Definitions of Words in Isaiah

These are the definitions for various words in the Chapters of Isaiah. I’m working on a translation of the Book of Mormon Isaiah scriptures to help me clarify its meaning. I hope to have it finished in the next few weeks.

The purpose of this list is to help to understand the spiritual and literal meaning behind Isaiah’s writings. These definitions have come to me through study and personal revelation. Decide for yourself whether it is correct and receive your own witness.

House of Jacob (Those who have received the Covenant)

House of Israel (Those who have the blood of Israel)

Judah (The Jews)

Ephraim (Those of the New Covenant)

Waters of Judah (Lineage of the Covenant)

Neck as an iron sinew (Will not repent)

Brow brass (Narrow vision or understanding)

Graven image (Something you set your heart upon)

Molten image (Something you covet that is created)

Babylon (The world, not of God)

Chaldeans (Learning of the world, those who claim to know more than God.)

Isles (other lands)

Gentiles (Church in the Last Days)

Prisoners (Those in darkness spiritually)

The Land of Sinim (The South)

Mountains (Great nations)

Hills (Small nations)

Zion (Where the pure in heart gather)

Mighty One of Jacob (Jesus Christ)

Waters (souls of men and women)

Rock (One true God)

Eden (God’s abode)

Garden (Temple)

Smoke (Veil)

Arm of the Lord (Those with a holy calling)

Cut Rahab (overcome pride)

Beautiful garments (Sign of your covenant)

Cedars of Lebanon (Rich and prideful)

Oaks of Bashan (Pride in their own strength)

Ships of Tarshish (Ships of Trade)

Pleasant Pictures (Luxury Ships)

Daughters of Zion (Members of the covenant who have strayed)

Tinkling ornaments (Expensive jewelry)

Cauls (Necklaces)

Tires like the moon (Amulets)

Mufflers (Expensive scarf)

Tablets (Perfume)

Ornaments of the legs (To walk seductively)

Mantles (Shawl)

Wimples (A hair ornament)

Crisping pins (Elegant purse)

Glasses (mirrors)

Mattock (A weeding hoe)

Consumption (Annihilation)

Lop the boughs (Cut off the leaders of Babylon)

Rod (A royal line)

Girdle of his loins (posterity)

Girdle of his reigns (Stewardship)

Ensign (A great message and sign)

Philistines (Palestinians)

Medes (Those who hunger for blood)

Dragons (Satan’s highest servants.)

Beasts (Satan’s servants)

Cockatrice (To breed something worse)

No form nor comeliness (No mantle of worldly authority)

No beauty (No title)





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