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Misconceptions Regarding Satan

There is a lot of misconceptions about the War in Heaven because of false traditions. Here is a short list with corrections: 1. It happened in the pre-existence. (Yes, but continues now and for eternity. There is no end because … Continue reading

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Two Most Important Words to Open Your Eyes

I asked the Lord what was the single most important advice I could give to someone struggling to open their eyes in the Spirit? There are so many that struggle and I don’t know what to tell them. Everything I … Continue reading

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Vision of Asenath

A vision from August 23, 2016 I then asked about Asenath, the wife of Joseph who was sold into Egypt. For me, this was like watching a beautiful love story. Asenath was the daughter of the Egyptian priest of Heliopolis. The amazing … Continue reading

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Vision of Miriam

We began descending like before into a scene from the past. It was Miriam, the sister of Moses. The Lord said she was born with a grand spirit. She was always fearless and believed in Him from the earliest age. … Continue reading

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Most Important Principles I Learned in 2016

Last year was the most amazing period of my life. I reflected on some of the important things I learned and chose to share these specific principles.   Our spiritual eyes are as real as our physical eyes, but it takes work … Continue reading

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