Symbolic Significance of Numbers

I have learned that symbols in Heaven have great meaning, a language of its own that teaches the truths of eternity as one layer unfolds to another. The Lord has shared with me these numbers and how the marks teach the eternal symbols of the Everlasting Covenant. The language of symbol is infinite in the eternal realm, but this is a good place to start. Pray for your own revelation to understand the meaning of these.

  1. Light of God
  2. Firmament / Separation of Heaven and Hell
  3. Footstool of God / earth and tabernacle
  4. Servants of God / Chosen
  5. Covenant of God
  6. Creation Telestial / Temporal, First Heaven
  7. Creation Terrestrial / Second Heaven
  8. Creation Celestial / 3rd Heaven
  9. The Expanse of God / All His works
  10. Eternal Perfection
  11. Chaos Transition / Judgment
  12. God’s Authority to Govern
  13. God’s Power to Judge
  14. Rebirth to a New Creature
  15. Glory of the Governed

300. Chosen of God

3000. Sanctification

Circle represents Heaven. Square represent the Servants. Circle and Square combined means to be a chosen Servant of God, awakened.

The point in the circle means the glory of God, Truth, and His all-seeing Eye.

A line is the Firmament.

Triangle is the Footstool, Earth, His tabernacle or temple.

Square alone is the Servant of God.

Five pointed star is the Covenant.

Six pointed star is temporal creation.

Seven pointed star is terrestrial creation.

Eight pointed star is celestial creation, kingship, atonement. Celestial Seal.

Symbol of the Expansion of Life, the Golden Spiral

Why are these important? It is the universal language of Heaven and will help to teach you by the power of revelation your place in the kingdom. They cannot be fully comprehended without the Lord providing you the answers directly. Ponder them in your mind and ask for personal revelation.

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11 Responses to Symbolic Significance of Numbers

  1. Lynette Ricks says:

    I’m wondering if there is any significance to seeing numbers in multiples? For example, for the past few years I commonly will see the number 1 in multiples; like 11:11 or 1:11. I also see the number 4 like 4:44. It was happening so frequently that it made me take notice.

    Thank you so much for your insight on this!


  2. Sometimes when we see numbers in multiples, if we have a spiritual epiphany, it can teach us something. Usually its the sum of the multiples that have meaning. I try not to get too into that. It is more helpful for me to listen to the Spirit express ideas, but each of us learn differently. In the Spirit realm symbols are a universal physical language that is considered very beautiful and even artistic.

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  3. Karla Mennig says:

    Lately when I look at the clock I’ve been seeing 9:11, and 11:11, I know I see other times throughout the day, but when I see these specific numbers (which is been happening too often)something doesn’t feel right. I remember seeing them a lot right before the October General Conference and 10/01 there was the massive shooting in Vegas. Also, colors, I’ve been seeing, well I don’t know how to explain, but the color navy blue was very strong this week for me, I don’t know what it means, but I know it wasn’t just a coincidence.


  4. Eleven is a number for judgement. Knowing the basic meaning behind the numbers you can seek revelation to understand what the Lord is trying to tell you.

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  5. Nate says:

    3 seems to always be involved with a cleansing that comes about from judgment. The Atonement had three phases. The Doctrine of Christ has three points. How is the Footstool of God related to three in the context of these examples? [Both take place in the telestial sphere. PR]

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  6. Is the number 70 has a particular signification ? Thank! [Seventy symbolizes the perfection of God’s law. PR]

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  7. MRR says:

    How does the Lord teach us and communicatw to us through numbers when words are how we communicate? [Numbers and sacred geometry are an eternal language and only those who have learned it through revelation and study will know it. It is not required to know to be saved in the kingdom and move forward at this point. Those who learn of it have an advantage as they seek more light and knowledge from the Lord. The mystery of numbers is a tiny part of the monolithic amount of knowledge yet to be received. PR]


  8. Great and mighty servant of God fasted 40 days.
    Is the number 40 has a particular signification ? Thank! [The number 40 represents “rebirth.” PR]

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  9. Is the number 21 has a particular signification ? Thank! [That number has both negative and positive meaning: Sin and rebellion, purity and love. I would seek revelation to how it applies to you if the number comes up. PR]

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  10. MRR says:

    This is amazing to think about, I can’t get over it…. so foreign to me. The reason I came back to this page a few weeks ago is I was driving along and looked at my clock on the dashboard and noted 11:11 and felt something like some sort of essence of significance with it. This is huge for me as I am not one usually for things of superstition… So how does it work? Are there angels who prompt a person to look at a clock, for example, at just the right time to see 11:11 and then prompt them that they take note of this number? And then we ask questions based on what the number 1 or the number 11 can be tied to? Number 1= light of Christ, Number 11= judgement/ transition/ chaos. There have been several wonderful things (spiritually) that have happened in my life right after I saw 11:11. It really works that way? But I could have had more information given to me on what was coming?

    I do see that for people like me, asking the Lord for more information about what the 11:11 means for me at this point in my life would be a pretty big display of faith and meekness. (Because to my former atheist trained brain, this is just nuts! haha) [The Lord is in the details. I can’t say every time we see numbers it is supernatural, but its worth checking with the Lord. PR]


  11. Tara Weaver says:

    Would you be able to tell us what diamond shapes mean in sacred geometry? [I do not know, I have not asked. PR]

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