Updates to the Book

I will be adding additional footnotes and new information to the new book, “A Witness of the Life of Christ,” as needed. This morning I added some clarifying footnotes along with a short section about Judas I forgot to include from my journal. These new additions can be seen on the following pages:

Page 9, footnote 2

Page 21, footnote 3

Page 24, footnote 5

Page 69, paragraph regarding Judas

For those who have not yet read the book, it is simply my witness or description of what I saw of the life of Christ. It does not replace scripture, but offers details and understanding of His life that are not commonly known. The purpose is to help the reader experience the Lord as I did, vicariously, to know His love, and thereby have the faith to come to Him yourself. I know He lives and desires YOU to experience the same.

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7 Responses to Updates to the Book

  1. Anonymous says:

    If the Lord forgave Judas like that I have so much hope. Ive only run into one thing that has bugged me like crazy. You described how only millions were saved by the atonement but not into the billions. This just makes the atonement seem so limited. With billions of professed christians throughout history why did the atonement help so few? Why is it so selective on who’s sins are actually paid for and who’s arent?

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  2. Anonymous says:

    When you say that only millions were saved or paid for by the atonement I just want to underwtand this better. How can we do enough to participate in the atonement? What happens to faithful beleivers in Christ who just dont make the cut to have the atonement be for them?

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  3. Those who desire to come to Him will find Him. I don’t know if its tens of millions or hundreds of millions, but the gate is narrow and there are few who find it. In order to receive the blessings of the atonement one must receive the baptism of fire and gift of the Holy Ghost. All who come to Him will receive if their hearts are pure.

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  4. Most of humanity will stay in the cycle of telestial until thy choose to ascend or descend. I don’t know if it is tens of millions or hundreds of millions that will partake of Jesus atonement. The gift is freely given, but few truly know Him. We self select, it is not a pick and choose atonement. When we fully submit our hearts to Him (broken heart / contrite spirit) we are ready to be born again in Christ. If this is the desire of your heart it will happen.

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  5. JB says:

    My father died when I was 29 of a heart attack. My mother divorced him when I was 9. My twin sis and I are the youngest of 9. My Dad was not a very good man. I saw so much raw hurt emotion from siblings at the time of his death. Despite being a very absentee father my whole life and cruel to my oldest siblings and mother during the 26 years of marriage to my mom– he loved and strived to follow Jesus as he understood what that meant. When he was a boy he suffered a severe head injury on the frontal lobal / personality part of brain. He made it clear through out his life that he wanted to be a knight for Christ.
    Sadly his actions made his armor seem quit rusty and ineffective. The night before his funeral preparing a talk with a poor wayfaring man of grief song playing in the back ground and having just read the scripture where it states that Christ has come with healing in his wings for those that fear / believe him –I felt the spirit enter the crown of my head and surge through out my body and received a very brief vision of my father being embraced by a being of brilliant light/ Glory who I knew was Christ. Since that day I have taken great comfort knowing how profound his mercy is.

    P.R., I thought of this experience I had when I read about the mercy you saw Christ give Judas. How beautiful is the Savior we worship!

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  6. mmmmm1234 says:

    Thank you JB! I plan to use your story in a talk on Sunday. It’s so beautiful.


  7. FireWalk.7 says:

    Did the Lord know that Judas would betray Him when he was chosen as an apostle? [I don’t know. PR]


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