Helping Your Children Receive Their Armor

When I did this with my children they were at first very uncooperative, they thought it would be some funny thing Dad would make them do. I calmed them down and even discretely cast a spirit out of my older son so he would participate. He immediately calmed down and joined us.

I had them all sit down on the floor in our living room, and instructed them to not touch each other or the furniture. To sit “indian style” on the floor leaning forward. I then told them I would be walking them through a vision. They thought that sounded cool and began to pay attention.

I told them to close their eyes, take deep breaths, slowly exhaling and relax. Focus on the space around you with your eyes shut. Imagine you are in a dark room and you see a warm light coming down upon you. Everything is shadowy except the warm light that is covering you. In the distance you see a light, it is starting to come near you, it is a person. Watch them get closer as they move toward you. They are carrying something in their hands. See yourself rise up and stand. In their arms they carry your armor. (I paused)

The first thing they hand you is your helmet. Look at it, what does it look like? (I took about 20-30 seconds)

Next, is your breastplate that covers your chest. What does it look like?

Now they hand you a sword, examine it. What does it look like? How heavy is it?

Now they hand you a shield. Do you see anything unique about it?

There are shoes for you to wear. Are they shiny. Are they heavy?

Stand in your armor. Thank the messenger. This is the armor of God that you have been given to protect you from the Adversary. As long as you always keep yourself filled with light and love, it will be strong. If not, it will not help you, but nobody can take it away from you except yourself!

Now I want you to open your eyes!

I asked my kids one by one what they saw. Most were embarrassed and didn’t want to say much. I thought, “Well, that didn’t go so well.”

I then privately asked my younger son about his experience. He described in detail his armor, including the head of a lion on his shield. I asked each child privately about their experiences and was amazed at the powerful witnesses and details they expressed. Each of them was emotionally moved.

I then pulled my older son aside to talk with him. He was reluctant and I thought perhaps he was upset at me. “What happened?” I asked him. He said it was the most spiritual experience he had ever had. He saw a man come to him. The man embraced him and told him important things about himself and his mission. He was told not to share any of what was revealed to him at this time. My son said it was the most real experience he ever had like that. His eyes were filled with tears and I knew it changed him. What a witness this was to me that the Lord had orchestrated this family moment.

My advice would be to those who attempt to do this with your family: pray with your spouse and seek the Lord’s blessing. When the Spirit tells you the time is right, do it. It will be a moment your family will never forget.


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13 Responses to Helping Your Children Receive Their Armor

  1. grayson lange says:

    Wow! The applicable possibiloties of this are endless! Is this partly how you had your joint second comforter with your wife? How is this different from things like guided meditation? Is this how Joseph Smith shared visions with others?


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  2. This is similar to the guided meditations in the book How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes, but not how my wife and I experienced together. There was no guiding. We simply began to pray at the same time and compared notes after our experiences. Always, you need to follow the Spirit. This example is how the Spirit suggested I introduce my children. Your words and experience may be different. You can never force it. Always an invitation. Joseph did do things like this. Remember when the two brothers laid down in the grass, one on each arm, and they experience it together.

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  3. Chaser says:

    Interesting for me personally, that this post is posted today. I’ve been trying to prepare myself to come to the Lord. In your Second Comforter book you state that when one does make serious steps to come to the Lord, that such one will experience the wiles of the adversary and that it is important to know how he operates.
    So, for the first 3 weeks of my serious Enos type quest preparations things were happy and smooth and fine. Then in this past week I noticed how some fears and discouragements over a range of things in my life were flooding my mind and I have done my best to ward them off and get back to normal.
    Then last night I awoke at 2:00am and a worry had developed into a fear. After 2 hours of tossing and turning I finally did as I do on these type of occasions…got up and went to prayer. My prayer was scattered, but when I finally said to Him, after all other approaches, that my conversations with Him have always been best when I call Him Friend. From there focus came in and we spoke of the issues. That I felt I was being worked over by the dark side.
    I started imagining myself with a sword and shield and I was wielding it like a ninja. When I felt that the dark spirits were away from me, I asked the Lord what I should do. He told me to imagine myself as if light were bursting out of me. Which I did. As I did this I could see in my mind’s eye that it was exploding out of me. I began to shake. The feeling inside of me was so dramatic that I knelt there and made sounds of exclamation and rejoicing. It came in two waves.
    When it was done, I asked the Lord what that was and His voice told me that my light had just been turned on and that now both the spirits of light and love and also the dark spirits could see me more easily.
    There was a couple of things that took place afterwards but I’ll keep those to myself mostly. I just wanted to comment here because of the timing of my experience and this post. And also say that I find it very endearing how the Lord makes our experiences unique to our self. Your guides, PR, are awesome and a great help. But the thing I have learned most is that the Lord makes our quest such a personal experience as we learn to seek and follow his promptings and guidance in our lives.

