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Helping Your Children Receive Their Armor

When I did this with my children they were at first very uncooperative, they thought it would be some funny thing Dad would make them do. I calmed them down and even discretely cast a spirit out of my older … Continue reading

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Keep the Door Closed

I had a dream last night where I was in a grand hotel. The front door to my private room was wide open and many people were walking down a wide hall – like the corridor of a shopping mall. … Continue reading

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Knock and You Will Find

Joseph Smith had high hopes for the saints. All those who would be ministers for the Lord were expected to be witnesses. A testimony meeting should be comprised of those bearing witness for why they know that Jesus lives! “… … Continue reading

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Symbolic Significance of Numbers

I have learned that symbols in Heaven have great meaning, a language of its own that teaches the truths of eternity as one layer unfolds to another. The Lord has shared with me these numbers and how the marks teach … Continue reading

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The Enos Prayer

This is a suggested guide to help you prepare for one of the most epic experiences of your life. It will be one of the most difficult marathons you have attempted, and yet, it may yield the greatest blessing.┬áIts purpose … Continue reading

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