Spiritual Definitions of the Book of Revelation

Most every word in ancient scripture has a spiritual counterpart to its literal meaning. The key to understanding the intent of its meaning is through revelation. The following definitions are what the Spirit has revealed to me.  You must pray and make your own decisions. My suggestion is to ponder these definitions, pray about it and decide for your self.

Grace be unto you – may the Lord watch over you

Seven spirits – seven servants

Cloud – glory

Pierced him – denied him

Kindred – races

Lord’s Day – Sabbath Day

Turned – looked, having eyes opened

Paps – waist

Girdle – Sash

White like wool, as snow – white and brilliant

Feet like unto fine brass – body radiated fire and glory

Sharp Two-edged sword – Truth of the Lord with power and justice

As dead – could not move

Hell – this world, telestial

Stars – servants

Golden candlesticks – God’s churches

Labour – preaching the Gospel

Tried- tested

Crown of life – Eternal Life

A new name written – Calling and Exaltation

Suffered – allowed

Jezebel – harlot

Reins – mind

The nations – House of Israel

The Morning Star – Second Comforter, Jesus Christ

Hath an ear – paying attention

Angel – servant

Seven Spirits of God – Seven Angels of the Most High, virtue angels

Hast a name that thou livest – art a great spirit and exalted

Key of David – Authority of the House of Israel

Word of my patience – word of my commandments through strife

Thy crown – Worthiness and status in the Kingdom

Write upon him my new name – The Seal of the Living God

Tried in the Fire – Baptism of Fire

Clothed in white raiment – Second Comforter

Nakedness – lack of knowledge

Repent – Turn to God

Door – portal

Trumpet – announcer

Beast – great being

Four Beasts at the Throne – four categories of great holy beings.

Like a Lion – 5th Estate

Like a calf – 4th Estate level 1

Like a face of a man – 4th Estate level 2

Like a flying eagle – 4th Estate level 3

Six wings – three missions

Full of eyes within – shall see much

Rest not day and night – continue to condescend

Cast their crowns – lay aside their glory

Seven seals – Seven Dispensations

Open or take the Book – accept the calling

Root of David – of his seed

Lamb – Savior

Horns – by two

Eyes – that know

Redeem by blood – covenant

Arch angel – under covenant of God

Four corners of the earth – fire, water, wind, earth

Sea – gentiles, or spirits of the dead

White Horse – pure from God

Conquering and to conquer – expanding dominion over the whole earth

Red Horse – blood of sin

Black horse – broken covenant

Pair of balances – to decide their fate

Pale horse – Cursings upon the earth

Beasts of the earth – sons of perdition

Stars of the heavens fell to the earth – meteors

Departed as a scroll – moved as a scroll

Silence in heaven – a pause

Clothed in a cloud – cannot be seen

Rainbow upon his head – Covenant Arch Angel

Foot upon the earth – world of the living

Foot upon the sea – world of the dead

Seven Thunders – Angels of the Seven Dispensations

Make thy belly bitter – great pain in the calling

In thy mouth as sweet as honey – great joy to behold

Ate it up – accepted it

Sea of glass mingled with fire – throne of God

Harps of God – praise and power

Filled with smoke – veiled

Noisome sore – plague

Become blood – death

Unclean spirits like frogs – rise of sons of perdition

Dragon – satan’s kingdom, church of the devil

Mouth of the beast – Islam

Mouth of the false prophet – false Christianity

Keepeth his garments – keep covenants

Plague of hail – fire and brimstone

Seven Trumpets – seven events

Golden censer – prayers of the righteous

Fire of the altar – wrath of the Lord’s judgment

Voices – moanings of the earth

Thunderings – Sounds in the heavens

Lightnings – Lights in the heavens

Wormwood – taste of death

Key of the bottomless pit – son of perdition

Bottomless pit – portal of Hell, Eternal Prison

Smoke of the pit – demonic forces

As scorpions – to afflict with pain and misery

Grass of the earth – House of Jacob

Any green thing – under His protection

666 – to be telestial, not quickened in the Spirit

Horses prepared for battle – military devises

Crowns like gold – shiny on the top

As the faces of men – created by men

As the hair of women – trail of smoke, contrail

As the teeth of lions – tear to pieces

Apollyon – Destruction

Four horns – four Angels of Power

River Euphrates – portal from which spring the spirits of the damned

A sand of the sea – this earth

Seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns – Kingdoms of the earth

Leopard – Iran

Lion – Iraq

Feet of a bear – Syria and Lebanon

Kingdom of the Beast – Islam

A mouth – a leader

Saints – House of Israel

Receive a mark in the right hand, or in their forehead – take an oath

Reed like unto a rod – staff of power in the priesthood

Two witnesses – exalted servants with the sealing power

Clothed in sackcloth – surrounded by death and destruction

Two olive trees – anointed servants, Ben David and Ben Joseph

Woe – cursing

Mount Zion – Mount of Olives

They are virgins – They are clean

Gather the clusters of the vine of the earth, for her grapes are fully ripe – The elect are preserved

Gather the vine of the earth – them that are defiled

Winepress – place of death

Horse bridles – camp of the enemy

A woman clothed in the sun – City of Enoch returning, Church of the Firstborn

Crown of twelve stars – fullness of terrestrial glory

A man child – Zion

Nations – House of Israel

Rod of iron – High Priesthood

Wilderness – deserted place

Scarlet colored beast – Church of the Devil, Islam

The waters – spirits of darkness

The whore – church of the devil

Many crowns – many glories

Sharp sword – judgment

Rule with a rod of iron – Truth and light

Fowls – exalted beings

Eat the flesh of Kings – become as Kings by covenant

Lake of fire burning with brimstone – outer darkness

First Resurrection – the quickening of the Baptism of Fire

Second death – outer darkness

Book of Life – family of God

A great and high mountain – a place in the heavens

Tree of Life – Jesus Christ, Eternal Life

Twelve manner of fruits – Twelve kinds of angels

Name – marking

The bride – Zion



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7 Responses to Spiritual Definitions of the Book of Revelation

  1. Anonymous says:

    What do you know about the two witnesses spoken of in Revelation 11? Have you been shown them? And are they a husband and wife? And what does Ben David and Ben Joseph mean?


  2. They are not husband and wife. One is of Judah and the other Mannaseh.

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  3. Christin Harper says:

    Can you tell us anything more about the different levels of the 4th estate?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I may do that down the road. There is some information to glean if you read from my category Eternal Lives on the Homepage.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Mike Ross says:

    Could you comment on who (or which country or entity) the fox is from the end times book?

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  6. jaywez says:

    Can you say more about these 4th estate categories:

    Like a Lion – 5th Estate
    Like a calf – 4th Estate level 1
    Like a face of a man – 4th Estate level 2
    Like a flying eagle – 4th Estate level 3

    I’ve noticed in your recent diagram of the 12 hierarchies of angels there are four categories attributed to the 144K which are 4th estate (presumably corresponds with the four beasts depicted in Revelation). Are you able to say more about these levels within the fourth estate? Do the hierarchies correspond with these animal depictions in Revelation? How does the Lion depiction fit in (presumably corresponds with the role of Only Begotten or preparation for it)? [I cannot comment on anything above 4th estate more than I already have. PR]

    Many thanks!


  7. jaywez says:

    Sorry, I should have left out the mention of 5th estate – my bad. But what of the those three levels of 4th estate? Are you able to describe more about the difference in levels as depicted by the images in revelation? [Just that there are different assignments and missions. That is about all I am permitted. Frankly, I am am surprised John said what he did. PR]

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