Vision of the White Doves

A vision began to open up in my mind and I saw a single white dove flying toward me. I could see its wings moving in the air as it lighted upon a limb of a barren fruit tree. It had a small olive branch in its mouth. I saw another dove land to it’s left and then another to it’s right. Then more came and the long tree branch was filled with a column of white doves.

I noticed more limbs of the tree and in turn each branch became filled with white doves which would land and fill the branches until the entire barren tree was filled with doves. The tree was beautiful white as I gazed upon it.

Suddenly, the entire tree, all the doves as once, took flight and each went out in different directions and the tree was barren again.

I saw one of the doves land in a distant land and many other birds of different variety gathered around the white dove. The dove stood still as these birds chirped and hopped around. Then the dove took flight again and the other birds followed, but to my surprise all the birds that followed had changed into white doves as well. They flew together in a flock.

As they flew they were pursued by large black ravens. A wall of fire sprung up that blocked the path of the ravens. They caught fire and burned as they fell to the ground.

I saw an orchard of trees, barren and grey. I saw this flock of doves come and land upon a tree until it was filled and made white. Then another flock landed on another tree and this continued as each tree in the orchard was filled and made white.

I saw the surrounding area around the orchard catch fire and the orchard began to ascend together. I wondered what had caused this to happen. I looked up and saw a large Phoenix bird, like an eagle with many colors, full of fire and glory ascending and the orchard was brought up with it.

The doves were a symbol of the Lord’s servants sent to gather the Elect to Zion. The Phoenix is our Lord and Savior who will save us.  (vision recieved June 19, 2016)

I have since reflected upon this vision and have been thinking much about the rise of Zion which is soon to take place. How will this happen? It will occur one dove at a time, as each of us receive our baptism of fire and have our Calling and Election Made Sure.  When the time is right the gathering will commence.

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4 Responses to Vision of the White Doves

  1. Sally Dutton says:

    Thank you so much for this post. On my way home I saw a white dove fly past me and settle on a telephone wire. Seeing a dove didn’t catch my attention as there is a pair of doves that spend a lot of time in either my yard or my neighbors yard across the street. But seeing a White dove is rare.

    I get the sense about Zion as well and that the servants are beginning to wake up and arise and fly. I am one of those. I am to be a gatherer, I have received all what you have mention- B of F and CEMS. I don’t say these things to boast but rather to show how great God is and these things are happening.

    Have a beautiful night! Your sister in Christ- Sally

    On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 5:53 PM, Pure Revelations wrote:

    > Pure Revelations posted: “A vision began to open up to my mind. I saw a > single white dove flying toward me. I could see its wings moving in the air > as it lighted upon a branch. It had a small olive branch in its mouth. Then > I saw another dove land to it’s left and then another to ” >

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  2. jwhite3039 says:

    Thank you!!! I discovered your blog 2 weeks ago and I’ve devoured everything that you’ve written. Thank you for following the Lords councel in writing very personal stories that have touched my heart, inspired me to press forward in my quest to meet the Savior, & given me great insight into heaven. Thank you for being brave enough to share something that isn’t popular in the LDS church, or in the world. You’re awesome. Keep it up!

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  3. MRR says:

    PR: you wrote this post at the exact week I was “woken up” out of my spiritual coma. I had been in the grips of atheism and agnosticism for many years and finally, I had had enough of my shallow petty life and prayed for the first time in years in a hotel room all by myself in Las Vegas after a rather harrowing event. I gave everything to the Lord. I told Him I would do anything He asked if He would just speak peace to my soul like He used to do… and I meant it. He began the very next morning to give me things to do that would add significant amounts of light to my soul so as to pull me out of my apostasy. Every day or other day almost for about 14 months I asked Him what to do and He was always there setting my heart on fire, testifying to me that He was right there beside me. I was so terrified I would fail and the dark forces swirled around me to hedge up my way and I would just cry out and trust Him… and there He’d be… He would run to me and be there nursing me back to spiritual health, filling me with His fire. “Here”, he woud say… “Read this, help that person, do this, give that up, do this instead, accept this fact, throw those facts away as they don’t work anymore…” it has been amazing!

    Anyhow I find myself here trying to follow a prompting this afternoon to see if there was any correlation between to what I went through the end of June 2016 and maybe a vision you may have had that same time period and WOW! this dream or vision of yours is amazing and humbling to read.

    I’m not saying I am special or like a 144,000 guy… I am saying that I am not the same man I was prior to that week in June 2016 and I am eager, still so very eager, to repent, return, to ask and to do whatever the Lord asks of me. I used to be a dark speckled bird pocked with sin and vice. I love the imagery of transformation you share here. Just so beautiful. It’s just so true! HE CAN AND WILL REDEEM ALL who call upon His name with integrity and without hypocrisy.

    much love–

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  4. John Crane says:

    Mike may think he is nobody special, but the Lord specializes in nobodies. [By the world’s standards, correct. PR]

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