New Book – A Witness of the Gifts of the Spirit

Tonight I posted the last book I will write for a while. It is about the twenty most prominent gifts of the Spirit we can have to bring us to the Lord. This book was originally intended to be a chapter in the new book How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes (released yesterday), but its scope of information was enough to warrant its own book.

The gifts of the Spirit are the most ignored by those who desire to come to the Lord. Why is that? I think we need a new spiritual revival among the believers of Christ. I hope this new book will help you in the process of finding your way to Him.

The free PDF is available here:

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10 Responses to New Book – A Witness of the Gifts of the Spirit

  1. Jordan Jensen says:

    My pat. blessing says that I have the gift of a testimony of Jesus Christ and that I know He is the Savior. Is this the same or related to the last gift you discuss about Knowing Christ. Ive never really related it to a John 17:3 kind of “know.” Thoughts?


  2. The testimony of Jesus is the gift of prophesy. Read that chapter of the book to learn more.

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  3. Paul Raymond says:

    With regard to the gift of discernment: Assuming Satan cannot read our minds, how would he ever be able to give a counterfeit revelation to a question posed to Heavenly Father, in a silent prayer or respond to our thoughts?

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  4. You would be surprised how much the Adversary knows.

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  5. kevin says:

    If He is observing you and has a good idea what you are going to pray about, then He could take a stab at it and give you a false answer to what He thinks you are praying about. Also, In general, I imagine if He places a thought in your mind and observes your reaction, it would give him an idea of what you are thinking.


  6. “The Lord is omnipresent, which means He is capable of infinite presence. It is as if you were His only creation, with full attention and love focused upon you” pg 72-73 of how to open your spiritual eyes.
    Does the Lord physically present in flesh & bones(tangible), in any of his infinite presence?.
    thank so much dear brother.

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  7. m s says:

    In the “How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes” book, you list the Steps of Revelatory Progress as
    4. Have a conversation with the Lord.
    5. Speak with messengers. (Angels, passed family, notable past spirits)

    Can you help me understand why after having conversations with the Lord, would one then progress to speaking with messengers? It seems to me once I have an open channel with the Lord that that would be preferred over other messengers. It later says to ask permission from the Lord to speak with these other messengers. I guess I’m thinking that for me it will take some time to ask and receive that permission and by that point why not just talk directly with the Lord?

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  8. MS, In the steps of revelatory progression, to hear the voice of the Lord is to hear the voice of the
    Spirit. There can be overlapping of either the Lord or angels. The ministering of spirits is the same as receiving angels or notable spirits. This is a gift of the Spirit. You cannot progress without this gift.


  9. SoGrtful says:

    As per footnote 359 in this ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ book, you quote from the King Follett Sermon. There’s an actual 2017 Hard Bound book that “attempts to ‘reconstruct’ the sense of the original sermon.” I don’t know if one is more correct than the other. But if there are different amalgamated versions, I was just wondering what you used, or if you have a favorite. Thanks. [I haven’t researched any of that. In fact, I don’t research much of anything other than scripture. I came across the quote and was inspired to include it. I tend to ignore most scholarly writings. That’s just me. PR]

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