Twelve Hierarchies of Angels

What is an angel? Those who take direction from Elohim, Jehovah, and Michael.

Each Hierarchy has levels within itself. The Lord’s works are endless.

There are both male and female angels, often working in partnerships within a marriage covenant, but not in the lower angel degrees.

(I have only written what I have permission to share.)


These are angels of the highest order, which have been crowned Kings and Queens unto the most High. Once an angel (anointed one) has overcome all things, they are crowned a King unto the Most High. At this level they are to judge their creations righteously under the supervision of the Great Jehovah, which is above them forever. They are Gods because they have all powers given unto them. There are many thrones and many Kingdoms.

Arch Angels

These are angels of many classes and purposes, who are under covenant of the Great Jehovah to perform specific callings upon the earth. These are the chosen Noble and Great Ones of the 4th, 5th and 6th Estate. Michael, a title, is the greatest of them all, and coordinates the creation under the supervision of the Great Jehovah and the Eternal Father.


These are the angels which are messengers directly from the throne of God. A seraph can be an arch angel, sent on a mission from the Lord.


These angels guard the courts of Heaven and stand as sentry to those who approach the Lord and pass through the gates and portals of the ascension. These Angels fill the courts of heaven. They sing praises to God and share in His glory, which is light and truth, or knowledge. They guard the gates to the Throne of the Kingdom and are at every level of ascension. All angels in the similitude of God experience this calling at some point.


These angels are given responsibility over dispensations and the elements of the earth. These angels can be included among arch angels.


These are referred to as the Spirits of the Lord and teach and administer the attributes of godliness that lead the Lord’s servants on earth to the throne of God. There are seven spirits or exalted angels and each holds the keys to their virtue. These are the Lord’s schoolmasters.

There are Seven Virtues or positions held by the Arch Angels that abide in Heaven and teach the Attributes of Godliness. The seven attributes are like the colors in the rainbow and form an arch, when combined, create white light and a covenant between God and Man.

7 Priesthood / violet

6 Revelation / indigo

5 Temperance / blue

4 Brotherly Kindness / green

3 Repentance / yellow

2 Faith in God / orange

1 Hope / Red

When these are acquired, the person is then worthy to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost and the baptism of fire. Then comes Charity, Knowledge of God and Wisdom, (Three Pillars of Godhood) and thou art one with the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost.


These angels keep control of the doings of the Adversary. They are the warrior angels that control the Eternal Prison and strike fear in the Dark Realm. They come in many forms, sizes and glories. Some are sent from the very Most High, and others are watchers and doers. In heaven they refer to themselves as the Shahophalim. Our spirits are much larger than the physical bodies we possess and often these spirits appear in their actual size and appear as giants to those in the flesh. They often wear full armor of light. These exalted angels are able to seal up bad spirits to remain in Spirit Prison to go no more out. These angels have power over life and death. These angels often come to the defense of the righteous when they are threatened by men in the flesh or devils in the spirit. They can be both male or female.


These angels watch over the affairs of men in the world, including cities, governments, religions, and politics. These angels are recorders and administrators and watch and intercede when necessary in the institutions of men. They keep track of the wickedness and righteousness of cities and peoples. I saw that not only do they coordinate the families and birth of new spirits, but also the missionary work that is done among the spirits of the dead. They often go to the spirits of the sons and daughter of men of the Telestial order and offer them the blessings of the House of Israel. The Principalities are busy preparing the seed of Adam to be exalted and receive their baptism of fire and become members of the Church of the Firstborn, which is to mean an angel of God.


These are witnesses and protectors and advocates for individuals, usually among family or bonded relationships through eternity that watch over people and help them to overcome the world. We are always watched over by those who love us.

I asked about Guardians and was shown how these are often extensions of the Principalities with the purpose of leading and helping us in mortality. They are usually family. Even those who are under Satan’s care have guardians of a dark sort that help them. Often, those who have just left mortality will work as a guardian to help those who may have been negatively affected by their lives. A part of restitution for their sins. One does not need to be a guardian; it is a choice. But it is a beautiful way for us to assist and find forgiveness for our selves and healing.


These angels’ purpose is to comfort, both by teaching and sending God’s glory to those who need healing. They are close to Mother and are usually female. These angels visit those who are enduring great suffering. These angels administer to both the living and the dead. They comfort both body and soul, yet the Spirit can only be comforted by the Lord. They must be given permission to come by the Lord and often on the heals of prayers.

These are usually women and they stay with those who are experience sickness, on the verge of death, or are trying to find peace after going through great trauma. These angels often work with the Guardians. They usually express love, compassion, and wisdom to those who are suffering. They can ease the body and soul, but the spirit can only be succored by Jesus Christ.

Many of these angels sing and use musical instruments. It is really fascinating to watch. They also help soothe those who are dead. They can facilitate spiritual light and invoke the spirit by what they do. Many of these angels carried similar talents as they experienced mortality.

Holy Animals and Creatures

There are angels of the animal kingdom who watch and keep order among the creatures of the earth, that they may fill the measure of their creation. This realm is endless, as there are many such angelic creatures of various levels and glory. All is under the power and rule of the Father.

Planetary Guardians

These are angelic creatures and bodies of all sorts that administer to the planetary bodies in their glory and help them to fill the measure of their creation. There are many levels among the planetary guardians, as there are among the Sons of Light.

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17 Responses to Twelve Hierarchies of Angels

  1. Kimber says:

    I thought Jehovah was the Only Begotten? Also, does one have to overcome all things to be a Queen?


  2. Yes, Jehovah is the Only Begotten. There is a Jehovah and a Great Jehovah. A Temporal Son and an Eternal Son. Yes, a woman must also stand as a helpmeet for her husband.

