What is going to happen in the near future? 

The Lord has shown me many things since my first experience with Him. Some of it was given unrequested, and other information was given as I asked. I have written it all down and often ponder what I have been told and seen. My calling is NOT to predict events; which I am grateful for. But, I will say that everything we thought we knew will be flipped over – everything! If your testimony is not grounded in the Lord, you will be confounded.

As this year has moved along I am overwhelmed by the constant flow of events that seem to move toward what will surely come. Our country stands on the precipice of change; both sorrowful and glorious. Watch carefully what will happen within the Church, the government, the markets, the convergence of the kingdoms of the world.

I once asked the Lord if I would need all that food storage I’ve spent so much money acquiring? He smiled and said, “You will use some, but most of it you will give away.” I know that the most important thing we can do to prepare for what is coming is to have a firm relationship with the Lord. To truly know how to hear His voice and receive revelation. Then, you can sift through the constant barrage of daily news and clearly see the Lord’s plan at work. I am eagerly awaiting the next two years.

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  1. Nathan Welsh says:

    Hi purerevelations, I always enjoy your posts, but I sometimes feel overwhelmed by my own inadequacy. Over the past year I’ve tried to do some of the things you recommend because I really want to have the experiences that you’ve been able to enjoy. I often start and then it seems that life gets really difficult, and I end up not continuing. This has happened several times. Do you have any suggestions for becoming more diligent in my efforts to seek the Lord and resisting the adversary?

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  2. I find that the more I set aside time to be holy the easier it becomes. As you experience the gifts of the spirit you receive the strength to keep moving forward. The stresses of life can derail us, so regular fasting and prayer helps too. Keep pushing forward.

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  3. Vince says:

    I will admit that I have been failing the Lord in finding time to hear His voice. I started to awake (to our religious awful situation) in 2012 as a newly wed. From that time until now I have had 2 kids, switched jobs a couple times (worked 2 jobs for over a year) and will have finished school after this semester. I often feel it foolish to finish school because it takes up so much of my time and mental capacity but it is something important to my wife. I often apologize to the Lord for putting worldly things, such as school, before Him ESPECIALLY knowing what I know (or rather believing). Is there still time for me to learn to hear the Lord’s voice? I often think my wasted efforts will prove too late to know our Lord’s voice and His will for me? Any thoughts?

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  4. That is a great question. If it was next week you would still have time. The Lord knows where we are in this journey and will give you the important lessons you need to develop your spiritual gifts. We can still do school, work, and family, and set aside time to be holy to seek a spiritual union with God. It is not as much the time spent as the quality and intensity of the time or focus we give Him. In ancient days He only asked for one day a week. Plan your holy time and focus on true worship, praise and overcoming the natural man. Read Ether 12. Follow some of the hints in the book and start with yes and no questions, building up from there. He will not leave you comfortless.

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  5. CDK says:

    Were you seeing what Ezdras talked about in the apocrypha? Joseph ask the Lord about the apocrypha and he said it had good information in it.
    Ezdras saw the last president elected then he and several others were killed and the anti christ took over….just curious? That would turn everything upside down….

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  6. I have not studied Ezdras. Ask the Lord for a confirmation of your train of thought. I’m not saying yes or no.

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  7. Karlyn says:

    I’ve received similar instruction for our food. It was actually referred to as our tithing. It’s all from the Lord anyway.

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  8. S.Q. says:

    Will it be very noticeable- whatever is to happen within the church?


  9. A subtle shift from where we are now.

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  10. Eran Eran says:

    What was supposed to happen in 2018? [By 2018 there were some events that occurred in all the areas I listed. As I stated, it is not my role to list these, but to simply suggest people look and pray that they might see. These events have indeed occurred and they are a great precursor to the changes that will alter our society and the world. PR]

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  11. Eran Eran says:

    Clearly the world is on edge of the next world war, and few people have noticed beside myself, according to the empirical data I have collected.


  12. Mike Theman says:

    I am at a loss for words at how quickly the world is deteriorating, especially within the last two years since the beginning of 2020. And now this year we’re dealing with Russia and Ukraine. The absolute corruption throughout the entire US government and world governments. The erosion of rights. The hatred man has for one another. Censorship. The threat of nuclear war and the rumors going around regarding it. The immense natural disasters. What our children are being taught in schools. World War 3 is now a regular topic in mainstream news. Whereas, just a few years ago it was considered a conspiracy theorist’s topic only.

    I don’t see this cooling down.

    Have you asked the Lord about any more upcoming heavenly signs we should be looking for?

    Also, does the blood moon on America’s midterm election night mean anything of significance? [I have not prayed about it, but it likely does. Everything is happening according to the Lord’s timing. PR]

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