Vision of Asenath

A vision from August 23, 2016

I then asked about Asenath, the wife of Joseph who was sold into Egypt. For me, this was like watching a beautiful love story. Asenath was the daughter of the Egyptian priest of Heliopolis. The amazing part of the story is the Lord’s mercy in bringing her to Joseph when the time was right.

Pharaoh greatly loved Joseph for his devotion and integrity. He wanted to reward Joseph for how he saved the Kingdom of Egypt and was loyal to Pharaoh. Pharaoh instructed Joseph to take a bride from the most beautiful maidens in all of Egypt. Joseph was hesitant. Who would be worthy to wed if they were an idol worshiper?

The daughter of Potepherah was a unique beauty in the land. She was one of which had been titled a rare jewel of the Nile, by the people for her beauty. Her hair was very long and chestnut brown. (Very uncommon) The Lord told me that she was the adopted daughter of the priest. She was the daughter of Dinah, the older sister of Joseph, who was given to the Amonites after her birth. She was the daughter of Shechum who was killed by the Hebrews. Somehow she was given to Potepherah and his wife to raise as their own. The Lord knew how this story would end.

To make this more interesting, Pharoah had three sons who would claim leadership in the Throne. The oldest had a crush on Asenath and wrote sonnets of love for her. In his heart he planned to marry her.

When the word that Joseph was seeking a wife began to spread Aseneth hoped in her heart that he would choose her, but she felt unworthy. An angel appeared to her and poured honey over her head and called her blessed. She was told she would be Joseph’s bride and that the God of the Hebrews had a hand in her life.

Her father Potepherah had a similar dream regarding Aseneth and gave her his blessing when she came to tell him. Aseneth felt unworthy and wondered how Joseph would possibly want to marry her, a daughter of an Egyptian priest?

Aseneth fell into a deep sleep during the day and while she slept she was covered in bees that did not hurt her. The staff of the house was afraid and thought she had been cursed and perhaps it was caused by the God’s of Pharaoh. When Potepherah arrived the bees were gone and Aseneth was covered in honey. The only place she was stung was once on the top and lower lip of her mouth.

Joseph had a dream where he saw a large golden bee land on the top of his staff. The bee turned into a large blooming red rose. He heard of the miracle of Asenath and they talked with her about her past, her conversion with the angel, and the miracle of the bees. The Lord said that the bees were a symbol of His anointing of her as the mother of many nations and an elect woman of God. She was in the image of Sarah, the wife of Abraham. Both Asenath and Joseph were 4th estate beings and bonded in love to each other.

When Asenath gave birth to the twins, Ephraim and Manasseh, Ephraim had red brown hair, and Manasseh, dark black brown hair. By her loins would the earth be blessed in spreading the Gospel like the bees spread out to gather pollen and bring it back to the hive.

The son of Pharaoh was embarrassed by the unexpected marriage of Asenath and Joseph. His distaste for the Hebrews was passed to his sons and the anti-Hebrew sentiments eventually led to the enslavement of their posterity. Joseph and Asenath retired after the old Pharaoh died and his son took over. Joseph and Asenath lived quietly until their deaths. Joseph spent his later years writing his witness of God and blessing his family.

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12 Responses to Vision of Asenath

  1. Stephanie says:

    When you say that Joseph and Asenath were 4th estate beings, do you mean they came to earth that way already, having attained it in another life? Or they became translated in their life together?


  2. sally says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful love story. Also interesting to find out about Pharaoh’s sons.


  3. O.B. says:

    Another really amazing post! This sounds very similar to the apocryphal account “Joseph and Aseneth.” Are there any specific differences between your experience and the apocryphal writing that you noticed?

    Thanks as always!

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  4. It means they were anointed to perform a mission before coming to this earth because of previous sacrifices.

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  5. I haven’t studied any other account. It would be interesting to compare.

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  6. Starscream says:

    Hi Pure Revelations

    I am a black man from South Africa. An lds member aswell. I am very thankful to the Lord that you have had these experiences and has permitted you to share, your posts strenghten me much.
    As you would correctly guess, I know all about the blacks and the priesthood history, brigham young and other lds leaders teaching about blacks and the priesthood etc. You would be surprised to know there are many black lds peole who are ignorant of that part of history.
    Anyways let me just cut to the chase. You have now posted that you have recieved visions of the Miriam and Asenath in egypt. I have seen many documentaries and articles stating that the egyptians and ancient hebrews were dark skinned, with evidence that is both physical (wall art engravings in egypt) and scriptural. You have described the people you saw but only went as far as describing their hair, height, etc, but not their complexion. My question for you is, were the egyptians dark skinned in your vision? Were the hebrews dark skinned in your vision? I’d love to know.

    Thanks in advance.

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  7. That is a good question, and I could see it would have relevance to one living in that part of the world. First of all, there is no “seed of cain” relation to those with black skin, as has been the pervasive theory among Protestant Christians and even early Mormons. Black people are as much open to receiving the covenants of God as any other. They are counted among the gentiles, as are most other races. The “seed of Cain,” as I was shown, were all killed during the flood. These were among the Nephilim race.

    As to your question regarding Egypt. The race, or color of skin among the Egyptians has shifted at times as new groups took power. Those I saw during the period of the Hebrews in Egypt had olive skin, but not black. The Hebrews were white and stood out from them that way.

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  8. O.B. says:

    I know that you spoke of her in your book. Have you had the opportunity to learn more about Mary Magdalene?


  9. Yes, I will share what I can in future posts. A remarkable woman.

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  10. Sally Gilbert says:

    I was so excited to read about your description of Aseneth, because I was shown much concerning her as well. And you are right about her from what I know. I know why she was put where she was put and the obvious reason why it had to be.


  11. I’ve been reading rough stone rolling and have been very interested in how visions work, how do visions work for you? Do you close your eyes then see it like a dream? Do they appear in front of you?


  12. I would suggest reading the book on my site, “How to Open Your Spiritual Eyes.” Here I answer those kind of questions in detail.

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