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  3. Julie says:

    Love, love, love your blog!!! My husband and I have found your information to be interesting and true! This correlates with other knowledge we have ! Thank you again!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Are all of the Estates only ascended to in mortality, or are some of them achieved in the heavenly realm? Can you shed some more light on the difference between the title of Jehovah, and Great Jehovah? What is a temporal son?


  5. Other than the third estate, all estates are ascended before a new world begins its temporal probation. It is the time stated in scripture where the question is asked, “Who will I make my rulers?” As for the specific questions, I have said all I can on that for now. Questions regarding 5th estate and above are left for the Lord to reveal to you.

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  6. jenessem says:

    Those colors and descriptions match the chakra wheels of light within our body also.


  7. from which estate begin or is allowed the continuity of offspring ?


  8. That would be above the fourth estate, but I am not permitted to give any details other than what is already posted.

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  9. Rebecca Brent says:

    Is every 4th estate that is alive on the earth right now a Gatherer? Will all the 4th estate attend Adam ondi Ahman?


  10. The answer is yes, unless they are taken before it begins.

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  11. jaywez says:

    Are you able to comment on the difference between the titles Jehovah and the Great Jehovah? I once heard that Jehovah was a title that could apply to both Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, and perhaps this is the distinction between the two? Thank you. [Not more than I have already said. They are two different beings. PR]


  12. Star Scream says:

    Hi P.R

    Are guardians always with us 24/7? [Unless we offend them by overly sinful behavior. They have feelings and do their work out of love and devotion. Some people have guardians assigned to them by the Adversary, so it can go both ways.]

    Do each of us have one guardian or can we have more than one? [We can have more than one. Especially, if you are of the House of Israel. PR]

    When Jesus says He is always with us what does He mean? Does He mean His presence is always with us or does that depend on us inviting Him into our lives? [It means He is fully aware of the details of our lives. His eye is always upon us. PR]
    Do guardians have spiritual armour? [I have never seen that. Usually, it is the warrior angels, those who combat the adversary. PR]

    When we die, do our guardians continue helping us or do arrangements change? [We are introduced to them again, but often people take turn serving each other in that capacity. PR]

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  13. Star Scream says:

    Greetings my brother.
    Please assist in answering a few questions that have been on my mind for some time. You see, nowadays I can sense whenever there’s an increase in activity in the spirit realm where I live, i.e my room. I sense the increase in activity usually when I exert more effort in reaching the Lord. Of course you know, it comes with increased temptations and spiritual warfare etc. But my question is, when an evil spirit is tempting you with thoughts, what is the gaurdian doing? Are they also trying to infuence you to do good? Cartoons would always show the devil on a persons shoulder whispering evil thoughts then the angel on the other shoulder trying help them choose the right; is it more or less the same dynamics when it comes to the every day work of the guardian in relation to helping you overcome temptations?

    You mention that Guardians are also there to protect us. When I hear of stories of people being saved from danger by being pushed by invisible hands, or being guided or protected by invisible physical contact, It makes me wonder. Gaurdians are spirits according to my understanding. So assuming that it is the guardians who mostly do these acts, how is it that they can interact physically with those they care for? [Part of living in this temporal world is having to contend with dark spiritual entities. They have their bounds, but those bounds often depend upon the degree we associate ourselves with the light. Some people contend more than others. Often this is due to family lines, culture, and previous covenants made before birth. Some come into this world with the hand of God upon them, like a barrier that gives the Adversary much less room. Anyone, even a marked servant of the Lord, can be overcome with the buffetings of Satan if they seek after darkness. When this occurs our “guardians,” those spirits or angels assigned to protect us, may have to back away. They pray for us, and when others pray too, often the Lord commands that specific efforts are made to intercede. It truly is a battle for our souls. Sometimes the Lord even commands that our guardians back off and allow the Adversary to test us, to give us suffering that we may overcome this world and be prepared for another. There are many complexities, but the whole purpose of it all is to gain faith in Jesus Christ, and learn to trust in Him. When we pray to the Lord our guardians are close. When we ask for them, they are there. But, they come and go and we will never be completely free from mischievous spirits that mean us harm until we are done with this life. PR]

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  14. Star Scream says:

    Are there any restrictions when it comes to visiting with your late brother beyond the veil? It seems to me that since your Second Comforter you have full access to the spirit realm, which includes visiting with late family and close friends whenever the opportunity allows. Is this correct? [I have always been very careful to not abuse what I feel is a privilege. I always ask the Lord for permission and even seek spiritual guidance to know what to ask for. I don’t very often ask for something that does not have a significant purpose. On the occasions that I have had personal contact with family on the other side there were reasons for doing so. This is my experience. I haven’t even considered just going into that realm simply to look around and talk to whomever I feel. I hope that makes sense. PR]

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  15. Star Scream says:

    Thank you for your answers P.R, I really appreciate the time you take in responding to questions.

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  16. Star Scream says:

    Hi P.R

    Have you personally seen the Shahophalim in action as they remove the bad spirits from your home? I saw a glimpse of about two of them moving in action and creating a dome of protection over our home as I made a desperate prayer over my family, a prayer of protection from evil forces that are actively working against my family. They seem like they are very swift in their movements, like superhero kind of movements, and they move with absolute purpose and execute their duties with precision. Is that right? [Yes. I have written much about them in “A Witness of the Heavenly Realm.” I have encountered them many times in my own home. PR]

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  17. FireWalk.7 says:

    What exactly is the difference between an Arch Angel and the Dominions? It seems like both have responsibilities over the dispensations. [Arch angels administer over the hierarchy of angels, including the Dominions. PR]


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