How Did He Die? A Dream

I awoke from a dream the other morning that left me feeling anxious and disturbed. I saw a young man, in his early twenties, in a photograph. I heard a voice speak to me that he was recently killed in an accident. “How did he die?” I asked. I then saw what was like a video of the scene. He was with a group of other young men surrounding him. They were laughing and joking around as a big earthquake hit. They continued laughing in the midst of the earthquake and then he was dead. I couldn’t tell how he died, so I asked to see the tape again. This time I watched much closer and saw with gruesome detail how the act occurred. The young man had a bunch of pencils in his mouth, which he was lightly holding on to. One of the other young men, in the midst of the rocking of the earthquake, pulled one of the pencils out with his mouth on the eraser end. Immediately there was a jolt from the earthquake and the pointed end of the pencil was plunged into the eye of the victim. He died that instant. The other young men stopped laughing and began yelling at each other, as they seemed to lay blame on whose fault it was.

I prayed to know the interpretation of the dream. Here is the revelation I received:

The dream, which you saw, was a symbolic vision of what is to come. There are many in the Church who carry around with them traditions that they hold tight in their mouth. They play with the world and feel they are safe. At a light moment when tribulation will abound, they will listen to the precepts of men and what may seem harmless will destroy them, even their ability to receive revelation, and they will die. The future will bring a great catastrophe upon the individuals who play with Babylon. Come out from Babylon, O ye that will hear my Voice, for if your eye be not single to my glory, you shall be filled with darkness.

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2 Responses to How Did He Die? A Dream

  1. My Heart all the day express thank to the Lord & you, teaching us exactly how to come out of Babylon. thank so much bro!


  2. I know this is an older post, but I have a few quick questions:
    Do you remember why it was just young men? Or is this group simply symbolic of the church as a whole?
    Do you have any recollection of what the traditions were?
    Can you elaborate on, “they will listen to the precepts of men and what may seem harmless will destroy them, even their ability to receive revelation, and they will die”? Were you told what the “precepts” were and how it prevented them from receiving revelation? [I feel that the reader needs to receive their own revelation regarding those specifics. I have said all I can. (PR)]

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