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Understanding the Mysteries of Godliness

Recently I wrote a post called The Principle of Eternal Lives. I knew when I shared this that it would be contradictory to the paradigm many have of the pre-mortal and post-mortal existence. I don’t want to debate any of … Continue reading

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The Principle of Eternal Lives

In the LDS Church this phrase is seldom used, but many suppose it is related to God’s Plan of Salvation. We’ve all seen the chart with the circles and rectangles explaining God’s plan for us to get to the Celestial Kingdom. Where did this … Continue reading

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The Fourth Comforter

I have been given permission to share some of my most sacred experiences here, but there are a few things which I am not to share. I have placed an (Edit) so that the reader is not confused by an … Continue reading

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The Third Comforter

I will share some of what I experienced recently in some new blog posts. My first experience with the Lord was on January 18 of this year and I included that part in the book. Here is what occurred the … Continue reading

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Missing Footnote #211?

What is the missing footnote for #211 in the book? “I asked again if Mary suffered and it was explained to me that she suffered the first part that her bowels could be filled with compassion for those who suffer despair … Continue reading

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