Vision of Miriam

We began descending like before into a scene from the past. It was Miriam, the sister of Moses. The Lord said she was born with a grand spirit. She was always fearless and believed in Him from the earliest age. She approached her mother with the idea of putting Moses on the Nile to escape the soldiers of Pharaoh. As Moses drifted down the Nile, Miriam, only a little girl, followed the basket as best she could, praying for help. She lost sight of it many times only to see it reappear again. Many angels stood guard around the adrift basket with Moses as crocodiles, snakes, and currents threatened it many times. It was almost amusing to see the Adversary send his culprits only to have them pushed away.

As the medium size brown basket made its way down the river it came to the palace portico of the Egyptians. Moses was found and brought to the Egyptian princess, Bithiah. Miriam stood within site of the princess jumping up and down waving her hands to get her attention. She was brought to her and offered to help find a nursing mother. She was a cute little girl and very bold.

Miriam was very vocal among the Hebrews as she grew older. She was married, had six children and her husband died before Moses returned to free the slaves. She had a strong personality and loved to do right. She had dark hair, gone grey in her later years and was of a medium build. During his absence she had a dream that Moses would return and saw some of the miracles that would lead to their release. She prophesied to the Hebrews only that God would set them free. She said many things about the future of Israel and the destruction of Egypt. Some thought she was crazy.

When Moses returned she was the strongest of advocates amongst the Hebrews to prepare for deliverance and to trust in Moses and God’s word. Many of the people began to believe, though many did reluctantly.

Miriam organized many of the women to pray and praise the Lord to gain His favor. On the shores of the Red Sea she brought together the women to pray and some danced as they led the Israelites across the dry ground when the sea parted. They shouted praises to God and sang His name.

Miriam did not walk with God as Moses, but did hear His voice and see angels. She was visionary and had the gift of prophecy.

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5 Responses to Vision of Miriam

  1. O.B. says:

    Awesome post!


  2. O.B. says:

    How do you decide which of these posts to put online? I’m assuming that the majority of these have already been recorded in your personal journal. You mentioned in your book that you are with the Lord around 2-3 times per week, so you must have seen a tremendous amount. Thanks again, as always!


  3. In this case it was a request of one of the followers of this post. The most remarkable story of all the women, in my opinion, that I have seen is Asenath, the wife of Joseph of Egypt. I am waiting for the Lord to show me what I should either put in the book or release here. These people were so inspiring to me.

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  4. Sally says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this post about Miriam! It just puts a big smile on my face, reading about her as a young child and her boldness. I learned a lot, thank you. I really hope you have permission to share about Asenath real soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Myrsmakeup says:

    As I was prompted to RE-read this post, there was a name that jumped off this page and literally brought me to tears…. BITHIAH. Just absolutely shook me when I realized who she was.. I have never heard of her NAME however her very presence is undeniable. Can’t wait to meet her someday:)

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