Difference Between Baptism of Fire / Holy Ghost / Second Comforter

I have collected some specific information to add clarity to often confused subjects. These are very basic descriptions and will likely break open paradigms and lead to more questions, but it is what I have been shown. Seek your own revelation and confirmation.

The Baptism of Fire prepares us to enter the Lord’s presence and cleanses our spirit of sin.

The Holy Ghost is a gift given when we are proved worthy, having demonstrated a “broken heart and contrite spirit” to the Lord. At that moment our spirits are quickened and additional light and glory is placed upon us, and we are made holy.

The Holy Spirit is God’s influence and power in your life. Through it we receive revelation and other spiritual manifestations to prepare us to become holy and to be servants of the Lord.

To have your lamp filled with oil is to be among those who have received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. When Christ comes only those who are exalted can participate in the wedding feast.

Gift of the Holy Ghost = Calling and Election = Church of the Firstborn = Salvation in Christ = Son or Daughter of God = Born Again = Third Estate = Eternal Life

Second Comforter = Calling and Election Made Sure = More Sure Word of Prophecy = Fullness of the Gospel = Testimony of Jesus

4th Estate = Just Men and Women Made Perfect = Called & Chosen = Servants of the Lord = 144 Thousand = Saviors on Mount Zion

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51 Responses to Difference Between Baptism of Fire / Holy Ghost / Second Comforter

  1. I’m afraid I go too far sometimes with people. The new book coming is being edited, much being removed, as some information may be hard to swallow for some readers.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t edit your books my dear friend! If people are afraid they will shy away from it but please do not punish the rest of us!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Why does the Lord allow for individuals to have their baptism of fire but not receive the gift of the Holy Ghost? Or, how can we know we have received the gift of the Holy Ghost after receiving the baptism of fire?

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  4. OB says:

    That’s too bad, but I can understand why you need to hold back. I’ve really enjoyed the books released thus far. I haven’t necessarily received a witness yet of everything that you’ve shared, but I appreciate your perspective and understanding about a lot of these difficult topics.

    This blog gives me a lot to think about, study about, and pray about. I feel like it challenges and invites me to think more deeply about my own beliefs and understandings.

    Also, this blog is a great place to actually consider some of the more deep and complex aspects of the Gospel. I feel like Church and Sunday School is normally too public a setting to talk about some of these things. That’s fine because everyone is at their own stage, but I like being able to learn and discuss some of these deeper things too.

    Thanks for all you’ve shared with us so far.

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  5. That is kind of you, but I only edit when I’m supposed to. Sometimes I’m told to leave parts I didn’t want to, but was told to leave anyway.

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  6. When Joseph had his first vision he experienced the baptism of fire but not the Gift of the HG. Baptism of fire comes every time you are in Lord’s presence. Gift of HG comes only once.

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  7. Emma says:

    Wow! I am so grateful for every knowledge that i do receive from from here . Now those things makes sense to me . I love deep knowledge !
    Can you please expound D&C 84 : 41 for me , am been pondering deep about it , especially the part that says there will be no forgiveness either in life nor in heaven ? Drop some deep light on it for me ? Are they talking about Aaronic or Melcedek or Partical Priesthood ? I hope it makes sense


  8. The oath and covenant are received by 4th estate beings. It can only be rejected by denying the Holy Ghost and shedding the blood of an exalted son or daughter of God. To such, they earn a ticket to hell. But understand, perdition do not accidentally fall. It is a carefully premeditated move to acquire their own dominion and happens rarely amongst the chosen vessels of the Lord. This is usually level of Melchizedek.

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  9. mmmmm1234 says:

    Would you say that being “born again” = baptism of fire? Or did Alma go straight to the Gift of the Holy Ghost? (apologies if I’m confusing terms)

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  10. Jeff says:

    So by this does it mean that if the Lord tells you are chosen that you are 4th estate?
    Are some born at a higher estate from a prior exaltation or do we all “start over” each time?
    At what estate is the sealing power given? Would that be the Patriarchal or Holy Order?

