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The Name of YHWH

The name of God has gone through much change┬ásince it was first recorded in the days of Moses. Rabbis will tell you it is pronounced Yahweh, but the early Hebrews changed the scripture to read Adonai, or Lord, out of … Continue reading

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Updates to the Book

I will be adding additional footnotes and new information to the new book, “A Witness of the Life of Christ,” as needed. This morning I added some clarifying footnotes along with a short section about Judas I forgot to include … Continue reading

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The New Book – A Witness of the Life of Christ

Yesterday I posted the free download of the new book, “A Witness of the Life of Christ,” on my homepage. The book is short, only about 70 pages, and is straight from my journal entries with little editing. I compiled … Continue reading

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Levitical Priesthood

I received the following from the Lord on December 29, 2016: My first question was regarding the Levites. The Lord said that there is both a physical and spiritual significance to the prophesy that the Levites would, before His coming, … Continue reading

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The Nephilim

A recent conversation regarding the Nephilim and races of men: The Nephilim were the offspring of sons of perdition, those who were pure Adamic blood that mixed with the daughters of the seed of men. Their children were inhabited by … Continue reading

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