But I am not timid in receiving bold truth no matter the cost! My faith and knowledge is growing every day! Next time directed to read your notes on Abraham and then I might finally be allowed to read a “witness of the end of days” but I’m sure the Lord will have me work for this last book so I can appreciate it and incorporate it into my heart and spirit!

    Whenever I heard Moses 4:21 the spirit would would always yell at me to listen up, but I until this week could never fully grasp in a greater understanding! “Enmity is natural dislikes, and women will be more receptive to the spirit”-this is what I wrote down in my scriptures, this is what I have been hearing but not able to put it into words until now! Now my only question is how do we get men to be more receptive to the spirit?

    Are women gifted in this way because of the sacrifices they make with childbearing and moontime with a woman’s cycle? Or was it just because of this blessing from this verse in Moses? From the standpoint of a man what would be your best advice to helping our husbands and Sons hear more, See more, and feel more from Heaven?!


  7. I meant I’m going to read your notes on Revelation, not on Abraham, apparently I have Abraham on the brain lol


  8. I’m glad to read that you are testing these things with the Lord. I may offer my revelations and you may ask and the Lord may reveal something similar but different for your understanding. There is more to the spiritual translation. The seed of the woman, particularly Eve, is the House of Israel before the foundation of the world; those who made the everlasting covenant. These special spirits have a natural distaste for the Adversary. That doesn’t mean they can’t be persuaded to choose evil though.

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  9. Holy Nutcracker! I have prayed and confirmed that I am to write what you have told me! And that I am to believe it with my heart! Not to mention it makes so much more sense!…I have lost most all of my friends and family this past year, because of the line I have drawn so clearly against this dislike or enmity! And in the process have found a hole new group of people that are doing what you are doing! Through personal revelation, acting and believing!

    As I have started your book today I “a witness of the end of times”, as intense as it is, will be interesting to see what I am prompted to write and believe from your book! Calling on angels to help me have strength and patience! I would be honored to meet you one day!

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  10. Lisa, I am sorry to hear about your family. I always preach that we must lean on the Lord in every decision. I believe that marriage is so holy and important that I usually suggest to people to never give up. Life is filled with interesting twists. All glory be to our Lord and we trust and we trust in Him.

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  11. Karla says:

    I love reading this book, and it always brings light to my mind, pure revelation flows from it.

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