The Enos Prayer

This is a suggested guide to help you prepare for one of the most epic experiences of your life. It will be one of the most difficult marathons you have attempted, and yet, it may yield the greatest blessing. Its purpose is to plan and execute a night of complete devotion, praise, prayer, and love to your Father in Heaven. What do you desire?

Enos was very much like you. He had heard of the great joy of those who had received their baptism of fire and witnessed the Lord. He did not receive everything at once. It first came to his mind, and then he received the blessing he was seeking.

Read the story of Enos with commentary at this link: Book of Enos with Commentary

Treat this night as your tribute to the Lord, to pour out your heart in love and thanksgiving to Him. Don’t ask for anything except to be made clean and be with Him. Simply express your praise and gratitude, asking Him to bless all with whom you know and associate.

How Should You Prepare?

The Enos Prayer can be attempted in the comfort of your own home, or you can find a private place in nature, away from the world to seek the Lord. Here is my list of things to do if you were going into the wilderness:

  1. Plan to be as comfortable in your private tent as possible. Bring enough warm clothing that you may worry about being too warm; over-prepare!  If you get too cold it may hamper your experience.
  2. Come fasting. This is a personal choice, but try and remove all distractions including work, family, phone, food, and stresses. Only focus on the Lord.
  3. Bring a long list of action items for what you will pray about. This will help prevent you from running out of things to pray for.
  4. Plan to pray in a sitting position or kneeling. Do not lay down or you may fall to sleep.
  5. Bring a lamp.
  6. Bring a hymnbook.
  7. Bring your notes and something to write with.
  8. Bring your scriptures.
  9. Bring a lot of faith!

The Epic Prayer

Here is a suggested plan to help you have an epic Enos prayer. The more thought and time you put into this the more you will be able to exercise faith to come to the Lord, and as Enos said, “. . . raised my voice high that it reached the heavens.”

Think of Every Blessing

Make a list of every blessing you can think of, and express to the Lord your gratitude in detail.

1)    Spiritual experiences

2)    Trials

3)    What I’ve learned

4)    Beauty in the world

5)    Home, conveniences

6)    World, air, food

7)    Loved ones, wife, children, parents, family

8)    Talents

9)    Friends

10) Dreams, visions

11) Work

12) Places I’ve been

13) Scriptures

14) Knowledge

15) Healings

16) And much more…

Titles of Praise

Make a list of every title of praise you can think of for the Lord. Make up your own. As many as possible, and say them during your prayer with as much feeling and emotion you can muster. (I found and listed almost a hundred!) You must cry out to the Lord as you speak His name.

1)    Lord of Hosts

2)    King of Mercy

3)    The Great Alpha and Omega

4)    God of All Heaven and Earth

5)    Most Beautiful Lord

6)    Highest in the Heavens

7)    Perfect God of Love

8)    The Beginning and the End

9)    Most Just God

10) Eternal Father

11) Most Awesome God

12) I love you!!

Sing the Hymns

Bring your hymnbook and sing as many hymns as you can remember. Sing them all with great love and think of the words. Then, sing them again with your own created words. Then sing them again, only humming them as you pray with all your heart!

Pray for Your Soul

As Enos, pray for the welfare of your own soul. Pray and cry unto the Lord to be made clean and to have your baptism of fire, to know the Lord so that you can be a servant. Pondering is a form of prayer. Think about what this means to you. Why you are there. What your purpose is. Try not to be distracted by worldly thoughts. Think about the most sublime subjects of eternity.

1)    Your remission of sins.

2)    Baptism of Fire.

3)    A new heart.

4)    The Gift of the Holy Ghost

5)    To be a servant to do all that the Lord asks of you.

Pray for Others

Make a list of every person you know. Write their full name, and if you don’t know, just their first name. Take some time to do this. Try and fill more than one or two pages. Then, pray tonight for every one of them. Think of details and plead for them to the Lord. This is not just a prayer, this is an epic prayer that will shake the heavens!

Pray for Your Enemies

Think of every person who has ever wronged you. Every rude, malicious, angry, evil, hurtful, abusive person you have ever had contact, or seen afflict harm to another. Make another long list. They can be people you know, or don’t know. They can be historical. Pray for them with all your heart. Ask the Lord to bless them to be healed and find their way to Him. Ask what you can do. Be a servant, an intercessor.

The Last Thing

After you have done all this, imagine yourself standing before the Lord. Say to Him, “Lord, I offer myself to you, all that I have, all that I am, and everything that I will become, to building your kingdom in heaven and earth. I desire to be your servant and your son, with all my heart!”

Then, imagine laying yourself upon the altar of God. Try and see this in your mind as clearly as possible. Ask the Lord the question, “Lord, wilt thou accept my sacrifice this night?” Keep asking until you hear the voice of the Lord in your mind.

Know that this night will be the most spiritually challenging thing you have ever done. You will be tired, fatigued, frustrated, distracted, embarrassed, confused, and a host of other emotions. You will want to give up. You will ask yourself if it is worth it. But, when it is done, you will know that you gave the Lord all you had. You laid yourself upon His altar and with a completely broken heart and contrite spirit knocked on the door of heaven.

