New Addition to the Book

The Lord showed me something new from His life which I added to the text of the book, “A Witness of the Life of Christ.” I was shown some of the details regarding the young rich man, which is written about in Matthew 19:16-26.

Page 30 of the book has the new edit.


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3 Responses to New Addition to the Book

  1. Sarah says:



  2. JB says:

    That was my favorite talk in conference. Elder Palmer, cast a gracious light on the “rich young ruler and beautiful insight into Christ. I was lead to feel and believe and hope through the talk yesterday for the very things Christ showed you about this fine young lad. Thanks for sharing! And thank you Jesus for the love you so freely give…

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  3. C says:

    This is the same Matthias who replaced Judas as an apostle, yes?

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