The Apostle Paul

The following experience came July 6, 2016

I am learning much this week. I came to the Lord. I was met at the gate to the Throne by an angel after passing through the portal. (Edit) He smiled and said the Lord was waiting for me. I passed the many angels praising and I heard their harmonics. I had an especially good prayer with tongues today and the words flowed very well. It felt holy to me. I felt this way as I heard the harmonic praising.

Everything was so white. The Lord was sitting upon His throne chair (edit). They smiled and I could feel pure joy emanating from them. I kind of looked around for a little while at the throne and again noticed the lion shapes in the chair. It is white and gold somehow mixed together. Behind the tall throne chairs are beautiful symbols. The most prominent symbol I see is high above the throne. It looks like a rose and reminds me of the symbol of the path of Venus. I also noticed the moving shapes, circles and squares and other symbols too. It is amazing and so white.


I said I wanted to learn about Paul the apostle. He is such a great example of a servant of the Lord. The Lord smiled and said, “My servant Paul, I love him.” He took my arm and we descended into the time of Paul.

I saw Saul as a young man, perhaps 16 years old. He had dark hair and a little facial hair. He was very studiously writing something. The Lord said that he was sent to Jerusalem by his family to learn the Pharisaical studies. Saul loved the Lord and felt that he could best show his devotion by defending Judaism from all blasphemers or anyone that would pollute the law.

Saul had a family in Tarsus and was a tent maker by trade. He knew of Jesus of Nazareth but had dismissed him as another kook that claimed to be the Messiah. When the disciples of Christ began to proselyte and have many conversions throughout Judea, Saul was angry and incensed. He joined a brotherhood of Pharisees, much like a vigilante mob, which would hunt down any that were teaching Christ and have them stoned or taken to the High Priest.  Saul saw many killed and beat up in the name of the Law and was determined to destroy Christianity. Despite their efforts they were puzzled at how little they were able to deter the disciples, as they continued to defy their threats and meet, gather, and worship Jesus.

The Lord told me how he came to Paul on his way to meet some Christians he was persecuting in Damascus. Paul felt the glory and power of the Lord and it knocked him to the ground. He was blinded by the light. He did not see the Lord’s face, but heard His voice speak to him. He knew that it was of God and his heart was harrowed up by his sins. From here, as the story goes, he repented and took upon himself to teach repentance in Jesus Christ.

After Saul went to Ananias he was later baptized and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The Lord said that Paul had his Second Comforter and learned some of the basics about the kingdom, but did not ask as many questions as me. Paul’s passion was in spreading the Gospel to the Gentiles. He was obsessed with it and loved to show the Lord his devotion by how much he was willing to suffer in His name. He somehow felt satisfaction for the affliction as some kind of personal redemption for the pain he caused the early Christians he persecuted. Although he knew he was forgiven, it was a part of his path. Paul only referred to himself as Saul among the Jews, but among the rest of the gentiles he used his Roman name Paul. Paul would even count his scars and smile and hope he could receive new ones.

Paul had dark stringy hair, and a dark beard with pepper white hair that went all white as he grew older. He was medium build, and you couldn’t help but love the man. His innocent and energetic demeanor was balanced by his crippled body. He walked with a limp, had only one good eye, was covered with scars from the scourging. The side of his face, where his vision was gone, had a scar and broken look. I didn’t ask, but I imagine it was from a stoning. He spoke in a kind of geeky tone. Sort of like Doc from Back to the Future, but not as deep in tone. He could speak loudly with clarity when he was preaching. Paul’s strength was not just his courage and fortitude, but he was intellectually superior to everyone he came across. He knew the holy written word better than anyone and used it to convince his adversaries. He had great success among the gentiles. He would walk away from any debate with new converts.

I was shown that his marriage was not very good. His wife all but kicked him out of the house when he converted to Christianity. She ran the family business with his children while Paul proselyted. Sometimes Paul would return to his home in Antioch to check on his family.

I saw a few interesting experiences Paul had during his ministry. Once he was chased by a mob of around 300 men determined to kill him. As they were about to catch him he projected himself to a far distance using the sealing power leaving his trackers confused in the dust.

He was once in prison when the prayers and faith of the believers caused the walls of the prison to collapse. Paul was prepared to leave, but felt impressed to stay. When the dust settled, the prison guard was afraid for his life and prayed for deliverance to his God. Paul called out to him and taught him about the one true God and that he had been told to stay for him. The prison guard was converted to Christianity that day.

Paul would often cast out devils and perceive thoughts of others.

I asked the Lord if I could meet Paul and I turned as Paul came to me. He looked glorious and without any deformity as he stood before me. His hair was black and his skin white and smooth. He smiled and had much light around him. He seemed eager to talk with me. He said that he was looking forward to seeing the gathering of Israel which was about to take place. He called it the greatest missionary effort in the history of the world. He mentioned that he had the sealing power, but did not use it to the extent that we would in the coming future events. He said that he works closely with the Dominions, which is the hierarchy of angels that handles the priesthood and particular events which transpire upon the earth.

I thanked the Lord for another wonderful experience learning from him. I saw him learn over to His left again and pick a rose. He tossed the rose to me quickly and I saw it spray out like a burst of light and go into my body. I felt it’s love and beauty. He smiled as if it was some kind of Happy trick. He was so delightful and I thanked Him again.

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4 Responses to The Apostle Paul

  1. mmmmm1234 says:

    I appreciate that you are allowed to share your experiences. I yearn for my own.


  2. thompsonruth says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this. If you feel not to answer these questions that’s okay. Why does Paul have a lesser sealing power? Is it connected to he and his wife not being on the same page? Can you not continue to progress beyond the veil (at the same or similar pace as we have here)? Why hasn’t he attained to more? I love Paul.

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  3. Perhaps “lesser” is the wrong word. He used less of the power of the priesthood that was available. He was not translated in the flesh; that was the main difference. It does not diminish anything that Paul did as a Servant of the Lord.

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  4. To progress in glory requires us to condescend; to give up all things to gain all things. Such a covenant requires divine appointment. Paul’s covenant continues beyond the veil, but he doesn’t need to do anything else to progress within his calling.

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