My Vision of George Washington

I was taken to another place in the First Heaven. Before we met I had a vision of Washington on his horse during the war. He was trudging through the snow on his horse as the sun was behind clouds. There were others in his group following him. He got off his horse and walked into the woods not far away to pray privately. I saw him raise his arms and cry out to God for his benevolent mercy. He cried for his troops and his country. He was only there a short while and was back on his horse and going again. Meleck (my escort) told me he did this almost daily during the war; that Washington was a fourth estate being and had received his Baptism of Fire. I then was introduced to him.

Washington had brown hair pulled back. He had a pleasing face and a gentle smile. He was tall. He shook my hand and I thanked him for all he did for us.

After a short introduction I asked what he does in this place. Apparently he is a greeter of sorts to American soldiers as they enter the spirit world. He wears a uniform of white when he greets them, but a robe the rest of the time. He encourages them to accept Jesus Christ. There are other notable generals who also greet the soldiers. It is a beautiful mercy that the Lord extends to them.

He also spends much time watching over the affairs of this country, walking the halls of Congress and other places in DC. He spoke of his disappointment for America and how far we’ve strayed. He said that the future would be dire, but that the kingdom of God would change everything. He was happy and yet sad at the same time. He is a noble man. I thanked him and left.

I have met others among the Founders and many of them are different looking than how I expected. All are concerned and disappointed in this country, but are optimistic for our future. Most of these men and women were prepared of God and were sent to do what they did during their lives. I thought it was interesting that one mentioned how he would often visit the White House, but that the Adversary’s presence is so prevalent there now that he simply stays away. And this began long before the current administration.

The Lord has shown me much about what is coming for this nation and the near future. Fortunate for me, that is not my calling to foretell events. My focus is to help people to learn how to connect with the Lord to prepare for these times. It all begins with learning to receive revelation. Then, it accelerates from there as we prepare to step into the Lord’s presence.

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11 Responses to My Vision of George Washington

  1. Donald says:

    I’m turning 65 in a couple of weeks. I don’t know how much longer I will be allowed to remain. It’s hard for me to know what “near future” means. My guess is I will see some of the future you speak of. My greatest worry is for my children and grandchildren. We shall see…perhaps. Hineini.


  2. mmmmm1234 says:

    Mentioning that Washington was “a fourth estate being” brings up a lot of questions. How many estates are there? Are most of us in the second estate, as the LDS church teaches? Are the states analogous to the rungs on Jacob’s ladder? Can you ascend more than one rung in one creation? How many estates are there? Is there a final estate? How would you describe the third and fourth estates? Does the Second Comforter represent receiving the promise a particular state? What about entering the presence of the Father and Mother?


  3. I am aware of only eight estates, but in mortality we will mostly brush against second estate beings. Yes, the estates are analogous to Jacob’s Ladder. In this life one can only ascend from second to third estate. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is the quickening where one ascends to a third estate if they have not already done so. The Second Comforter is having one’s Calling and Election Made Sure. After this the mysteries of Godliness are given freely, including meeting the Father and Mother.

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  4. scootd28 says:

    Are you suggesting that if one is already a third estate being, that perhaps their experience with the BOF would not be as profound as for someone who is stepping from the second to the third – that perhaps they could receive the BOF “and not know it”?

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  5. Because we have forgotten all, we may not know; but if we are fully sensitive we may see more. It depends on the degree of your dissolution of the veil.

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  6. Those who have had the Gift of the Holy Ghost may experience the baptism of fire again and again. Every time someone stands in the presence of the Lord they must be bathed in fire.

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  7. Donald says:

    What is dissolved (potentially) at the veil? Will everything ultimately brought to our rememberence? Is dissolved the same thing as destroyed and then reassembled in some way?


  8. The more we experience the Lord the less our flesh stand between us and Him. The flesh is the veil between us and the other realm. Our light and glory is what keeps us from approaching Him, unless we are made holy through Him. The dissolution is the process of escaping our physical bodies and ascending to the light.

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  9. Karla Mennig says:

    Recently, or ever since I’ve been on this awaking path I’ve had many dreams, but they feel more like visions. For example one night I woke up around 3am and I was so awake and alert, it didn’t feel normal, but I had the feeling that I had just had a conversation with a Heavenly being, but I couldn’t remember I was just left with the feeling, then a very loud thought came into my mind, very strong and I don’t know how else to describe it, and it said pure revelation. Another time I was explained how the Earth was formed I was supposed to be sleeping but it didn’t feel like a dream, I later came across your book where you explain how the Earth was created, and from whatever little I could remember I knew it was the same and true, I knew then that I needed to continue reading your books and putting to practice what you’ve shared with us. This is an amazing journey, and I wish i was moving faster through it like you.

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  10. Nate says:

    Did any of the founding fathers receive their Second Comforter? Which ones? [That I do not know. PR]

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  11. Myrsmakeup says:

    I would love any insight relating to today’s events as they are unfolding. Mainly, upcoming election, Senate impeachment trial, and I am even going so far to ask you your personal thoughts regarding our own government self imploding as we speak….I believe there ARE secret combinations within our very own senate….these aren’t spiritual related questions …. these are more curious questions. Thank you PR [I have written everything I am permitted in the book A Witness of the End of Times. PR]

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