The Book of Lehi

Many have wondered what is contained in the 116 page manuscript that was lost to Martin Harris. I have inquired of the Lord about this on two occasions. I look forward to reading Lehi’s witness. These journal entries were recorded last year:

“I asked the Lord why Lehi’s record had to be the unfortunate part of the Book of Mormon to not be included because of Martin Harris’ losing the manuscript. The Lord said that the record would be shared some day. It contained some information like what I had seen, but also an added portion from Moroni announcing that the words of the prophets are to teach us how we can come to the Lord and know him and be saved. That He will lead all those that hear His voice to a land of promise and we can know Him and see His face. There were some portions of Lehi’s writings that quoted Isaiah and also another prophet, Zenos I think. Also a couple of his visions of what would transpire in Jerusalem when it was destroyed.”

“I asked about the Lehi manuscript, the 116 pages that were taken by Martin Harris and lost. The Lord said they would have added about 35 pages to the Book of Mormon. He said that Martin’s wife knew where he had placed them and made arrangements for wicked men to come into her home and take them. She denied any involvement to her husband, although she knew full well what happened. It was a plan of the Adversary. Today, the documents are hidden up in a box somewhere out east. When the translating begins, these plates will be retranslated and the record will be restored. At that point, it will not matter if the original manuscript is revealed.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why will the gold plates need to be retranslated? Will they be added to or translated into modern english?


  2. Only the Book of Lehi will be retranslated.


  3. Anonymous says:

    At that time will the sealed portion be translated as well?

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  4. Yes, all around the same time.


  5. S.S. says:

    Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    I always have so many questions! When I was studying 1 Nephi a couple months ago, I had been thinking about the book of Lehi/116 pages that were missing. I noticed a few things and had a couple questions:

    • 1 Nephi 1:16 – Nephi says his father had many dreams and recorded them. From what I understand, the 116 pages are an abridgement made by Mormon. Did Mormon record the dreams Lehi had?

    • 1 Nephi 1:17 seems as if Nephi says he’s going to make an account of his proceedings in his days. Then it seems like maybe the Lord tells him something because the very next sentence he then says he makes an abridgement of the record of his father upon his plates and after he abridges his father’s records, THEN he will make an account of his own life. Is this what happened? The Lord paused him and had Nephi make this extra abridgement record for us?

    • 1 Nephi 1:5 – where did Lehi go forth to pray? It said he saw a pillar of fire on a rock, so he was obviously outside, and later it said he returned to his own house after praying which means it probably wasn’t his back yard he was in. I just wondered if you knew the location in or around Jerusalem where he went?

    • Are the records/books of Zenock and Zenos on the plates of brass?
    The way Jacob speaks of Zenos in Jacob 5 makes it sound like his prophecies were accepted among the people, which hints Zenos may have been closer to Isaiah’s time. Jacob 4:13 mentions God speaking to prophets of old, which is right before Jacob begins quoting Zenos, as if Zenos is a prophet of old. Is this correct?

    Thank you for the things you share!!!


  6. S.S. says:

    When the Book of Lehi is re-translated, will there still be the current, modern online PDF & print services that can distribute it to believers who desire to read it? Or will the translation only be available to those in First Zion / Zion?


  7. S.S. says:

    In 1 Nephi 1:19, Nephi says his father Lehi prophesied to the people of Jerusalem about their wickedness and their abominations. Jacob uses the same two words (wickedness & abominations) in Jacob 2:31 when talking to the Nephites about their practicing polygamy and the taking of multiple wives. Later Abinadi uses the exact same words “wickedness” and “abominations” in Mosiah 11:20 when speaking to the people of King Noah, King Noah himself and the Priests of King Noah, who have taken multiple wives (Mosiah 11:2; Mosiah 11:4). Was polygamy part of what Lehi was preaching against in Jerusalem?

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  8. Answers to questions:
    *I don’t know to what degree Mormon abridged Lehi’s record, but it did include some of His dreams.
    *I’m aware of Nephi’s pause regarding including part of his father’s record, but I didn’t see that.
    *Lehi was on a business voyage when he saw the vision while praying.
    *I can’t say for certain if the record of Zenos was on the plates of brass; very likely.
    *I don’t know if there will computer functions available when they are translated. At least not the internet kind.
    *I didn’t see the details of what Lehi was preaching in Jerusalem. I know it was focused on repentance. He was influenced by Jeremiah.

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  9. S.S. says:

    What was Lehi’s business or means of income for his family?
    Where was his voyage headed or where was he when he had the vision?
    Did he go on many voyages? Is that why he owned tents big enough for his family – because he traveled?


  10. Read the section on Lehi from the book “A Witness of the Temporal Dispensations.”


  11. JB says:

    2nephi 32

    “…5 For behold, again I say unto you that if ye will enter in by the way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do.
    6 Behold, this is the doctrine of Christ, and there will be no more doctrine given until after he shall manifest himself unto you in the flesh. And when he shall manifest himself unto you in the flesh, the things which he shall say unto you shall ye observe to do.
    7 And now I, Nephi, cannot say more; the Spirit stoppeth mine utterance, and I am left to mourn because of the unbelief, and the wickedness, and the ignorance, and the stiffneckedness of men; for they will not search knowledge, nor understand great knowledge, when it is given unto them in plainness, even as plain as word can be…”

    How greatful I am that we live in a time where the Lord is gathering and allowing so much to be known in a public way such as what you are offering / revealing, PR. That we all might receive as the Lord desires, and that we might not perpetuate poor behavior / unbelief which stymies our ability to receive.


  12. Patricia Christiansen says:

    I’m wondering if we, in our fallen ‘self-sufficient’ state of worshiping the works of our own hands rather than the Lord, needed those Isaiah verses?

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  13. truthseeker1820 says:

    Would it be possible for someone to obtain the missing pages locked up out east? Are they locked up in some university vault or warehouse? Could they help in the retranslation process? I imagine the pages might be damaged or illegible now, being 200 years old. But it would be nice if someone could find them again and get them back. I have wondered if this is possible and felt like it could be important… maybe like the Lord wants me to do it? (Maybe that’s just fanciful thinking on my part, I don’t know.) But will the Lord have someone recover these pages, or shall they remain locked up? [My understanding is that recovering the pages are inconsequential at this point. PR]


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