An Attack from the Adversary

Last night our family had an encounter with the Adversary and we had the spirits removed, but my wife woke up in the middle of the night with a vision of what we were up against. The evil being was lurking outside our home and my wife felt unsettled, although she knew we were protected. In the morning she asked me to pray about what was going on.

As I prayed I could see what it looked like and the Lord revealed to me in detail what was happening. This Dark Spirit was sent from Satan to coordinate the destruction of our family. I asked why I could not have it chained up and removed and was told that it operates within the bounds that the Lord has set. It knows exactly how to achieve its goals. If the creature were to unleash the gates of Hell upon us, the Lord would send an equal force of Angels to subdue it’s effort and this would only strengthen and build faith among those who experience it. For this reason, it works a cunning plan to send bad spirits into our home with specific purposes. They go in and do their work and come out and report to him what they do. Their purpose is the lie, discourage, create fear, create contention, and any thing they find as a weakness. They strive to create wedges between people’s relationships and their faith in God. I asked the Lord how best to deal with the attack and I was told to simply follow the Spirit as I deal with the Adversary. My family will be fine as I am patient, loving and continue to reason with my family gently as they ask questions. Our power to overcome is stronger than the Adversary when we have a relationship with the Lord.

We need to be aware of the battle for souls that is taking place around us. Satan is ever looking to find the servants of God who have condescended, but by the time he discovers who you are, your spiritual gifts are usually more than he is able to defeat. I hope this information is helpful.

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3 Responses to An Attack from the Adversary

  1. JB says:

    Great stuff. Thanks so much. It is crazy how pervasive these buggers can be. Also, once armed with knowledge as to the source ugliness that can erupt in ones home / life it is a little unnerving. I like what you teach in regards to handling such oposition when instructing onrs family, about what is going on, in a spirit gentleness aand calm. God’s control and power always wins. It helps to better understand how to maximize his power and control. P.R., is it safe to say anger and the like when felt and manifested by us is always inspired by dark forces around us? The flesh though Fallen still needs to have certain behaviors inspired one way or another, correct? PR are you to the point where anger malice and all those nasty emotions inspired by the adversary simply do not have sway on your heart anymore? Can we progress to that point in righteousness? I understand that a disposition to do evil can go away but that does not mean we can’t be tempted which leads one to believe that those undesired emotions can present themselves. Does one have to be sealed up before they can be free of Temptation and the weight of those negative satanic inspired emotions?

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  2. Even those who are sealed up can be swayed by negative emotions if they allow it. Fear and discouragement are all they can use against us, so we must keep our thoughts filled with courage and love.


  3. JB says:

    Re-reading your posts. They are rich goodness… I particularly love your above advice. It is crazy in a days time how we can rationalize enmity to grow and fester in our heart from the adversary. To overcome fear and discouragement etc with prayer and diligent conserted thoughts of “courage and love” moving forward is simple advice but so powerfully true. How quick we are to rationalize just a little fear just a little doubt and discouragement just a little enmity etc– it is awesome for me to visualize pushing it all out through having “courage and love” with my thoughts and in my heart knowing that I can be victorious completely and absolutely through the grace of Jesus as I do. Some sweet refreshing stuff…

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