The Angels are Waiting to Come to You

One of the things I love about the BofM is how it shows the pattern for receiving the gifts of the spirit, including the gift of the ministering of spirits and the beholding of Angels.

1 Nephi 11:1 “For it came to pass after I had desired to know the things that my father had seen, and believing that the Lord was able to make them known unto me, as I sat pondering in mine heart I was caught away in the Spirit of the Lord, yea, into an exceedingly high mountain, which I never had before seen, and upon which I never had before set my foot.”

Nephi had a great desire to know of things his father Lehi had seen. What things particular? Lehi had seen the fate of Jerusalem, he had seen the throne of the Father and perhaps many more things not recorded in the books of Nephi. Lehi had received his Second Comforter and had many visions. Nephi wanted this, and believed he could also receive such visions, as his father had undoubtedly told him this was possible for him.

Nephi sat pondering in his heart when he was caught away in the Spirit. What does it mean to ponder in your heart? I believe the heart is the central part of the body that determines who we are as individuals. Here is where our desires, affections, and passions are felt. Nephi yearned for his God and to be close to him. Under such circumstance, Nephi was caught away in the spirit.

What is it like to have a vision? To the layman it’s like recalling a movie you saw. Can you envision it in your mind? How clearly do you see it? There are parts where you may only recall glimpses, and others where you can see the whole scene. A vision from the Lord will have clarity and you will feel the Spirit as it occurs. Sometimes they may seem random and other times there is no doubt. You can see in different directions and are not limited to the confines of your body. The mind is capable of far more than we give it credit.

What would prevent someone from having a vision?

  • Mind focused upon frivolous things, i.e., TV, movies, Babylon.
  • Unbelief because of learned reasoning regarding psychology, science, past experiences.
  • Not taking something serious, humor, sarcasm, (mind must be firm in every form of godliness.)
  • Depression, heavy sorrow, anger, extreme emotion. Sometimes can prevent one from rending the veil, but not always.
  • Telling yourself that you don’t have the gift, not your talent, Lord doesn’t do things like this to me, not believing, lacking patience, negativity. Thinking its now or never.
  • Unable to focus. Not willing to try and create the image in your mind for fear it could be just your own thoughts.
  • Afraid of failure, ridicule, embarrassment, deception, doubts, fear. Just believe.

All of us are capable of having visions and receiving Angels, as did Nephi and any of the prophets if we will open our hearts to such things. The Lord is eager for you to receive His messengers-they are waiting to come to YOU.

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5 Responses to The Angels are Waiting to Come to You

  1. Judy says:

    I understand that depression and strong feelings can keep us from having spiritual experiences such as visitation of angels and visions. How does one get closer to the Lord and remove these feelings to gain that relationship? What does one do when one feels in the depths of despair? When they are so discouraged and feel that the Lord is not hearing their prayers?
    Someone I love very dearly it’s hurting so very much my heart is aching for them. I want so much to help and encourage and lift up. And I know that Prayer Changes Things…. I just want to be able to do more!
    I too had a point in my life, where even though I knew there was a God, I didn’t feel like he cared about me. I was not suicidal, but didn’t care if I lived or died. My only concern was for my children and husband. I felt very numb. It was very hard pulling myself out of that hole. And I felt like there was no one that could help me and left me out. I had to pray for weeks and plead with the Lord to take the pain from me and help me to heal….. It was very slow and painful. But, I do know we can never lose hope and faith in the Lord.
    Is there an easier and faster way? I thought that I had a broken heart and a contrite spirit. What was lacking at that point in my life?


  2. Your heartfelt response reminded me of D&C 122 where Joseph was feeling despair while in Liberty Jail. Learning to receive revelation and see in the Spirit takes time. Learning to clear your mind and become holy in your thoughts and actions will lead to what you desire. The most common phrase I hear from the Lord’s anointed is, “Trust in the Lord.”

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  3. Judy says:

    Section is so fitting! I just found Romans chapter 5: 1 – 5, which has also been quite encouraging.
    My love and appreciation for our father in Heaven has grown immensely. I am amazed at his willingness to sacrifice his own son in our behalf! Watching my children suffer, is much harder than if I could take their pain and suffering for them!
    Thank you again for your words of encouragement! May we all trust in the Lord!

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  4. Karla says:

    This knowledge has changed my life significantly, that God wants me to receive his messengers, that He wants me to come to Him, to see Him. I always limited myself because I thought that was only for the prophets in the scriptures, or modern prophets, holier people, but not for me, or why me? But how great it is to know that we have that option, opportunity, just like Enos, Joseph Smith. I love it. Thanks again. I can’t wait to get there. This path is beautiful, even as hard and frustrating as it may get sometimes, it’s worth it.

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  5. nubby1 says:

    I haven’t had a yearning for a C&E experience. The Lord has blessed me with so many revelations, visions and angelic interventions and clear voice directions.
    I’ve seen the Lord in a dream vision and in a pondering vision. Both left me very disappointed in myself because I felt too unworthy to look at his face.
    Recently I had an experience wherein I knew an angel (with a body) or the Savior was with me at one of the lowest moments of my life.
    I am 70 yrs old. I WAS alone on the highway. My car had broken down. The spirit told me sharply/loudly to exit my car and to stand outside as darkness was falling. I stood at the front of my car.
    Numerous cars passed me in both directions, and I could not understand why I was to be outside… yet as ever I knew I should obey.
    Eventually a car with lights on approached me, and I sensed it was going to stopped across the highway from me. A young man with shoulder length hair rolled down his window and asked if I needed help.
    Yes, I said, though very afraid. He pulled his car across the hiway behind mine.
    It was all I could do to walk to his passenger door. His car was as old as mine, and as I opened the door, I panicked because the seat was in a lay back position.
    He said something abt his son having left it that way.
    As I slid onto the seat after upping it, he stated he’d passed me a while earlier, but that he felt compelled to turn around and come back for me.
    I was nervous, but within moments I felt calm and safe. Then I turned to look at him. He looked like the Akiana painting of the Savior.
    He asked me questions and I answered. I only looked at Him intermittently because I was crying.
    As we neared my drop off, I couldn’t bear it any longer. I told him he looked like a painting of the Savior I held dear.
    He said, “Well I always try to act like Jesus.”
    There is more, but he was so gentle and kind.
    I truly want to understand what happened that evening… I pray to recall it all, but have not been so blessed.
    Anything you might say would be much appreciated. [Angel’s often visit us in such circumstances. Only the Lord can reveal his identity to you. PR]


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