Who is Heavenly Mother?

I prayed to receive a specific revelation concerning Heavenly Mother and was given the following answers. If the topic is uncomfortable to you, do not read any further. If not, read on, but be sure to pray for your own witness.

Is the Holy Spirit the same as Heavenly Mother?

Answer: “Heavenly Mother is the life giver of the Universe. Father, creates the tabernacles and she infuses life into them. Her influence is felt throughout creation and that “vibration,” for lack of a better word, is the Holy Spirit that teaches, comforts, heals, and carries the truth of all things; a perfect balance and harmonious partnership with the Eternal Father. The Father gives his Word to us through the Holy Spirit.”

Can we pray to Heavenly Mother?

Answer: “Heavenly Mother is much more close to us than we realize. When we feel the Holy Spirit, we feel the arms of love of our Holy Mother around us. It helps us to develop the pure love of Christ. Yes, we can address her, but it is the Father who forgives through His son. Mother will help you to cleanse your heart and to have wisdom and charity. When you receive the Second Comforter, you receive Jesus. When you receive the Third Comforter, you receive the Father. When you receive the Fourth Comforter, you receive Mother.”

Is the Holy Spirit the same as the Holy Ghost?

Answer: “The HG and the HS are the same, but when one receives the Gift of the Holy Ghost they receive the Holy Spirit of Promise, which is from Mother and allows for the Baptism of Fire to occur. This is performed under the direction of Jesus Christ.”

How do I pray to Heavenly Mother?

Answer: “It is best to take time to speak to all of the members of the Godhead. The Spirit will teach you how. “

What is the women’s role in the Priesthood?

Answer: “The women’s role is to nurture, offer wisdom, and to heal. They are the crowning jewel that will glorify the man and woman together in the eternal heavens. Without the Mother, Elohim is incomplete.”

Why is Heavenly Mother not specifically mentioned in the Scriptures?

Answer: “Her role is contained in the mysteries of godliness and is an important aspect of the fullness of the Priesthood, which is to be revealed in the Last Days. In order to become perfect, one must become acquainted with both the Father, the Son, and the Mother; and the Holy Ghost must abide in them, or in other words, they too must become holy. She is mentioned often in Holy Scripture, but her identity is veiled, as to protect those who are unprepared to seek after her.”

Update: I was shown in one one my visits that the Holy Spirit is a mix of both Father and Mother respectively. “I then asked if she was the Holy Spirit and was told that both her and Father play that role, they both influence and guide all creation, but that her role is one of nurturing, and testifying. I truly sensed that her and Father are together all the time. I felt satisfied and full of joy.” (Journal entry January 20, 2016)

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16 Responses to Who is Heavenly Mother?

  1. A.O. says:

    Hi there, I appreciate the sentiment of this post but I do have a question for you.
    How do you reconcile this interpretation of the Holy Ghost to the idea that Joseph is recorded saying (by Franklin D. Richards, and others) that “the Holy Ghost is a spiritual body that is now in a state of probation which if he should perform, he may pass through the same things the son has?”
    Was this a misunderstanding of Joseph’s? the people recording his sermons?

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  2. What Joseph said is exactly accurate. I differentiate between the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost, although sometimes the words are used interchangeably in scripture. To be more specific, Gift of the Holy Ghost.

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  3. A.O. says:

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply,
    I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t understand. In your post, you say the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost are the same, and Heavenly Mother and Father both play the role of the Holy Spirit. Is the Holy Ghost Heavenly Mother or another spiritual personage in probation working to progress? Is Heavenly Mother part of the Godhead as a dual-part of Elohiem or does she take the third spot people traditionally give to the Holy Ghost? Is it Father, Mother, Son or is it Father/Mother, Son, Holy Ghost?

    I’m sorry for bothering you with all these questions. I really like the idea of Mother playing such an important role. It feels right and it gels with some ideas that I’ve had in the past, I just really want to understand what your post is saying.

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  4. Heavenly Mother is part of Elohim, the Helpmeet to the Father. The godhead comprises Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. When we receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost we are quickened in the Spirit and made holy by the blood of the Lamb. We are the Holy Ghost. In other words, our spirits are made holy and we abide in Christ and the Father. When we are fully resurrected we become like them.

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  5. A.O. says:

    Whoa, thank you for the very well explained reply! I need to go and think on that one now.

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  6. THANK YOU! I’ve spent the past 2 years learning about Heavenly Mother, discovering Her ALL around (as it is a Mother’s nature to be) and ALL throughout scripture and trying to verify my feeling that She is, or is somehow tied with, the Holy Spirit. I started reading this post and instantly felt confirmation. I have also sought to understand how I can appropriately communicate with Her and, like all things as I’m learning, have felt that only Father can really answer that for me. Despite church leaders (I’ve talked with my leaders directly about this) reiterating President Hinckley’s words about not praying to Her, I still have felt the need to speak to Her. After all, it is SHE who I, as a female, am learning to emulate. I need to know Her. What has come to me is that I will often look to a symbol of Her to connect with her (typically the moon or a tree), I address Her as “Mother” just as I address Father as “Father” and I just talk to her like a daughter would talk to her Mother. I do not end in the name of Christ. I also have come to realize that Father and Mother really cannot be separated, just as Christ cannot be separated from them. This is because they share the same Mind. Our goal is to learn to share that mind as well, and in that way we are sealed to them and can never be separate. In that way we, together as a family, bring to pass the Will/Plan. I so much appreciate your willingness to seek and to share!
    As an after thought, proofreading this my mind wondered back to the woman (I can’t recall her name now) who was excommunicated a few years ago for teaching that the the Holy Spirit is Heavenly Mother. That makes me sad and I would like to understand that better.


  7. Andy Norris says:

    Just recently I heard that Heavenly Mother was indeed Mary, the Mother of Jesus. That she was both his actual mother in all senses of the word. As far as I have read here, and in the books, that does not seem to contradict anything you have said. Can you comment on this at all? Thanks, and Love ya brother!

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  8. No, she is not. I don’t like to contradict anyone, but this is not what I understand. I can’t go into more detail.

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  9. As I was reading this it made me wonder, does Heavenly Father not have other wives? Ive heard many times that Polygamy is part of the Celestial Law is this true? I also heard Mary the earthly mother of Jesus was just one of his eternal wives?

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  10. By the time we progress to a higher estate we have only one helpmeet. A co-equal partner in all creation.

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  11. What about the Prophets who have more than one wife? Our current Prophet has 2 wives and the first councilor. I am just wondering because Polygamy is a huge part of the LDS heritage and Mosiah Hancock’s Dream he see’s many of the Eternal Father’s wives? What happens to the other wives if they dont also get to progress with them?

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  12. Your questions are good, but the answer lies in the Everlasting Covenant, which is not polygamy as Brigham taught. Every daughter of Zion will have a helpmeet in the eternities. I know that what I am saying conflicts with your belief, so you will need to seek a personal revelation.


  13. Thank you very much for helping me understand, I do appreciate it. I would love to hear what the world was like before the Flood of Noah, if they are exactly like us now?


  14. I included some information about that in the book “A Witness of the Temporal Dispensations.”


  15. Karla Mennig says:

    Hi again, I just found this piece of jewel. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one a little lost here, you said that Heavenly Mother is the Spirit of promise, but as you said as one receives the HG we receive the Spirit of promised or Her, It’s this correct? Also, was Jesus a HG once? Before He became the chosen one?

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  16. I would read these two links to better understand the Holy Ghost. I think this is better than a quick reply.
    Gift of the Holy Ghost:
    Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit

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