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Truth or Error in Receiving Revelation

Here is a personal revelation I received to help me when discerning pure revelation or deceiving spirits. Perhaps it will help you. You may want to pray to see if this will apply to you. How do we know when … Continue reading

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Armor of the Lord and the Light of God

The Servants of God are beings of light and power. If an army of the most hellish demons from Satan’s realm were to come for you, would you be confident that you were prepared and protected? There are two things … Continue reading

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Who is Heavenly Mother?

I prayed to receive a specific revelation concerning Heavenly Mother and was given the following answers. If the topic is uncomfortable to you, do not read any further. If not, read on, but be sure to pray for your own … Continue reading

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Did You Have the Baptism of Fire?

Joseph Smith taught, “The baptism of water, without the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost attending it, is of no use, they are necessarily and inseparably connected. An individual must be born of water and the spirit in order … Continue reading

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