It Took My Breath Away

I know I am dumping a lot of information today, but I think I’m going to post just a few more things and then back off for a while. There is so much I want to share and I need to keep it simple. Last week I was shown much to do with Abraham.

What impressed me the most about Abraham’s life was how much he was a normal Son of God. He went through a process of finding God, struggling, and learning the lessons that would prepare him to walk with God. He began by asking, knowing nothing, risking his life for Him, receiving baptism of water and then the baptism of fire. He walked with God and the Lord answered all His questions. The Lord taught Abraham to trust Him implicitly.

There were two moments during the experience that lasted two nights that took my breath away. Both of these can be told by incorporating a single story.

Abram learned much from his uncle about the nature of the one true God. His father was a wicked man. One occasion, Abram took his journey away from Ur into the wilderness to offer sacrifice to God for the first time. He was a young man, not yet married. Upon his return he became lost and thought he would die for lack of food and water. A mysterious stranger came to his aid, gave him food and water and spoke encouraging words to him. The words spoken burned within his heart and he felt that the man had been an angel.

Upon returning to Ur Abram destroyed his father’s idols and in time was taken by the priest of the people to be sacrificed for his sin. The Priest had him strapped to a table and had walked behind Abram with his knife, prepared to cut out his heart as a sacrifice for sin.

Abram called out to God to save him. He saw a light and heard the voice of God speak to him. At that moment the priest’s eyes rolled back into his head, and he fell backwards dead on the ground. Abram’s straps were loosed and the people who witnessed this allowed Abram to go free. It was considered an act of the will of God.

The part that took my breath away was when Abram asked the voice in the light, “Who art thou?” The voice of God responded and I heard the name of God as it was pronounced by His own voice. In scripture we are given the word Yahweh or Jehovah. Neither of these are the correct version as I heard it pronounced by Him. It was a variation, but when He spoke it my heart burned and lept for joy. I felt so much power and love that I wept as I sat on the floor in my closet.

The second moment that took my breath away was after seeing many of the experiences that Abraham had in his life at the end the Lord made it clear to me that he had actively taken part in many of Abraham’s greatest life moments. The man that came to Abraham when he was young and lost in the wilderness was the Lord Himself. This had such a profound affect upon Abraham that his entire life was spent seeking out the lost stranger in the wilderness as this man had done for him.

Abraham came to know the Lord intimately over time and to trust him in all things.  When we put our trust in the Lord, as did Abraham, we can have a similar relationship with the God of heaven. By the way, the best way to hear the true name of God is not in a blog post, but to have it spoken reverently into the ear with a whisper for those who are prepared in the Spirit.

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10 Responses to It Took My Breath Away

  1. Sally Dutton says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all these posts. I truly hope you don’t back off at all. I am gleaning so much. It is helping me to ask specific questions and ponder and seek more. Thank you so much for sharing what you are allowed to share. Your sister in Christ-Sally

    On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 3:22 PM, Pure Revelations wrote:

    > Pure Revelations posted: “I know I am dumping a lot of information today, > but I think I’m going to post just a few more things and then back off for > a while. There is so much I want to share and I need to keep it simple. > Last week I was shown much to do with Abraham. What impre” >

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  2. Donald says:

    Glad to hear what you are sharing. Thank you….and I thank the Lord for permitting it.


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  4. Jared says:

    May I ask– when you say that your “breath was taken away” were you referring to this happening figuratively or did this literally happen to you when you received this Choice revelation?

    By chance was it similar to this verse below? If you please would elaborate on what you meant by that expression- I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

    Mosiah 4:
    20 And behold, even at this time, ye have been calling on his name, and begging for a remission of your sins. And has he suffered that ye have begged in vain? Nay; he has poured out his Spirit upon you, and has caused that your hearts should be filled with joy, and has caused that your mouths should be stopped that ye could not find utterance, so exceedingly great was your joy.

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  5. That is a good scripture. My whole being was shook to the core as I heard Him utter this word. I literally felt my heart stop and stopped breathing. A sensation of energy shot through my body. I know it sounds overly dramatic, but this was what I felt at that moment. I cried for a while afterward. It was quite amazing.

