The Nativity Vision

March 13 2016, Here is a small portion of what I was shown regarding the nativity of Christ. It was during the fall when Jesus was born. For being such a poor and simple place, it was filled with unspeakable joy.

“I saw the very beginning. I was expecting to start at His baptism, for I kind of planned how this would go and what questions I would ask, but He took me right to the beginning. I saw the star, kind of low on the horizon. It was the combining of two stars and was bright and I knew it was the star talked about in scripture.

I then saw the shepherds. These were not just your average sheepherders. These men were dedicated students of prophesy and scripture. They were watching over the flocks when their spiritual eyes were opened and they saw the heavens in its glory. They heard the harmonics and joyful praising of the Angels and were met by Seraphim proclaiming the good news. These shepherd’s joy was indescribable. They hugged each other as they ran over the hills to where the stable was located in a grotto on the side of one of the hills. There were about twelve of them and they were all men, some older.

The baby Jesus was wrapped tightly in cloth and sleeping. His skin was white and pink. Mary was only about 14 years old, which was far younger than I expected. Joseph seemed to be about 35 years old I think. I don’t know for sure how old, and it appeared he was a widower to my understanding. They were very happy as they showed off the newborn child to the shepherds and the shepherds were praising God joyfully as they each took turns looking and congratulating. As they left a couple of them stopped to tell Mary and Joseph how they came to know about the Christ child. These shepherds never forgot what they saw, but kept it to themselves as the Spirit cautioned them.”

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  1. Mike says:

    Any thoughts on March/April (Passover time) for his birth, instead of “in the fall?” April 6th???


  2. I didn’t ask. I only know what I saw. I think it was tied to a holy day, but I don’t know which one.


  3. happymormon says:

    Traditionally, the messianics (jesus-believing jews) connect the spring feasts with the saviors first coming, and the fall feasts with his second coming.
    Jonathan cahn (youtube it) has a lot of things that speaks for a spring setting, not the least of which: that being the time of year lambs are born (christ is God’s sacrificial lamb). Also, for the likely fall feast (succot, tabernacles) all males are required to be in Jerusalem, not out on the fields with their sheep.
    Etcetera ☺️ thank you for sharing your dream/vision. It must have been an extraordinary experience.

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  4. Thank you for sharing. When I was shown the above witness I knew it was contrary to opinions on the subject; I’m just going from what I saw. Here is a friend’s opinion on the birth of Christ that I found interesting as it corresponds to what I have seen:

    Christ is the King of kings and they were anointed at Rosh Hashanah and enthroned at Tabernacles. Many believe He was born at Tabernacles. I propose the Head of the Year, Rosh Hashanah, the civil New Year of the King – for his birth. That is also a good time for His second coming return as the Judge and King. 

    His birth could be in the Spring, but….

    Many lambs were born in the Spring, but some were also born in the fall (the Awassi Lambs).

    John the Baptist was born six months prior to Christ. This is indicated by the time his father Zacharias was working as a priest in one of the 24 courses of temple priests. Nine months later was John’s birth – in the spring. Six months after that is Christ’s birth in the fall. This time of service for his father is one of the primary markers in scripture for Christ’s birth, based first on John’s birth.

    There are also two major signs in the heavens potentially tied to the birth of Christ.

    Heaven sign #1 are the nine major conjunctions occurring between 3 and 2 BC, conjunctions of the King Planet Jupiter and virgin planet Venus. This may be the best evidence for Christ’s conception, and then birth 9 months later in the Fall.

    Heavenly sign #2 is the sign of the birth of the Man-Child birth, which is Rosh Hashanah of 3 BC, but with a slightly different arrangement than appears in the fall of 2017.

    Fall taxation for the Romans was the reason for the return of Mary and Joseph to Jerusalem in the Fall. This too is well documented historically.

    I’m open to truth, however, regardless of whether I am wrong…

    I have watched Jonathan Cahn’s you-tube video before. There is good in it….but it ignores the heavens. I think that is a big mistake.

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  5. Doug says:

    So in regards to the Sheppard keeping it to themselves– how do you reconcile that with the statement in Luke 2:17 that “they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child”? Sorry I’m not trying to be confrontational I just want to understand what you’re saying.


  6. I should have been more specific. I saw two of the twelve shepherds lingering to talk with Mary and Joseph. They shared some info of what they saw and Joseph shared some personal information about where they were from. These two older shepherds kept this to themselves.

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  7. tekoraa says:

    Were Mary and Jospeh married? Or was it more of a relationship where Joseph simply watched over and cared for Mary? I’m just trying to figure out the age difference between them and why they were brought together. [Joseph was a widower when he married Mary. PR]


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