He Says to Come Often

This will be the last post from me for a while.

My entire purpose of sharing these experiences is to encourage everyone to seek the same, to stand in the Lord’s presence and learn from Him. So much has happened to me since January 18, 2016. Since then I have been able to be with Him many times. Every time I’m in awe, always feeling His love and encouragement. He always tells me the same thing, “Come often, time is short. You must learn as much as you can.” He even tells me I could come every day if I wanted, but I only come 2-3 times a week, trying to balance my work and family. Each visit usually lasts about 2 hours and then I spend a couple hours typing up as many details as I can remember.

I have been asked by close friends, “What is it like? Is it as real as you see me now?” Yes, and no, is my answer. It is more real than this, but it is different. I see panoramic, and then up close in vivid detail. It moves in and out from standing before Him to having visions open up to me – His way of communicating what He wants me to see. I see, feel, touch, experience, and ask so many questions. Everything seems predicated upon the questions I ask, so I ponder what I see and go back and ask more questions.

Everything is interesting. Everything is available to study. Almost every question is answered. History is more real when you see it as it was. There are so many gaps in the scriptures from the lives of the prophets and Christ’s ministry, it is epic in its beauty and magnitude. If Jesus’ life was a movie it would be the most beautiful masterpiece ever shown on the big screen – and it will be for those who ask to see it.

A great masterpiece is about to be unveiled to the world, as the Times of the Gentiles reaches a closing and the Gathering of Israel commences. Now is the time to have your Baptism of Fire, and then to receive your Second Comforter and experience the mysteries of godliness. Don’t let anyone convince you these are not available to you. Grab hold of the iron rod which leads to the Tree of Life; and then “come often.” The most epic series of events in the history of the world are about to unfold.

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1 Response to He Says to Come Often

  1. scootd28 says:

    My friend, thank you for these. I haven’t commented much, but I read. Just want you to know that I am listening. Love to you and your family.

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