Vision of the Bus

I few days ago I had a vision that affected me. I just posted something this morning and now I see how the topic was directly related to this new vision, so I will share it here.

It began as I saw again Peter walking on the water when a big wave came along and distracted him. He fell into the water at the feet of Jesus and the Lord reached out His hand and brought him to the boat.

I saw myself standing before an audience of curious people and I declared, “Who is the Lord more pleased, those eleven who stayed within the safety of the boat, or Peter, who dared to ask the Lord if he could have permission to come to Him and leave the boat?”

I then had a vision open up to me where I saw a beautiful bus driving down a desert highway. It was white and silver and very modern.  I was sitting in the back middle section of the bus and witnessed what was happening around me. At the front of the bus were conductors and a driver. They smiled widely and talked about our destination and the wonderful opportunity to be on this beautiful bus. Those who were closest to the front could hear the most clearly and had the attention of the conductors, they were attentive and still in their seats. The middle section were mostly laughing and smiling and enjoying the ride. The back section were quiet, mostly looking out the windows or whispering to each other. Our bus would pass different vehicles filled with people as we went our way. Many would look at each other as if to say, “Our vehicle is far better than any of these. We are so blessed!”

We each had a shiny brochure which spoke about the highlights of our trip, the various stops and the map to our destination. It was a very attractive full color pamphlet. As I looked out the window I saw people walking along the road in the same direction, as the bus passed swiftly down the highway. The impression was that they were not good enough to be on the bus with us. Occasionally, if the conductor saw someone that fit the profile they would be invited on the bus and given the rules of conduct to remain.

As I sat in my seat I noticed an old folded piece of paper. It must have been over a hundred years old. It was yellow and torn, printed in black only.  Other than a description of our destination and a few details to arrive there, the main part of the brochure was simply a map showing the starting point, a few pit stops, and the final destination. As I studied the old brochure it occurred to me that it was the same bus ride as we were currently riding, but from many years ago.

I compared the new brochure to the old one and to my surprise saw that some of the details were different. It headed in basically the same direction, but it took a detour that led to a different ending point. Why was the old brochure different than the new?

I began to whisper to those near me, asking the questions regarding the change in destination. Few would listen, and most were irritated that I was not paying attention to the conductors. When I spoke up to ask my questions regarding the old brochure they seemed disappointed and even cross that I would ask such questions.

I felt a panic come upon me as I realized the bus was taking me off course. I asked to be released from the bus. Many were shaking their heads, whispering, and it was as if I were a fool to want to leave.

I exited the bus as it sped away. It wasn’t as comfortable as I walked along the dusty road in the hot dry sun. I saw others with their eyes set on the horizon moving toward the light too. I felt there was another transportation coming, but I didn’t see that far in the vision. I felt grateful I had been brought this far along on that bus, and then grateful I got off when I did so that I could stay on my course.

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4 Responses to Vision of the Bus

  1. scootd28 says:

    So, So familiar!


  2. jenheadjen says:

    I had a dream with a similar theme about 6 days ago. The object of the dream was to get off a massive cruise ship, onto a safe dock to be protected during an upcoming earthquake that would strike both the land surrounding the dock, the water, and the cruise ship. People were making human chains to get from the high decks of the boat to get onto this secure platform. It seemed contrary to crowd expectations but there was knowledge that it was safer there.


  3. says:

    Wow this says loads. Not sure I’m ready to get off. Scary


  4. SoGrtful says:

    Is not the [Edit] going in the right direction? Or is that not the bus. From what I’ve read so far (all 7 books, and working through the archives), it seems to me you always get the interpretation of the dream or vision. And for the record, I couldn’t be more grateful for all the work you do, and others like you, and availing it to us. [I do not allow the naming of people, institutions, or links on the blog. You will need to seek personal revelation regarding the meaning of the dream. I hope you understand. PR]


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