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  4. grayson lange says:

    That experience with Joseph Smith came to my mind as I read your post. This helps a lot. Ive been praying for a way to help my family experience these things. Thank you my friend.

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  5. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience. My husband and I have done a similar experience with our children. Since we have helped our children vision the first time, they have since had many experiences visioning on their own. Some of our children have a harder time using their sacred imagination, but we tell them to continue to try. We have come to learn how important it is for our children to learn to do this. I would encourage any adult, who has learned how to vision, to teach their children.

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  6. Marsha Burnside says:

    Thanks for this awesome post. I hope you don’t mind but I copied and shared with my son and his wife because they love to do special things like this. I actually felt that the Lord wanted me to do this for myself as well! I loved reading the experience of your older son.

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  7. This is really neat! Thanks for sharing.


  8. teleokolob says:

    A methodology shared with me–and which I’ve found remarkably helpful across the span of a year’s practice–is pronouncing a priesthood blessing that includes the phrase:

    “I command all evil spirit, unclean spirits, and entities present, to be bound and contained in spirit prison until Heavenly Father certifies your release.”

    I then testify of the power of forgiveness opportuned by the Savior, and encourage them to call out to Jesus for help, healing, and rescue from the misery in which they presently find themselves. (In case any of the meddling spirits present are susceptible to a repentant attitude.)

    I then invite all holy angels interested (I now request them by title, “powers”, “comforters”) in helping with the cleanup to ensure no records, markings, notes, or record-keeping devices relative to us remain, and that they will ensure that there are no transfers to other loved ones.

    It is noteworthy, however, that this method has not worked effectively on all evil spirits, so I’m glad this topic came up for review.


  9. I used a similar method when I first began dealing with these things, but I would caution using any “one size fits all” method for dealing with the Adversary. It may work for you or against you depending upon the situation. The best approach is to pause, ask the Lord what is the best way to move forward, and to humble take action. This is more difficult than simply using a memorized method, but will usually be more effective and help the servant to draw closer to the Lord.


  10. Nate says:

    You didnt receive your Armor with a guided vision, but did you receive it in a vision? [It’s been so long ago I don’t remember the circumstances. Seems like it was shortly after my “boot camp” had begun. It would have been while awake, a vision in real time. PR]


  11. John Crane says:

    I have been thinking about this for a while, but never thought to mention it until I read this post today. A way to guide groups of people to visualize and use their divine imagination to create experiences, raise their consciousness, awareness, and spirituality, leading to actual experiences with angels and with the Lord. I could see the Lord’s servants working this way with groups in Zion, which I believe you have mentioned before. I was thinking about guided group experiences, then I thought this should almost be more like an ordinance. If you think about the true purpose of the Endowment, it’s a way to get people to visualize the path to come to the Lord. These are just impressions I had. I know the Lord has something specific in mind, which will be revealed at the appropriate time.

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  12. jth0932 says:

    Hi. Hope all is well. I take it that you feel there are times you can cast away unwanted spirits from those in your family without direct permission? I have done it as a prayer request, not wanting to overstep any bounds that might exist.
    It is strange. Even though I do not see, yet I see and can describe parts of the armor, but yet again not actually seeing it.
    Jack [I never do anything like that without permission from the Lord, even in my own family. PR]


  13. jth0932 says:

    Sorry. I meant permission from your son. I wasn’t clear on that. I assumed you had asked the Lord, but I thought one couldn’t without their permission.


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