Truth or Error in Receiving Revelation

Here is a personal revelation I received to help me when discerning pure revelation or deceiving spirits. Perhaps it will help you. You may want to pray to see if this will apply to you.

How do we know when we are receiving a revelation from the right source?

“When a revelation comes to your mind and your first inclination is to doubt—ask Me if it comes from above or from an unclean source. If the answer is clearly given, it is good. The Adversary cannot lie in this regard.

If you continue to ask and you cannot get a yes or no where just moments earlier it came easily—take it as a no. Be sure you are asking with a clear mind, devoid of emotion, unworthy thoughts, or doubts that you are receiving revelation. Remember, the Spirit will speak to you and you will often translate these messages into your own words, and thereby the words will have a voice similar to your own and yet from above. Do not be discouraged if you find that you were being deceived by the Adversary. You must be tempted that you may learn to distinguish the good from the evil. If you are humble and seek my word, you will be led to the truth. There must be an opposition in all things, therefore if you are given a deception by the Adversary prepare yourself to receive a powerful revelatory experience from above, for I shall not leave you comfortless.”

How do we test a revelation?

Fear of a deceptive witness prevents good people from even attempting to seek revelation or to part the veil. You must never fear such things. The best avenue to knowing that your revelation is correct and from the Lord is to do the following:

  1. Ask the Lord if there are any deceitful spirits near you. Ask that a shield be placed around you to prevent your conversation from being heard or interrupted.
  2. Ask if there is anything else you need to do in order to speak without deception with the Lord.
  3. Receive your revelation.
  4. Check your revelation if it is accurate and inspired. Unless there is any part of the revelation that feels awkward or troublesome after this point, embrace it as your personal scripture. If not, revisit that part in prayer. Never be afraid or doubt; be believing.
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1 Response to Truth or Error in Receiving Revelation

  1. I have never paid attention until I landed on your blog. Often and now that i am working on “how to open your spiritual eyes”. I see images fly and here audible voices in my mind but can comprehend it very well. And it happen when i am half awake and half sleep, so i can tell if it is my natural eye or spiritual, natural mind or spiritual.
    please Pr can give more light on that. [The mind functions on a spiritual level most of the time, unless you train yourself to see things as imaginations and not to listen. As we learn to discern we must ask God often, trust in Him, and not be discouraged when we make mistakes. If the Lord is our focus we will learn to know the difference. PR]

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