Woman Stealing Dresses – a dream

Last night I awoke from a dream. It left me feeling anxious and desirous to know its meaning. The dream was extremely vivid. My own personal vision is not as clear as what I saw in terms of color, texture, and detail in this dream. I was in a female clothing store in a mall that sells expensive dresses; I was the owner of the store. It was a medium size store that was well lit and very elegant.  I was sitting off to the side away from most customers when a lady approached me. She seemed familiar like a friend; she was about 50 years old and had a sophisticated demeanor. She asked me about my relation to the store in a friendly way and I explained that it was my store, that I leased it from the mall for just a short season. She looked at a rack of clothes near me and said, “May I borrow these clothes to try them on at home? I don’t like to do that here. I’ll bring them back.” The woman pulled five dresses off the rack and draped them over her arm. They were each a different color and I’m still amazed at the details I saw in this dream. I laughed and said, as if she were joking, “Shhhuuuure.” She then gave me a long stare as she studied my face and slowly put them into her bag. I began to feel uncomfortable as I realized she was serious. She had no intention of just borrowing them. I awoke before I had the chance to say “no” to her intention.

I asked the Lord if this dream was from Him and what it meant. The response was that people who seem honorable will ask things of me that will not be in my best interest. I need to be prepared to reject their invitations because they will cause harm. My wife was concerned that someone would try to seduce me. In the dream I felt no such feelings. It was strange that it was a women’s clothing store. (I stay away from such places like the plague.) Lately I have had people I trust let me down. I know that I cannot put my trust in the “arm of flesh,” so I am constantly checking to be sure I am not misled. Perhaps more of the meaning of the dream will unfold over time. I give close attention to dreams, especially when they are vivid and evoke emotions like these.

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1 Response to Woman Stealing Dresses – a dream

  1. I had a thought about this dream as I pondered on it. It’s hard to put into words what I saw but I’ll try. I felt it was in a women’s clothing store because you are a man and a woman stealing clothes would be harder for you to approach. If it was a men’s store and a man came in and did the same thing, it would be easier for you to detect and stop. But it’s hard as a male to approach a female. Just like it’s hard to approach authority or a close friend when you suspect something is out of line, type of thing. I don’t know if that’s right, but that’s what came to mind.

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