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  6. Jared says:

    Thanks so much for that detail… What a blessing for me to learn about. I too after having had Father speak sacred expressions, have felt what you have described. You described it perfectly. Reassuring.

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  7. jstone511 says:

    So I’m really struggling to sort out the problem with the translation of the book of Abraham. Joseph Smith’s translation is nothing like the actual translation from Egyptian neither in the text, nor the facsimiles. What happened? And I really want to believe Joseph Smith was a seer, but this is pretty damning?
    If he simply received it all by revelation, why waste the approx $2k on purchasing non-Abraham-related papyri? And why would God design it so the LDS church believes for nearly two centuries that he actually translated it?
    Non of the apologetic answers add up, like the missing scroll theory or the catalyst argument, etc. Is it that the Rosetta Stone allowing Egyptian to be translated for the first time in 1822 just didn’t have enough scriptural text in it to completely translate Egyptian accurately? I want it to be that God just put the words in Joseph’s head, but then why the unrelated-to-Abraham standard funerary papyrus even being involved? And why would God allow this “translation” situation? Simply to cause doubt in a “prophet”? A prophet is supposed to know whether or not he’s accurately translating? Prophets should know by discernment if they are actually purchasing and holding a text written in Abraham’s own hand? Was this an error in discernment on Joseph Smith’s part?
    Please don’t give me an answer like the church apologetics give. I’m really troubled by this. As are many. [I am not an apologetic, nor will I attempt to be one. I will only tell you that Joseph received the Book of Abraham by a gift of the Spirit, but that may not be what you think it is. Joseph had a poor understanding of Egyptian. This was evident in his attempt to translate the facsimiles. My advice is to take it to the Lord with an open mind. If you make your decision based on the scholarly information you’ve gathered you will be disappointed. PR]

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  8. jstone511 says:

    I appreciate your candor very much, thank you. I HAVE taken it to the Lord and He has confirmed through the spirit that it is a true account. So I guess my problem isn’t with Joseph, it’s with me and God. If a prophet of God could think he’s truly translating Egyptian when actually not, how can unimportant me hope to interpret anything correctly that the spirit is telling me? It scares me. Why did God design the system of hearing revelation so hit and miss? What do we do to truly, truly know it’s from God? [Good question. I tried to address that in the book How to Open Your Spiritual Eyes. Essentially, we learn by our mistakes and trust in the Lord. Joseph made plenty of errors, but none were malicious or dark. He did not do anything to damage himself in the eyes of the Lord. I look at my own experience receiving revelation and compare it to developing the use of a language. We start with the basics and gradually increase the difficulty. Eventually, the words flow and we are able to communicate. But, that doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes. Every prophet since Adam has stumbled through this life and made mistakes. God chose them for their faith, which means they were willing to seek revelation and act upon it. That takes a crazy amount of courage. This life is designed to create experiences where we can learn faith. Its faith that is prized, not the suffering or the knowledge of things. PR]

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  9. jstone511 says:

    You’re answer is better explained than I’ve ever heard. It spoke pure truth to my spirit. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences that we may all learn faith.

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  10. P B says:

    I have similar concerns about the Book of Abraham, which are lumped with many other things into the giant mess of our history. All the more reason to seek the Lord and depend on no one and nothing but Him. That said, I have felt light and truth while seeking the Lord on the topic of the Book of Abraham.
    I find it curious that the hingepoint of the controversy of the Book of Abraham is that facsimile 1 is thought the be from the “Book of Breathings”, dated many hundreds of years after Abraham lived. Is it just a coincidence “IT TOOK YOUR BREATH AWAY” (as Abraham’s breath likely was also taken away upon hearing the voice of God reveal His own sacred name)? Is it possible that the event of Abraham’s “breath” being taken away was later incorporated into certain Egyptian rites, the seen in the “Book of Breathings”. Or I am just seriously stretching here, or might there be a correlation to be found in your words???? [Interesting thoughts, but I don’t know any relation to that. It simply took my own breathe away, in other words a gasped under my breath because of the shock of that moment. PR]

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