Are You Going to the Garden?

My wife’s sister had a vision while praying where she conversed with the Lord in a beautiful garden. She is just starting to wake up to such spiritual things and she is overwhelmed with the Lord’s love, and her great hope, and many questions. My wife sent her an insightful message I want to share here.

Please take some time to pray and ponder upon these things, if you want to pray if they are true.

Another thought for powerful prayer is to find your spiritual voice. It is inside of you but asleep, wake it up!

Ask in prayer for it to be fully awakened. (This is referring to your ability to hear the voice of the Lord.)

When Moroni said, “Awake and arise from the dust” (Think temple film with Adam.) When he woke up where was he? The Garden. That is where you are being taken spiritually, very interesting.

We all need to be woke up from our “earthly sleep” to then again realize what is really happening spiritually around us. It is how we are not only taught in the temple, but also in the scriptures.

Then, when we are awakened from our sleep, we wake up to the Lord and who we really are.

The Garden is not just a place of beauty, but a temple of learning. Many of my most sacred and amazing experiences with the Lord and other people fave taken place there. It is the abode closest to God, we call it Eden. When you experience your Second Comforter it may take place in this setting, or at the Throne, or another special place. Pray to understand these things and ask the Lord if you may also converse with Him through the veil. Many of us have awakened, but few have arisen. Exercise faith and ask the Lord if you may also “come unto Christ.” (Moroni 10:32)

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1 Response to Are You Going to the Garden?

  1. Michael Wright says:

    I had a vision once, when I was the most humble state I could have been in. I truely wanted to return all i was to God to restart with me if he thought it was best. I heard a voice very loud in my head. He called my name and called me son. Thy sins are forgiven. I am with you always, and you shall be with me. I then returned to bed and had the most amazing vision I have ever seen regarding the Earth and gained some incredible understandings. But since then I have struggled so badly getting to feel like I will ever see anything like it. I saw Christ appear in my mind while giving a blessing. But I can’t seem to get anywhere close to having a conversation with anyone from the other side. I really want to speak with Them. I want to pierce the veil and commune with what I Know is there, but I just can’t seem to figure this out on how to get there.

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