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  11. You can be bathed in fire and not be given the gift, but you cannot be given the gift without being bathed in glory / fire. Born again is the same as the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

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  12. That would depend on how the word is used; chosen or Chosen. I am not supposed to go into those particular mysteries. The Lord allows me to say up to a certain point and then you are able to go to Him to learn the rest. Much of these answers will help you to know who you are and the Lord’s mission for you.

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  13. Emma says:

    Wow! Thanks for that outstanding explanation dear friend !!
    I just love how you explained it ! So , does it mean that most of the saints are still on the process of receiving the Oath and covenant of the priesthood ?

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  14. Chris says:

    I have long felt/hoped that there will be a thinning of the veil at some point in time, after the world goes into turmoil. Can we hope for a future “Day/period of Pentecost” type of occurrence? As darkness increases, will there be a recompensatory outpouring of the Holy Spirit, with a resulting increase in those who receive the Gift?

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  15. That is a good way to describe it.

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  16. Alex says:

    You said 4th estate beings who reject the Oath are perdition. But can anyone join their ranks of darkness such as the telestial races? Are there perdition who can and can’t repent?


  17. It is impossible to become perdition unless you have been exalted and stood in the Lord’s presence. Telestial beings can receive a baptism of darkness and follow Satan to Hell, but they cannot qualify for the same level of dominion as a son of perdition. They probably wish they could.

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  18. Alex says:

    Because they don’t qualify for the same level of dominion (including those that follow telestial gods you talked about in Heavenly Realm), does this mean they can repent? Thanks for your time brother, keep up the great work!


  19. They can repent unless they choose dammation. Otherwise they remain guiltless because they are without the law. The atonement is eternal and God always has the covenant available, and so does Satan.

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  20. Some dude says:

    Sorry that this isnt related to this post, but a question on the sacrament: wine or water or does it matter? Thx


  21. Wine is preferable to have the full power of the emblem, but water or juice will not negate the prayer. By taking the Sacrament we make ourselves holy and prepare to receive a fullness of the everlasting covenant.

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  22. mmmmm1234 says:

    Once one receives the Gift of the Holy Ghost, is it possible for its power to fade or for one to only partially receive it? If either of those scenarios are true, does one need to seek again to be Born Again, or to obtain a more full experience?

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  23. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is like a resurrection of the spirit. It does not fade away or need to be done again. But, we can become distracted or unclean through sin and be subject to the buffeting of Satan. They can repent, ask the Lord for forgiveness, and move forward again. Typically what happens is the person, having received the Holy Ghost, has an increased desire to come to the Lord. If they continue on this path they are led to have their calling and election made sure.

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  24. Anonymous says:

    If thats the case, someone who has received the gift of the holy ghost but who have fallen into sin are still redeemed? Is that correct?


  25. Alex says:

    I have two other questions, thanks

    Q1- How do Sons and Daughters of Perdition repent?

    Q2- Should we have Charity and forgiveness for the adversary? Especially since they may repent… right? Perfect love casteth out all fear.


  26. Q1- How do Sons and Daughters of Perdition repent? Repentance is turning your whole heart and soul to Jesus Christ. Perdition are those who have made covenant with Satan. They are his sons and daughters and he lays claim upon them. If they choose to abandon that covenant they can only start again from their first estate. It rarely happens because they chose to follow Satan with great effort and purpose. My new book coming this year, A Witness of the End of Times, touches on this more.

    Q2- Should we have Charity and forgiveness for the adversary? Especially since they may repent… right? Perfect love casteth out all fear. —The perfect love this refers to is love for the Father, that is what casts out all fear. Fear is one of the only weapons the adversary can wield against a son or daughter of God. We are required to forgive all, and charity is to know the Lord’s will and be one with Him as He is with the Father, thereby we partake of the pure love of Christ. We are not expected to walk lovingly around the adversary, but to do exactly as we are commanded of the Lord. Sometimes this is to act patiently, and sometimes to seal up to the eternal prison. All things are done in order and propriety. I have written much on the adversary in the sections of Adversary in the categories of this blog.

