The New Book – A Witness of the Life of Christ

Yesterday I posted the free download of the new book, “A Witness of the Life of Christ,” on my homepage.

The book is short, only about 70 pages, and is straight from my journal entries with little editing. I compiled it in a way that would show the flow of the events.

There is much information that will be new to many. Some details may contradict your personal beliefs; I know a few of my bubbles have been smashed to smithereens in this process. But, I am eternally grateful for the knowledge the Lord has allowed me to receive.

I plan to release more small books like this that cover other aspects of Kingdom of Heaven over the next year. If you have any questions about the content of the recent book you can post them here and I will try and answer.

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16 Responses to The New Book – A Witness of the Life of Christ

  1. OB says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. I read through it all last night and loved every second of it. Our Lord is truly amazing.

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  2. JB says:

    What a blessing! Beautiful increased insight from one (Christ) whom I want to be more one with. He is made so much more approachable with these new amazing insights!

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  3. Star-scream says:

    I have just finished reading it, and I have to say that this has helped me a great deal! The Lord instructs you to share what you can because of this very reason: People such as myself having a greater and deeper desire to seek the Lord themselves and come unto Him and experience the same as you have. I thank the Lord for it. Thank you for your diligence. This helps tremendously.
    Because of this book, the Savior has become an approachable Being to me. From what you describe, the Saviours life was a life of epic beauty, it brought me to tears at times. The message resonates with me.

    Again, thank you.
    (All the way from South Africa)

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  4. Bicki says:

    Thank you so much for your labor and love in producing this small volume. It is beautiful in making Yeshua more real and alive. My heart is filled with joy from reading it. I spent yesterday reading and savoring the words and story of Jesus’s life that you have shared. Thank you.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    So beautiful. I wept over my love and gratitude for our Savior as you shared such intimate details. He seems so much more approachable now. Plus I was given so much hope in the similarities of my journey with the spirit, and Christ’s journey as he discovered who he was and rose to all the father commanded.

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  6. Jeffrey says:

    What is the “T” mark reference? Thanks!


  7. I believe it is the Tau mark. It is a sign of His glory. It is also placed upon the forehead of His servants when they are sealed up.

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  8. Nate, hey says:

    Thank you for sharing His life! It was very helpful. Some incongruity confuses me about the Atonement on page 52, you wrote – “I asked the Lord when He said, “God, why hast thou forsake me? or “Where art thou?” He said it was all as I was shown. I think some of what I wrote conflicts with how it is written in the Bible, but not much. If anyone reads this, they will need to compare and decide for themselves.”

    Later in the book, during the Atonement, He said “Father, why hast thou forsaken me”. Why did He tell you it was all as you were shown?


  9. Both in the Garden and on the cross there was a moment where He asked where the Father was. In both cases it was like saying, “Father, where did you go?” He didn’t feel forsaken, but perhaps bewildered by the confusion of the moment. This is the best way I can describe my understanding of what I saw and witnessed.

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  10. I shared my own personal witness, I asked the Lord to His face and saw the event and was instructed to share. My only advice is to ask the Lord to help you see for yourself.

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  11. Terrell Kukla says:

    Loved your book. Please keep me posted on future books you write? Would love to read them all.
    Thank you !


  12. I am glad. If you click to follow the blog you will receive the update to the new books.


  13. DC says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful book. I keep going back to it. I has made my partaking of the Sacrament so much richer.
    On page 54 of this book, you wrote “he felt their pain and anguish for everything. He said to me that he personally felt each person’s sorrow and pain in spirit, those who would repent, both in the past and the present and the future, who were the sons and daughters of Father.
    you asked “..if it is for everyone who ever lived and infinite; He said it was only those who would repent.”
    Does this mean he did not suffer for those who would not repent, or for those who are not sons and daughters of (this) Father? And what about the belief that the Savior suffered for those on other earths?
    Thank you for whatever you are able to answer.


  14. I can say He suffered for only those who would repent and come to Him. The gift is offered to all.


  15. Nathan Wilder says:

    Hi PR, I was reading through this book again. I absolutely love it and have probably read it five times. I did have a question, in your account you witnessed Jesus embrace Mary when appearing to her outside of the tomb after his resurrection. In the Bible, (John 20:17) Jesus says to Mary, “Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.”

    Have you seen any more of this and why he told her to not touch him? Thanks for all of your writings. [What I saw is that the Lord said in a very loving manner to Mary, “You must release me now that I may go to my Father.” I don’t know if it is a translation error, or what; but that is what I saw and heard. PR]

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  16. Nathan Wilder says:

    Thank you for answering that question! When I first read this book a few years ago I felt so much light and joy! The closet description I’ve found to what I felt was Alma describing his joy in Alma 29:16: “Now, when I think of the success of these my brethren my soul is carried away, even to the separation of it from the body, as it were, so great is my joy.”

    The Spirit was so strong when I read this book that for the rest of that evening and the next few days I felt incredible joy and peace and wanted to shout hallelujah. Our Lord is so amazing! I so hope that I will be able to meet him one day and fall at his feet. That will be a truly glorious event! Thank you PR for pointing out the path and helping me to begin the process of casting off my unbelief.


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