New Additions to the “End of Times” Book

There are additional portions added to “Witness of the End of Times.”

Go to pages 17-19, 73-75, 96-97, 99, 102

End of Times, 12-16-17

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26 Responses to New Additions to the “End of Times” Book

  1. O.B. says:

    Welcome back, I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for the early gifts of these updates!


  2. S.Q. says:

    Are you able to say if it’s President Trump who is the president you see with the rooster walking away and then his death by “natural causes”? It would fit the Ezra’s Eagle prophecy.


  3. I am not allowed to answer that. The book is purposefully vague at times. This requires you to ask the Lord to connect the dots.

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  4. Bbrent says:

    Thank you for the new clarifications! So grateful for your gift and to be hearing from you again!
    I was wondering if Zion will be established before or after Adam Ondi Ahman or 7th seal opens? Which occurs first?


  5. Zion is established after the seventh seal is opened.

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  6. Paul lee says:

    Welcome back after a long time. I am eternally grateful for all the new additions. Merry Christmas you and the family:-)


  7. Jake says:

    Will the US population be aware of Satan’s appearance in the middle east and elsewhere?


  8. JB says:

    For those in Zion who don’t partake in the first resurrection, what is the second resurrection?

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  9. To eventually receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost after Christ comes in His glory.


  10. JB says:

    Does that occur in the Millenium? Or their next round in mortality?


  11. JB says:

    Can a second estate being who never gets their GofHG/BofF remain in the House of Israel for eons?


  12. All the House of Israel will eventually come to Christ, either in the first or second resurrection. Only a very small percentage will rebell. When I say house of Israel, I’m referring to the literal seed of Adam who have made the covenant.

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  13. During the Millenium.


  14. pjmoblog says:

    Dear Pure Revelations, I just want to thank you again, in my name and in the name of my beloved wife, for having pushed through the veil and to have cared enough to share with us your visions. I imagine that hasn’t been without a cost. So, thank you, thank you very much. It has been inspiring. We are dedicating many hours to read and ponder, comparing to the Scriptures and searching our own revelations. It’s being good.
    Specifically, I want to share with you that we often find passages in the Scriptures, that immediately take us back to and confirm and expand on the experiences you share. This is a very good sign.
    May the Lord bless and protect you and your family forever.


  15. Bbrent says:

    Hello PR! On page 50 You mentioned
    “I came to the Room first, which I had not planned. Melek spoke before I had time to think. He said, “What are you doing here?” He was smiling. I said I didn’t know. Perhaps I needed to ask some questions. I asked about the First Zion. (Edit) Then I was told sometime the following year there would be an earthquake. This will get the ball rolling.”

    To your knowledge, has this earthquake happened yet or is it still something to watch for? Thank you!


  16. No, it has not happened. It will be significant and uncommon where it occurs.


  17. CBran says:

    Is this the same earthquake as the California earthquake you mentioned in the new updates? Are you able to mention if this event preceeds the start of war?


  18. I am not sure of the timing, but there are two major earthquakes in California. The second is far worse than the first.


  19. Drew Laudie says:

    When will your January book be posted?


  20. I’m working on it. It now has been divided into two books. It may be another month.


  21. This post is about weapons of light. That is, what are they and how do we get them?

    On page 72 in the End of Times Book you mention that when combatting the adversary that we need revelation to know what to do.

    “This Spirit is with you always, as part of the Gift of the Holy Ghost; therefore, you need to discern, ask if it be my will and act as you feel prompted by the Spirit. It will tell you what to do, how to act, what form of light or weapon is best to use…”

    Then on page 91 and 92 you said:

    “The Lord said that the first thing to do when the Adversary is present is to extend your light. You need to light up. Not only is this a shield, but it dispels the darkness and sends many of them scurrying away. Of course some will remain to contend with you. At that point, you ask the Lord how to move forward. By revelation the answer is given. You may be told to speak a warning, show a sign or marking, give a message from the Lord, or to touch them with a sword or staff of light.”

    Can you tell us how to extend our light? Is this just an act of faith where we ask for light and it is given, or is there some other process that we must go through?

    Also, you mention a sword and staff of light. Are these weapons of light spiritual objects that we need to ask the Lord for? Are these bestowed by some ordinance or just by answer to prayer?

    Are these weapons related to those spoken of by Paul in Ephesians 6, where it talks about putting on the armor of God? Paul talks about pieces of armor as attributes (belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, sword of the spirit, etc.). These sound like metaphors rather than real spiritual armor, right? Or, if these are actual spiritual objects, do we need to ask for these?

    Thank you


  22. In my book How To Have Your Second Comforter there is a chapter on the Armor of God. Many of those questions are answered there. My new books coming soon as a PDF, will go into greater detail how you can do this. I wouldn’t be able to adequately answer your question with a short response.


  23. Karla Mennig says:

    Hello, I’m new here, I’ve been reading your books, only have one more left. There is so much to take in. I have to go back over and over again. I’m very excited about of a lot of which I’ve read thus far, and very thankful for all the info you’re able to share, but at the same time have some concerns, I’ve taking them to the Lord and He’s asking me to be patient and to not jump to conclusions. I have so many questions, but lately this is one that came to my mind, where there any good Giants or where they always evil ? I had a dream once before I came across your writing of these giants but they were good, working with God and the sons of men. Also, animals, do they get to have another chance to mortality? Why, tithing is not the only requisite to enter the temple, if you’re paying tithing but are not chased, or you have committed another major sin you can have your Temple recommend taken from you…”pay your money to us and you will be saved, and worthy to enter the House of the Lord” I felt this was saying that as long as you’re paying them you can be worthy…


  24. Karla,
    I have written plenty that can cause concern for some people. Things like giants, animals and tithing are not too bad. The main focus of my blog is to point people toward receiving revelation for themselves. There are many things in this universe I have not written about, that you may at some point learn directly from the Lord. Often the answers are surprising.

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  25. Karla Mennig says:

    Well, I can’t even imagine all that it’s out there, but I’m intrigued, and I hope I can be diligent enough to receive such wonderful gift as to have the Lord teach me all these amezing mysteries. I know you are giving us a lot of help so that we can receive revelation for ourselves, Thanks! Sometimes when we are reading your books it feels like Lord of the rings or Star Wars kind of stuff, not to say it’s not great, but makes you wondered, something you said about that somethings we imagine can possibly already exist somewhere out there.


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