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  27. Alex says:

    Sorry for cluttering your page with questions… does starting from the first estate mean they die the second death? (return to Intelligence)


  28. Anonymous says:

    Do familiar spirits speak to you in your mind / hear your thoughts?


  29. Sure, as do they to many. The challenge is to detect them. Even the Savior heard them constantly. Revelation from the Lord is pure intelligence without hesitation, confusion, or fear. Familiar spirits always flub it up. They are usually negative, accusatory, and demanding. Often they start their temptation with a few obvious directions that are good then throw in a twist. As you grow in light it gets more challenging for them. Believe me, they are more frustrated than the servants of the Lord when it gets to a certain point, because they’ve run out of tricks.

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  30. Anonymous says:

    In your first book when you’re describing your “training camp” you said “We learned to discern the difference between the voice of the Lord and the voice of familiar spirits.” Which you describe as “a spirit that appears or sounds good to you, but has ill intent.”
    Q: if it sounds good to me, how can I discern its intent? Can you give us an example of a simple, typical way a familiar spirit plays with our thoughts on any given day?
    Q: Can they imitate the feeling of the spirit? Like if I’m in prayer and feeling what I believe is a “yes” from the Lord, could it just be them fooling me through imitation?
    Q: do they bring their own distinct feeling to your heart? Or is there no feeling?

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  31. Examples of what a familiar spirit might say: “You are not worthy, who do you think you are to attempt to have your second comforter? These things take years. You got issues. Just focus on charity. Everything works out later. There is no way you can do this. Not worth the time. You have too many other things. You are neglecting your family! Your Bishop hasn’t even done that and he’s more righteous than you. You are too sleepy to do that now. You need to wait a few weeks till things calm down.” There is no end to what these familiar spirits will put into your thoughts.

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  32. Feelings can be deceptive. We can be feeling love or peace and at the same time have a thought come zinging in from the adversary. If warm thoughts were a sure indicator Little House on the Prairie would be better than reading scripture. Focus on the subtle pure thoughts, pur intelligence which enlarges the soul.

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  33. mmmmm1234 says:

    Can familiar spirits or the adversary imitate the burning in the bosom? I’ve always wondered about this… but it’s been a difficult question to even bring up, because many people never feel the burning. I’ve felt it at various times throughout my life, but sometimes it’s part of an illuminating moment (pure intelligence), and other times it just feels comforting and I’m not sure why its happening (although I’m always grateful).

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  34. Many confuse that term. It is not emotional swellings in the chest. More like a deep spiritual fire that is accompanied by clear knowledge of truth.

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  35. mmmmm1234 says:

    I’m not talking about emotion (although emotions naturally follow). I’m talking about a burning that feels has a physical quality to it. I’ve always wondered if familiar spirits or the adversary can imitate that physical sensation?

    “And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?”

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  36. That is hard to answer without knowing the circumstance, but I know that the baptism of fire often feels like this. Baptism of fire can occur many times in one’s life. Usually it is when we are in the presence of God spiritually. I have personally never felt the adversary able to duplicate that.

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  37. JB says:

    5M’s1234, thank you for your questions and thank you P.R. for your answers. I have wondered the same.

    The heart truly manifests many things in relation to Father and his will being known etc. I love this scripture:

    1Nephi 11
    20 And I looked and beheld the virgin again, bearing a child in her arms.
    21 And the angel said unto me: Behold the Lamb of God, yea, even the Son of the Eternal Father! Knowest thou the meaning of the tree which thy father saw?
    22 And I answered him, saying: Yea, it is the love of God, which sheddeth itself abroad in the hearts of the children of men; wherefore, it is the most desirable above all things.
    23 And he spake unto me, saying: Yea, and the most joyous to the soul.

    The Love of God when it sheds it self abroad in my heart is different than the fire, though both are beautiful love.

    When I feel the Love Of God in my heart it litteraly swells / sheds it self abroad. It makes me feel so whole and confident etc before the Lord. Is it any wonder it is the most desirable and joyus to ones soul to have it 🙂 and that we should pray with all the energy of our soul for it.

    🙂 ….48 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen.

