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Anna the Prophetess

Last night I was shown some things from the lives of different women in scripture. The Lord revealed to me some of the life of Anna the Prophetess. “Please help me to know about the prophetess Anna of the New Testament. … Continue reading

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Where are the Kindred Spirits?

A brother once wrote me the question: “Where can I find people who are awakening?” I have wondered this myself in the past as I felt very alone in this quest. Of course, where we live and our family situation may have … Continue reading

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The Power of the Group

A few nights ago I met with a group of people for the purpose of simply sharing scripture and praying to our Lord. By the end of the evening I had witnessed more gifts of the Spirit at a single … Continue reading

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Are You Going to the Garden?

My wife’s sister had a vision while praying where she conversed with the Lord in a beautiful garden. She is just starting to wake up to such spiritual things and she is overwhelmed with the Lord’s love, and her great hope, and … Continue reading

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