The Promise

The Lord gave me the following revelation before going with a small group of men up to the mountains with a purpose of attempting an Enos prayer. Pray for your own witness of these words:

“Many have exercised faith and desire to come unto me, but what more do they lack? They must have a new heart, a new covenant of pure hope, which comes as they offer themselves completely in righteousness.’  

“They must listen and call out to me. They must believe what is spoken to the mind. They must reach out, with full intent until there is nothing left, and then they must listen and prepare. When I was in the Garden I cried out to my Father, “Where art thou?” I am here for each of thee and will not leave you comfortless. Do you doubt? Come with the hope of finding me as you never have before. Let the Spirit guide your actions. Start planning early. What will you do? Will you prepare your thoughts and questions for me? Can you say that Enos desired an answer more than you? Is your desire to know me more than Abraham or Jacob? How far will you go to shake off the flesh to enter my presence? Give all to me and I will give all to you, then be still and expect the unexpected.’

“Come fasting, both from worldly concerns and interests, to appetites of the flesh. Be believing, searching for that which only the Spirit can provide. Have no guile in your heart. Lose yourself in the spirit. Pray as you have never prayed before. Cry out to me with all the energy of your heart and I will comfort you. Ask, and you will receive. What do you see? Do not doubt. Expect glimpses and then more.” (Personal Journal) 

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23 Responses to The Enos Prayer

  1. Some have said that their would be fire engulfing them. Is that to be expected?


  2. If your spiritual eyes are open you may see white fire when receiving the baptism of fire.

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  3. pjmoblog says:

    Thank you very much. This is extraordinarily helpful.


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  5. Vince says:

    I really hope you are right sir. I have been struggling more than I have in a long time. I have been crying out to God more in the last few months than I have in a long time. I hope (and pray) that my sufferings are from the Lord with the purpose of breaking my heart and making my spirit contrite. I really need an answer from Him. I think I might try Saturday the 21st of this month. My wife and children will be out of town visiting her sister so I will have some time to myself.


  6. Its worked for me and others.


  7. bab44 says:

    Would this pattern work if seeking other blessings from the Lord besides BofF and SC? Its difficult to focus on these spiritual things while in desperate need of help from the Lord in other more temporal areas (physical illness, family/marriage issues, massive loss, etc.).
    Is there anything you might add or suggest if I was to make the attempt to seek Him on these issues?


  8. Vince says:

    I wasn’t meaning to shed doubt on your’s and others’ experiences…only that I would really like it to work for me as I’ve been having many struggles lately.

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  9. The Enos Prayer is simply a full marathon fasting event where every possible measure is taken to have the full benefit of expressing your heart to the Lord. Few people every go to this extreme to reach Him. For me, it was beneficial to having my baptism of fire and the gift of the Holy Ghost; but I was fervently praying in my home when I was taken to Him.

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  10. Vince,
    I hope it has the affect for you it has for me. Every person is different; but I can’t imagine if you go to Him in this manner with a desire to show your pure intentions of knowing Him that He won’t bless you. Opening the spiritual eyes is a process, usually not a single event. The book How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes touches upon that in detail. The goal of the Enos Prayer is to show the Lord by your faith that you are willing to sacrifice all things to be His servant. He will bless you according to His perfect understanding.

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  11. scootd28 says:

    I have shared some experiences with Pure Revelation. I have seen him filled with the Holy Ghost and felt that Spirit so powerfully that it literally drove me to my knees in sobbing tears. But Pure and I are not the same people. You are not the same person as he is. He has unique talents, abilities, and make-up that may not be the same as yours. That doesn’t mean that YOU can’t access things beyond the veil in YOUR way. The thing that Pure is trying to get across is for one to set aside a time – 2, 4, 6, 8 hours – and dedicate that time, one-on-one – to the Lord. Have an agenda that will help you keep your mind moving and help you focus, but the agenda has that purpose and that purpose only. He has provided examples, but you can do your own. The most important thing is to stay focused long enough for you to be able to commune with the Lord. Be willing to accept whatever manifestations that you experience in that communion as Holy, as His expression of love for YOU. Don’t limit the Lord, and don’t devalue YOUR experiences because they aren’t the same as the ones described by others.. Let Him touch you, and do not fear. Above all, DO NOT FEAR! Don’t fear failure – failure is not a possible outcome here. Receive all with joy and with love. No pressure, only hope. No expectations, only desire. What can you do to purify your heart, and go to Him in love, yearning for Him. And then stick with it for as long as you can. The longer you commune, cry out, seek, the more you will be able to lay aside the distractions of this telestial life, and the more you will be able to comprehend the things on the other side of the veil (the distractions) and experience the love that is there for you. The love and peace is there – inside and outside (if such a concept is even valid when we’re talking about the Lord). It is part of you. Your quest is to strip away all the crap, the fear and jealousy and pride – those pesky “distractions”, and allow yourself to recognize it and receive it.

    God bless your efforts. BTW – I am doing this tonight.

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  12. Good advice, Scott.


