Anna the Prophetess

Last night I was shown some things from the lives of different women in scripture. The Lord revealed to me some of the life of Anna the Prophetess.

“Please help me to know about the prophetess Anna of the New Testament. The Lord said she was a virtuous woman who lived in the temple. She was a Nazarite who had taken an oath of holiness from the time that her husband died many years ago. There were certain conditions whereby a woman as herself could take such an oath and she qualified. The people who visited the temple would provide her sustenance (food, water, clothing) and they would be blessed. There were facilities for men and women Nazarites at the temple. She never left, but would pray night and day for Israel and her God.

“Anna was a sighted woman. In her old age she had witnessed visions and angels at the temple. She had prayed and longed for the day when she would behold the child which would save Israel. One particular day she began to see the glory and power of heaven descend upon the temple. Myriads of angels and fire began to pour down, all the angels were facing the same direction as a young mother and man made their way toward the priest with their newborn son. The angels were many and were showing great reverence and celebration as Anna watched. She began to sing in tongues and prophesy as she walked toward the infant. People stood amazed, as it was not customary for Nazarite women, especially of her age, to be so unconventional. She cried out Hosanna to God and kissed Mary and the child. She continued to move around the temple beneath the portico to tell all those present that she had seen the Christ child and prophesy that He would save Israel and bring Heaven on Earth!

Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus silently left without most knowing what had occurred. Many were curious about what had taken place with the old woman Nazarite. Was she crazy, senile, or something else? She died a few years later, having shared many times her witness of what she saw that day.”

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7 Responses to Anna the Prophetess

  1. Sally says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this account. I love hearing accounts of Righteous Women.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m really interested, have you learned anymore about different women in the scriptures?


  3. I’m learning about quite a few right now. At some point I will share more. There were many female prophets and some whose writings were lost. It is very inspiring.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Why do you think women are mentioned so little in the scriptures? It seems that Anna is the only prophetess that is ever talked about.


  5. Because all the scribes were men and women were not usually given the same attention, so over time their words were forgotten. So far the Lord has shown me at least a dozen female prophets that had a great influence and I believe there were many more. There were also female prophets among the people of this continent and some day their words will be made known.

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  6. Donald says:

    Maybe the Deuteronomist had something to do with this?


  7. Dylan says:

    Deborah was also a prophetess.


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