The Vision of Peter’s Life

On July 12, 2016 I had the following experience with the Lord. It helped me to better understand Peter’s relationship with Yeshuah during his life. I had been shown other parts of Peter’s life as he interacted with the Lord, but I wanted to understand from Peter’s view. Here is what I was shown:

“I then asked if I could learn about the Apostle Peter and his life. (edit) The Lord smiled and gave me an affirmative. He spoke of His love for Peter.

“The Lord and I stood on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. I saw fishing boats and stormy skies. It was a fairly simple community of fishermen and merchants. I saw Peter and his older brother Andrew working with their father to catch fish. His father Jona taught his sons of God and His mercies, especially as fisherman. He was a simple man, as was Andrew and Peter.

“Peter had dreams that prepared him for what would come. He had a dream once of himself walking on the water and then running across the Sea of Galilee. Peter had many dreams. One particular dream came at an important juncture in Peter’s life. He was married and had five children (3 boys and 2 girls. Most of which became disciples of Christ.). About the time the Lord came into his life his father was no longer alive and he was taking care of his mother and ailing mother in law.

“Peter had a dream where he was carefully mending and preparing his fishing nets. He went out on the water and as he did he could see where he needed to go to catch the fish. He would lay his nets upon the water and the fish would come. He hauled the heavy load to the shore and hearing a voice he looked it up but could not see the face. The voice said, “I will make you a fisher of men.” The dream was vivid and curious to Peter. Peter didn’t see himself as anyone important. He worked hard to keep the family business going. His sons would help him, as well as James and John. (There is some kind of relation there I need to ask the Lord.)

“When Andrew told Peter that he had found the Messiah, Peter was incredulous. He saw Jesus cast out the evil spirit from the man in the synagogue. The Lord was invited to the home of Peter where he healed his mother in law. When Peter left early the next morning to fish he thought about what he had witnessed. He thought about the miracles and the possibility that Jesus could be the man. He had his doubts. All morning they cast their nets to little success.

“The Lord came to the shore that morning. When Jesus instructed Peter to throw his net out again Peter was tired and irritable for the hard efforts to no avail that morning. He reluctantly did as Jesus instructed him, to find his nets filling with fish faster than he could imagine. When he came to the shore he was bewildered and full of questions. Then, Jesus said those words, “I will make you a fisher of men.” Peter’s heart filled to overflowing as he fell to his knees and cried out to the Lord. The Spirit bore such a strong witness to him that it caused him to tremble and lose his strength. Jesus took him by the arm and raised him up (not unlike he did when he later pulled him up from the water when he fell.) He said to Peter, “Come, we have much work to do.” Peter put his sons and servants in charge of things and left the boats. He ran to his wife, Sarah, who was at home. Her name was pronounced differently. I heard it as Serah-sheba. I don’t fully understand.  She was so supportive of what Peter was about to do. She knew Jesus was a prophet and told Peter to go and follow him.

“Peter ran and came with Jesus as they began the amazing three years that would change the world.

“The Lord told me that Peter was filled with much love and protection for Him. He would be the one to always quiet the people and gather them for Him to speak. Peter would be sure He was always comfortable when they made their beds for the night. Peter was always sure that Jesus had enough food and always offered his portions to give comfort to his Master.

“One of the most touching moments was when Jesus cut his foot on something as they were traveling. Peter, lovingly washed Jesus’ feet and cared for the wound and insisted Jesus rest. It made me weep as I beheld his devotion to the Lord. (It reminded me of what I saw when Jesus washed the disciples feet.)

“I saw again the moment again when Peter fell into the water and the Lord pulled him up by his hands. It was a reminder of both the long ago dream Peter had of walking on the water and reminiscent of the Lord pulling him up from his knees as he had fallen on the shores of Galilee when the Lord said he would make him a fisher of men.

“Peter was a rugged man. He had a receding hairline and went mostly bald in his later years. His hair was dark and he had a medium length beard. He had a piercing stare and kind eyes.  He lived until his sixties when he was executed by the Romans as has been documented. The Lord said the death was sweet to Peter and he came swiftly. The thing about Peter that impressed me, besides his devotion to the Lord, was his compassion to others. He hated to see people suffer, and yet he was like a pit bull defending those he loved. Before he met the Savior he often expressed his anger for the occupying Roman armies and how Israel should shake off the bondage of them. He was impatient with the Pharisees and hated the Hypocrites. He was cynical and incredulous of most people. But all that began to change when he began to know Yeshuah. By the time he had received his Baptism of Fire he was a changed man. There is more I need to see about the life of Peter. His life was beautiful.

“I thanked the Lord for what he showed me and I am done.”

I had permission to share this.

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7 Responses to The Vision of Peter’s Life

  1. ms says:

    Did you see his denial of Christ? If so, is there any further details or understanding you’re able to add?


  2. Yes, I saw that on another occasion. It was when I was shown what happened after he was taken from Gethsemane. Peter’s intentions were good in that he wanted to be a witness of what they would try to do to his master. It was not a betrayal, but an eye opener for Peter. I will share the full account at some time.

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  3. Donald says:

    wonderful. Thank you.


  4. Mike Ross says:

    Reading this caused me to weep with joy. My heart is full. I wished that there were books, libraries full of stories like these but then I’d never get anything else done. Then I realized that the day may arrive when I am shown these things, which caused more joy. Thank you.

    Do you have any more of Peter?

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  5. truthseeker1820 says:

    This is beautiful. I have always felt a sense of empathy and closeness with Simon Peter. I love him and I love our Savior. I will definitely ask to see this when I see the Savior.


  6. Star Scream says:

    Was Jesus an impassioned preacher? Or was He mostly calm and collected? [He weeped often, spoke with confidence, and raised His voice when speaking to crowds. He was not thought of by his followers as “impassioned” the way people think of popular evangelical preachers. He exuded love and confidence. PR]

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  7. daniel Dylan says:

    These stories of the people the Lord has let you witness are amazing. They make the scriptures come alive knowing these details. I hope you continue to share more of them. I just love to read them ! Thank you so much PR for all the time you spend in posting. You are greatly appreciated !


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