  13. PR… Thank you so much for sharing so openly about your experiences…i have only recently found your blog and I can’t get enough of all you have on your site. I have ordered your book “How to have your second comforter” (it hasn’t arrived yet) but was wondering if you might be able to give me a place to begin this journey… Everything you have written on your blog that I’ve read so far rings so true, and I feel the spirit so strongly whenever I read anything… I don’t think I have felt the spirit this strong, ever. I want this so badly in my life, and feel that it will happen, I just need a little organized direction as to where to begin… Thank you from the bottom off my heart for your frankness and honesty. TD.

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  14. Hardlyeverisntnever,
    I would start with the “How To Have Your Second Comforter,” then read “How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes,” and the rest of the books in the order they are listed in the Books link in the menu bar. There are many posts. If you go to the Archives and read them according to the order they were posted you can grow along in this process with me. I hope that helps and I am happy that the Lord is helping you. We are all very blessed.

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  15. Mike Ross says:

    You explained the 7 virtues elsewhere. Makes so much sense. But should a person wait until they have really tried to master the 7 virtues before attempting an Enos prayer? It seems mastering the 7 virtues are a needed precursor for a b of f event. Or just dive in a see what happens out of pure love and joy for the Lord? (I’ve got plenty of that to give!)


  16. If it was critical to study the virtues the Lord would have spent more time on it. If one follows the Doctrine of Christ they will manifest themselves naturally. Our pre earth preparations engrained these virtues in the House of Israel.

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  18. Layne Anderson says:

    What does it feel like to have the baptism of fire? If I don’t see it will I still know the light is there? [It is felt differently by people depending upon their spiritual maturity, lineage, and experience. Typically, someone who has not felt it before experiences a warm sense of covering, like a sense of peace, love, and stillness that comes over them. There can be a sudden surge of emotion, or simply a feeling of sublime comfort. Most people never know when it happens, and cannot be understood unless it is revealed by personal revelation or the gift of prophecy from another. PR]

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  19. Layne Anderson says:

    Thank you. One more question. Do you have to have the Melchizidek priesthood to have a baptism of fire? Or is that only required for recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost? [You only need the Melchezedek priesthood to use the sealing power, which includes the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost. However, as individuals, we can come unto Christ through his mercy and grace. Those who have the higher priesthood are sent to assist the House of Israel in this work. PR]


  20. SoGrtful says:

    Dear PR, Vince’s concerns above and your reply takes me back to the story you told in your Second Comforter book about when you decided to go into the mountains for what I think is your first, genuine Enos attempt & struggle. You made an altar out of a pile of rocks, raised your prayer(s) unto the Lord, and eventually fell asleep for a couple of hours resulting in a sunburn. You had the impression the Lord was smiling down on you. When I found that intro story to your book by typing in “Second Comforter” on Amazon, it hooked me. And then later to find your website was heaven-sent. Did you ever reminisce with the Lord about that event? If so, can you give us any more insight about what He said? [I look back on it with fondness, and see the wisdom in how the Lord handled everything with me. I have not felt inspired to discuss it with Him further. PR]

    Its just that, well I’m sure He didn’t say, ‘oh, if you would’ve just hung on a little while longer.’ I know the dynamic is different, but decades ago in front of a husband & wife investigator, my missionary companion & I prayed for a full 15 or 16 minutes, much of which was waiting for an answer right there. Seemed like an eternity. Nothing happened for us at that time (other than sweating through our suit coats). But I think it laid some good ground work for a later miracle.


  21. SIE ERIC says:

    hi, thank you for your teachings. at the level where we are and with all the teachings that you give us, must we always pray to the heavenly father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ or must we directly pray to the Lord Jesus Christ
    and if so how to end our prayer. I admit that at times I am tempted to pray directly to Jesus Christ, to call him and I tell myself that it is not the right way. because in whose name I am going to end if it is to him that I am praying directly. can you enlighten me on this point? thank you. [We pray to Heavenly Father in the name of Christ, but when you are born again in the Spirit and receive the Holy Ghost it is appropriate to pray to Jesus Christ. I call Him my Father too. The Spirit tells you who to pray to. When I pray in a group I end it in the name of Jesus Christ, but when I pray privately I end it by saying “Thank you, Lord.”PR]


  22. SIE ERIC says:

    hello, at what time of the night can we start the enos prayer [An Enos Prayer is simply a prolonged prayer that usually goes deep into the night. It can be started anytime and ended when you have used up all the energy of your heart and soul. PR]

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  23. Idrak Kouakou says:

    merci a tous bizarrement je croise ici mon évêque SIE ERIC lol ……voici je suis émus mais je suis en publique ce qui empêche de crier fort et d exprimer ma joie comme si je venais de trouver une formule afin de récompenser les efforts de mes dirigeants a aider depuis mon enfance jusque a ce jour je lutte je lutte et je lutte ce qui est normal mais peu importe j ai fait assez des nuits presque de maintes tentatives jusqu au découragement suivi de souffrances qui ne me quittent presque plus ce que je ne souhaite pour personne vos enseignements sont tellement vrais que je crie victoire avant cette esperience je le fairai et je reviendrai je sait que c est vrais encore merci …


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