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Experience the Second Comforter Together

Yesterday was a beautiful day, it was cool, but not cold, stormy clouds were around, but the weather was not a deterrent. We hiked up to the altar together. It was my wife’s birthday. Our hearts leapt as we approached the untouched altar … Continue reading

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The Vision of Peter’s Life

On July 12, 2016 I had the following experience with the Lord. It helped me to better understand Peter’s relationship with Yeshuah during his life. I had been shown other parts of Peter’s life as he interacted with the Lord, … Continue reading

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Vision of the Bus

I few days ago I had a vision that affected me. I just posted something this morning and now I see how the topic was directly related to this new vision, so I will share it here. It began as … Continue reading

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The Times Are Quickening

I saw a blog post today where a woman spoke of her frustration and disappointment that her friend was trying to be perfect, to be good enough to see Jesus while she was still alive, to have her Calling and Election. … Continue reading

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How We Can Avoid Deception

One of the most common questions is how do we know if we are receiving revelation from the Lord, or if it is a deception from the Adversary? I received the following question: When one hears a voice and is … Continue reading

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