How Do I Discern Other’s Experiences?

I asked the Lord why some of the people I know see different in the spirit. The Lord reminded me of some of my early experiences when I was not fully awakened, where He appeared different than He does now. Our mind builds a framework, or visionary place for us before we actually go to Him. It prepares us for a full experience. It is nothing to be concerned about when I hear of people seeing different things. What is a concern, is when it is not consistent with God’s laws. The Lord told me to always consider the fruit. How do you feel around them? Are they edifying others, or are they setting themselves up as a light and creating confusion or contention? This is how I can see. But it is always good to seek, by revelation, a final confirmation. There have been times where I was wrong about people.

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10 Responses to How Do I Discern Other’s Experiences?

  1. Marsha says:

    It is interesting that you just posted this thought, as this morning we were driving along the mountains and as we were driving the thought came forcefully to me that just as we see the mountain range differently from the different points along the drive, so to do we see things differently along our spiritual journey. And depending upon where we are on the path, is what we see as what is real, then we move further along the path and we see things differently, the mountain can even take on a different shape — casting its shadows, etc. It is constantly changing. The mountain, which represents that which is pure, holy, and true, is always the same, but we perceive differences in the mountain, its’ crags and vales, rivers and falls, etc. depending upon where we are on the path.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this post dear brother, I know I am not the only one with these questions


  3. The First Vision of Joseph Smith Jr was unpacked and repacked until he died with as many as 7 versions. Horrors? I don’t think so. Those who insist on seeing out-of-spirit will insist on it being a visionary experience like a drive-in movie or a seminary video.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello! Which one of your new books will be next? The book on the adversary or the book, “A witness of the end of times.”? I look forward to both.


  5. Those are a combined volume called A Witness of the End of Times, but the next one I hope to release in about a month is called A Witness of the Temporal Dispensations.

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  6. S.S. says:

    There is a man in a local leadership position who testifies that he has been a witness of Christ. However this man’s fruits are force, unrighteous dominion and he often puts difficult demands on the saints under him, such as suddenly releasing entire stake YW presidencies mere days before Girl’s Camp (two years in a row) which create utter chaos but he insists it was done by the Lord.

    I need further help understanding. How is it that one could claim to be a witness of Christ – and be convincing because I have heard the story of his prayer and that he saw something on multiple occasions directly from his own mouth – and yet such a person can have none of the fruit? Can Satan appear as Christ?


  7. By their fruit. Satan has appeared to some announcing himself as the Christ. It is not difficult to discern the difference, unless one’s heart is unclean. Jesus is about love, patience, our repentance, etc.

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  8. Emma says:

    Wow! I just love how you handled that question . This morning I was pondering about the languages , and I asked a couples questions to my self .

    A. What kind of language do you speak there with The Lord and Angles ? Is there a specific language ?


  9. There are no language barriers as all communication, at least what I’ve seen in that realm, is in the mind. Besides what we refer to as the Adamic language, the only vocal expression I have witnessed is praying in tongues, which was more like harmonic singing. It’s interesting sometimes,the words are very beautiful how they are communicated with power and simplicity. Not just words, but images are conveyed as well, the meaning behind every thought is precise. I have heard on rare occasion the Adamic language spoken between the Lord and another.

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  10. Karla Mennig says:

    I just heard a post cast by someone that has had a NDE and saw many things in the spiritual realm, but on this last pod cast this person said to not seek the Second Comforter, and other things, I was kind of disappointed, but don’t put your trust on the arm of men.

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