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  38. To mmmmm 1234 says:

    Yes false spirits can imitate the burning in the bosom with energy manipulation, I have seen this and felt spirit’s trying to imitate this with me… but it’s only a deception to those who haven’t known the Spirit of God more intimately. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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  39. Seeker says:

    Thank you for discussing the 3rd and 4th estate levels. Is there another place where you go into more detail? I have read your books but I can’t find anything; perhaps I missed it. I’m hoping to understand all the different estates that you discuss.


  40. Justin Wentzell says:

    I wonder if you would elaborate more on what a person can expect to experience after receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. I realized in trying to make “the thing I desire most” the gift of the Holy Ghost, I struggled in the attempt because it’s still an unclear concept to me. Could you paint a fuller picture of the difference between having and not having it, or any other relevant things a person who knows he must receive it but has trouble visualizing the outcome would benefit from knowing?

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  41. That is a good question, Justin. Before I received the event I wasn’t really sure myself. After it came I can’t say that the days and months following felt any different physically. What I noticed was that the Lord began to instruct me via personal revelation to do specific things to prepare for something I didn’t know what. He was preparing me for my Second Comforter. In retrospect, it was consistent with 3 Nephi 11 and 12 where the Lord teaches them about repentance, baptism, and Holy Ghost, and then the Beatitudes was given. This is a powerful sermon which in a veiled sort of way prepares the person for the Second Comforter. In the links on the title bar of my Blog, “Our Temporal Progression,” there is some specific information regarding the Holy Ghost which is helpful.

    Spiritually, you are changed considerably. But this is not evident unless you are permitted to see yourself as you really are. It is required to stand in the presence of God.

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  42. Karla says:

    Is there a difference between being sanctified and receiving the HG?

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  43. To be sanctified is to be made holy. This comes from the baptism of fire and the reception of the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

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  44. Justin Wentzell says:

    Thank you!


  45. Myrsmakeup says:

    As always, thank you for allowing us to feast upon your personal revelations. It has prepared my own life in a way I never imagined. I have been pondering something regarding “remembering who we were.” This may be deep but when we are given our own slice of heavenly revelation, and a literal NAME is given to us , is that in direct correlation with our possible lineage? I had to truly search the meaning of a word given to me which revealed a person/name which utterly brought me the most peace and clarity I have ever witnessed. Sorry, if this is long. Just incredibly overwhelmed with the mercies of the Savior and others through the veil.


  46. Mike Ross says:

    [Examples of what a familiar spirit might say: “You are not worthy, who do you think you are to attempt to have your second comforter? These things take years. You got issues. Just focus on charity.]

    Very helpful. I’ve had these and have been led to cast them out effectively. My question:

    As one progresses closer to the Lord is there an order of increasing magnitude of stronger or louder or more convincing familiar spirits that come into a person’s life?

    If so, will the Lord show me how to clear them or does the arm to the square still work? [The closer one becomes to the Lord the more crafty and subtle will be the spirits that work on them. But, also the more difficult will be the task of these dark spirits because your ability to discern increases. The Lord will teach you by revelation. The arm to the square may not work most of the time. PR]

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  47. daniel Dylan says:

    Your comment above to Mike Ross….[“ The arm to the square may not work most of the time.” . PR] Can you give us some of the ways you use to get rid of those spirits that will not leave when you raise your arm. I have asked for angels to come down and assist, Do you have other methods you use that you can share with me? [You can read the chapter in the book “How to Have Your Second Comforter” that talks about the Adversary. Also, this link may be helpful: https://purerevelations.wordpress.com/2015/02/01/casting-out-evil-spirits PR]

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  48. Darren Cluff says:

    How does a person who wants to be a son of perdition get into the presence of God? Is there a way that evil teach each other how to get there? To live the predicated law to enter God’s presence? [To be a son of perdition they must first have attained to the 4th estate. A son of perdition must first be a chosen vessel of righteousness. This is why there can be no forgiveness to “deny the Holy Ghost” in this manner. Their’s is a calculated move from before the foundation of the world. Their oaths are made to darkness before birth, and they are prepared from the time they come into this world to consummate this objective. No person accidentally becomes a son or daughter of perdition. PR]

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